August 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – August 13, 2011

Started at 9:48 AM

In attendance: Erin, Kit, Cynthia, David, Rosemary, John

Approval of Agenda – Approved
Role Assignment – Cicadas as Vibes Watchers
Approval of Minutes – Approved
Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $9,192.22; New Home $24,158.49; Kidspace $1490.59. We may be looking at putting NHF into a Money Market account; John is going to look into the rates to see if it's worth it.

KidSpace – Classes have been introduced to Athena & Linda is going forward with the planning to have a full schedule of people to cover RenFaire. Looking at after RenFaire splitting tweens out. It could be a week-to-week split depending on attendance.
Social Justice – Did meet, but no progress on Facebook app as folks have been busy. It is still in planning, but there is no timeline, as there is a learning curve involved. Meetings alternating every other month between Andrew's and Erin's.
Communications – John has been receiving e-mails from Vonage that are transcripts of calls coming into the phone line, but no other updates are available. We do now have a tracking account with FedEx/Kinko's. It has been suggested that we put things like our IRS documents and such up into a board-restricted section of the website. Jamie is asking for help with some of her communications duties. Also, some of the Earth Healers are going to start going out in the mail to their destinations.
Membership – Alison did not sign the book, as she is out of town. We need to look for another opportunity for a New Member Sunday. If you have questions for Membership, ask Barbara or Devin.

Library – We has the books.

Site – Still restructuring. David has some information about foreclosure land sales in Jackson County.
Welcoming – The little airplane welcomed us.
Ritual Teams – God Auction happened! Everything seemed to go well.
Caring – The cicadas care!
Nominating Committee – MIA
Stewardship – Longest Night work will commence soon.

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