December 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – December 10, 2011
Started at 9:45AM

In attendance: Erin, Devin, John, Linda, Rosemary, Aubry, Kimberly, Jamie, Kit

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Kimberly for Non Sequitur, Jamie for Vibes Watcher, Kit for Devil's Advocate, Linda for Red Tape
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $9,908.77; New Home $24,159.27; Kidspace $1,635.89. Trees Harvesters' project generated $84.27 which will be matched by Kidspace account, as well as 168 items of food. Check order is out so that we can get more checks. As for our tax and nonprofit status, we are fully reinstated thanks to Cynthia's hard work.
V Committee Reports
a. KidSpace – Trees are mostly done with their project, save for the field trip. Saplings have been working with elements & directions. Trees & Saplings have been working together on Yule music. Still at three classrooms. One student has requested a chapter on altars, which will be scheduled for January. Committee met, and we spent $15 on curriculum books. Saturday, December 17, meet here at noon for the Harvesters' field trip. We are scheduled from 1-3 there.
b. Social Justice – Visited Occupy KC Liberty base camp, brought donations, Kit fixed a a generator, a wish list was attained. They're still out there for now, though we're not sure how they're going to cope with the oncoming winter. Emerald City is talking about opening up one of their buildings to the OKC movement.
c. Communications – Continues to lament the fact that Facebook events are no longer as visually prominent on the site as they used to be. EH will be written today, and with any luck will be at the church tomorrow. We are searching for a solution to the fact that getting to the Westport Post Office is a pain in the arse. For the moment, John's schedule is open enough that he can pick it up, so crisis is averted; he now has the key.
d. Membership – We continue to member and staff the Greeter's Table. The next New Member Class will not be unti after Longest Night Ball. That is all for the moment.
I. Library – We have one! If you need to use it, contact Aubry.
e. Site – All of our real good stuff is in New Business.
f. Welcoming – Tried to watch the Standing on the Side of Love webcast, but there were myriad technical difficulties. Apparently, there was a very interesting conversation, which can be accessed through our Facebook page.
g. Ritual Teams – Met & scheduled out Imbolc to Beltane. It's looking good and juicy. In more stories about how UU's + Technology = Fail, there was an interview with David Pollard, but it required two different calls that will be edited into something that sounds like it all happened at once. Or something.
h. Caring – If you are interested in offering input, contact Aubry! She'd love to have a meeting, but she's currently the only committee member, and it's hard to have a meeting with yourself.
i. Nominating Committee – We know who we're going to ask, but we're going to wait until after Longest Night to approach them.
j. Stewardship – Longest Night Ball is on the 17th! Buy your tickets!
VI Old Business
A. Emergency Preparedness Proposal – We propose at the moment to be allowed to have some more time to research and gather information. It is tabled until February to dodge the holiday madness.
VII. New Business
A. Preliminary Site Proposal – That the Committee of the Whole empower the Site Committee to meet with representatives of Emerald City Kansas City and Kutumba to discuss plans for the space at 4327 Troost;

That the members of the Site Committee arrange for a date when interested members of Gaia Community can tour the space;

That a task force headed up by Kimberly be formed to research the legality, insurability and feasibility of the community joining as a stakeholder in an LLC which will own 4327 Troost outright;


That the Site Committee present the committee of the Whole with a full report on the space at 4327 Troost as a possible new home at the January RfB.

Consensus was reached, and there was much rejoicing.

B. GKC Interfaith Council – They have contacted Barbara, and stated that they would like to have a Pagan representative. They meet once a month at All Souls, though we're not exactly sure when. Linda is interested.