June 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – June 9, 2012
Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Linda, John, Rosemary, Aubry, Erin, Devin, Jamie, David, Kimberly, Kit, Thomas

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Erin for Vibes, Aubry for Devil's Advocate, Devin for Red Tape
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $8,722.39; New Home $25,530.44; Kidspace $1,630.81. Linda will likely be dipping into the Kidspace fund to get things like tables and chairs for the new Kidspace rooms.
a. Interfaith – Linda is official serving as the pagan rep to the Kansas City Interfaith thingie.
b. Rites of Passage – Barbara is officiating at a wedding on the 17th. The committee is aliiiiiiive!
c. Social Justice – It's summer, so attention is focused on Harvester's donations. There is a meeting on 6/12 at Andrew's.
d. Communications – FB will apparently let anybody make an event, not just members. The whole thing with invitations is just that FB is slow like snail. Jamie is working on making sure that Ubuntu Village has a website and FB page. EH will be out next week. Kit has started putting the announcements on the website and e-mailing the link out to the list.
e. Kidspace – Social Justice was rained out last Sunday. Field trips are still in generation stage. Linda is working on teaching coverage for RenFaire season.
f. Membership – One person would like to take the new member class, but one is not enough, so Jamie is going to hold the class until after the move and we more likely will have more folks interested. We can always use more people on the Greeter's Table.
I. Library – Aubry is adding five more books this week. The library still exists, and it still hasn't been eaten by monkeys! Or burned down by lemurs!
g. Site – Work day today!
h. Welcoming – We love you aaallllll.
i. Ritual Teams – God Auction approacheth. We will have use of stages, which is awesome; we are still finalizing the participant roster. Teams are scheduled out to Samhain.
j. Caring – Aubry is looking to finalize the Caring Committee contact spreadsheet. If Caring has not contacted you, you should contact them at caring@gaiacommunity.org
k. Nominating Committee – Now up to 3 committee heads that they need to seek; Caring, Stewardship, Kidspace.
l. Stewardship – John gave Kimberly an IRS letter, so we can apply for the fundraising stuff for the a/c capital campaign. We would like to raise enough money to get at least one (total needed by the building is five). A Friend of Gaia is willing to do a donation match of up to $1500. If we can raise more, even better. One a/c unit is about $3,000.
??.V Old Business
A. Budget – Kimberly has presented the revised budget. Consensus is reached.
B. Survey – Survey will go out this week!
C. Letter to UUA – Now that the budget is settled, we can craft the letter.
D. Letter to Moon Group – This will be sent out this month.
E. LLC ops – Kit made the changes, sent 'em to Lizzy, and it's all been signed. We. Are. IN.
VII. New Business
A. UUA Delegates – We do not currently have any active UUA Delegates, as the original two had to bow out. It doesn't look like we're going to be able to field delegates to GA this year. We consensed to not worry about it.
B. Interfaith – On June 24 at the Plaza Library from 2 - 4:30 PM there will be a Solstice celebration. There will be a drink reception, children's crafts, entertainment, etc. Linda proposes that we should have some of our brochures available, possibly with an insert that talks about solstice. They're also looking for some ushers, and Linda would like to have some of our older Kidspace kids. She believes that they will be done in time to get to Solstice ritual at 4. Consenus to let Linda see who she can wrangle.