January 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – January 14, 2012
Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Jamie, John, Linda, Kit, Cynthia, Rosemary, Kimberly, David, Aubry, Erin

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Lizzy for Devil's Advocate, Linda for Vibes Watcher, Cynthia for Red Tape
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved with minor corrections
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund, which is currently at $8,519.14; New Home $24,159.45; Kidspace $1,571.03. John is working on compiling information for tax letters. 2012 UUA dues have been paid. We made just shy of $1,000 on Longest Night Ball.
a. KidSpace – On the 17th, a group of grownups and kids departed for the depths of Harvester's. They got there, offloaded 138 lbs of food items along with $168-ish dollars, so thus we donated approximately 900 meals. Then for 3 hours they all sorted produce. (Ask John how much he loves green peppers.) There is a possibility for repeating the project next year, and perhaps for God Auction proceeds as well. Somewhere between 0 and 3 kids are about to earn their Chalice pins. There will be a children's ritual on February 5. In this will be a community acknowledgement of a 3-year-old, as she's a bit old for a baby blessing. January Kidspace meeting will not happen, so next meeting will be in February.
b. Social Justice – Met and came up with a couple of things that we want Social Justice to do to expand our works. There will be some beefing up of the Greeter's Table to communicate what's going on and offer a list of volunteer opportunities. The meetings are being repurposed a bit, and have every month include a special topic and activity of some sort. Also, there is a hat.
c. Communications – Announcements are doing well. We fell down on distributing the EH physical copies. Jamie promises to be better for the next issue. Facebook has fixed the event thingie, and this makes Jamie happy.
d. Membership – The Greeter's Table continues to be staffed, and the New Member Class continues to be in a holding pattern waiting for people to be interested. Darcy's school finally acknowledged that they received her internship paperwork, and they are pleased.
I. Library – Aubry says hi.
e. Site – Site met with Vicky (owner of 4327 Troost) and the member of Kutumba who is going to be putting in as an investor. There are currently back taxes on the property, and the bank that Vicky purchased did not process the foreclosure properly, and so while she owns the building and the property, she does not own the current “contents” of the building. The former owner of the day care is suing her for the contents, but we're not sure how that's going to shake out. They're fixing up one of the upstairs rooms as a live-in room for maintenance/security 24/7.
We would be looking at a dual status situation, as both owners and lessors. So while we be getting investment returns of an expected 5%, but we would also be paying rent that would go into the LLC resources for building improvement. The amount is not yet set, but Vicky asked us what we felt was fair, so it is up for negotiation. There are also grant opportunies in place from various sources for green improvement.
f. Welcoming – We continue to welcome people, working on Beltane being particularly welcoming this year.
g. Ritual Teams – Nothing particularly strenuous this month. EIR is likely going to be on Mondays, starting the first Monday of March. In February, we're going to start doing High Ritual clinics.
h. Caring – Aubry is going to post on the list and try and collect a committee so that she can have a meeting.
i. Nominating Committee – We still need a Stewardship head. (Dryhten has politely declined.) Pretty please w/sugar on top? It's going to be time for Board compiling. Elections are in April!
j. Stewardship – As John reported, we made about $1000 profit at Longest Night. The next project is Pledge Drive.
??.V Old Business
A. Emergency Preparedness – Found out that SMUUCh has nothing. John and Linda are going to sit down and do a very basic one. They are currently working on the details.
B. Interfaith – Linda went to the meeting, and Barbara from Aquarius was there as well. The head has asked to meet with both in February. There is going to be a Summer Solstice public event, and Linda will disseminate information as it comes.
VII. New Business
A. Site Proposal – It is proposed that a Special RfB be called on February 18, time and location to be determined, contingent on getting salient pieces of information (operating expenses, insurance, background check & supervisor on maintenance guy, parking), to put forth the question of buying into the building on 4327 Troost. Consensed.
B. UUA Registration – Erin requested the information.