April 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – April 14, 2012
Started at 10:00 AM

In attendance: Erin, Rosemary, Kimberly, David, Lizzy, Jamie, Kit, Susi, (Cynthia via speakerphone)

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Lizzy for Red Tape, Kimberly for Devil's Advocate, Jamie for Non Sequitur, David for Vibes Watcher
??.III Elections! – Results are as follows: Lizzy Ticer is President, Kit Peters is Vice President, Rosemary Williams is Secretary, John Boyce is Treasurer.
Trustees: Cheryl Stice, Devin Scrogum, Jamie Peters
General Assembly Delegates: Gerri Lynn Baxter, Leo d'Entremont
Nominating Committee: Barbara Griggs, Cynthia Cole, Larry Hols, Linda Boyce
Upon the final election results, it was proposed that Jamie take office immediately so that we can achieve an on-site quorum and Cynthia can get off the phone. Consensus was reached, and Cynthia excused herself.
??.IV Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.V Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $7,973.23; New Home $24,310.04; Kidspace $1,603.94.
a. Kidspace – Temporarily, the two older classes have been combined while two of the teachers are in EIR. This will enrich our Kidspace classes by having three ritual-trained teachers downstairs. Current curriculum is going into creating altars and will turn to study of God Auction deities. We will continue w/ current social justice project of keeping the local lake cleaned up. Upon our move, we will be seeking a new nursery attendant and a new committee head.
b. Social Justice – Project coming on Beltane: a cash fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. Blue River Rescue had 6 Gaians attend. Still looking into an adopt-a-highway project, but we're probably looking at fall.
c. Communications – Facebook has re-borked events. If you're not an admin, you can only invite people who are friends with you, and even if you are an admin you have to do it one. Person. At a. Time. We expect this to stay stable for at least 3 ½ more days before they change it again. Earth Healer will be coming out next week.
d. Membership – We got new members! They all came to the ritual, and they're all doing stuff! We're also looking at the potentiality of getting some Gaia folks from way back in time to return upon our move. We can always use more people on the Greeter's Table.
I. Library – Moving on...
e. Site – Still negotiating LLC, but we're getting closer and working up a draft Operating Agreement, based on a shares system by investment amount. Bill is going to be an investor and participant in the LLC. We are considering offering Kutumba a share if their contributions total up close to $1000. We are starting to nail down Circles vs. LLC. There was a Visioning Party this past Saturday. The official vision statement hasn't been specifically worded yet, but the general sense is that we're all about encouraging diversity. We have also prioritized the work that needs to be done before and after the move-in. Also, we have a SIGN!
f. Welcoming – We will need to reconstitute the Welcoming Committee into the new space, and will be prepared for the new challenges and opportunites of our new neighborhood.
g. Ritual Teams – Eagerly awaiting the fresh fish from EIR. We're currently staffed out through May, and have a handful of empty slots in June. Students will begin to serve at the Athena ritual in May.
h. Caring – Continuing apace.
i. Nominating Committee – We had elections! They were awesome.
j. Stewardship – Pledge Drive is ongoing; we have had about 2/3 of our members pledge, and we're currently sitting at about $14,000 of pledge. The remaining expected members are not people who have historically large pledges, so this number is not going to shift a whole lot. We have, however, definitely already exceeded last year's pledge, and expect to present a draft budget at next month's RfB.
??.VI Old Business
A. Full Moon – Tabled
VII. New Business
A. Fingering the UUA – Kit proposes that this next budget, we remove the line item for the UUA program fund and not be a Fair Share member this coming year. David would like to amend that we also write them a letter explaining our reasoning behind it.
(i.e., they are not willing to assist us in our new space work, and so we need to focus on our local need rather than pay the UU dues.)
As a clarification, we are not required to make a monetary contribution to the UUA to maintain our UU designation.
There was a concern that there are not a large number of people here; it was brought up that this is really a proposal for something to be added into the proposed budget in a couple of months.
B. Site Committee – NomCom would like to propose that mission of Site Committee be redrafted as the liasoning with Ubuntu Village. Consensus!
C. Capital Campaign – It is proposed that we have a small capital campaign after Pledge Drive but before the move to buy a new air conditioning unit. There is a Friend of Gaia who will match the campaign up to $1500. Consensus!