March 2012

Ritual for Business - March 10, 2012

In attendance: Erin, Lizzy, David, Kit, Jamie, Eric, Cheryl, Cynthia, Thomas, Katie

Approval of Agenda - consensed (and then changed later)
Roles - Kit as Vibes Watcher, Jamie as Non Sequitur, Lizzy as Red Tape, Cynthia as Devil’s Advocate.
Minutes - Rosemary was not in attendance but tried to send them to the email list which doesn’t accept attachments. We will probably just have to approve them next month.
KidSpace Report - in February, no KS meeting was held due to lack of attendance. They also did a social justice cleanup at South Lake Park and seeing the Harvester’s CANstruction display at Ward Parkway Mall. Plans for this Sunday are to go outside, but
Social Justice - talked about adopting a highway, either in KS or MO, and looked up the regulations. Another option would be adopting a street near our new home in KCMO, assuming that happens (that meeting was before the Special RfB). Also, Blue River Rescue is coming on March 31st! Signups started today, will continue tomorrow so hopefully we can get a more kid-friendly location this year. They’re usually good about assuming we are coming, but we should let them know.
Communications - Earth Healer is being finished this weekend - send info if you have anything you want included! We will start including the Use Circle groups so more people can come. Facebook and Website are up-to-date, and Facebook is treating events more rationally again. However they have changed the header’s for groups and we need to put some other images up there. Lizzy was interested in starting a GC Twitter account; she will get with someone who knows Twitter later.
Membership - New Member class is complete, with five new members coming April 1. Greeter’s Table is adequately staffed but is always accepting more people! It’s an easy way to get to know more people.
Welcome - everything is going smoothly as far as we’re aware. We are plotting to make non-gendered signs for the doors of the restrooms at 4327 Troost, with the ability to swap them out every so often.
Ritual Teams - Ritual titles are assigned through Lughnassadh. The space around May and June is fluid to account for the indecision about where we might be meeting. Excellence in Ritual has begun, with 6 students and 1 audit. There are at least 9 names in for the Penny Auction so far, with more being mailed.
Caring - despite being slow to start, Caring Committee is picking up steam. They have started a list of members and friends, with birthdays, interests, and whether or not they want to be contacted if they don’t show up for several weeks.
Library - the Cue Cat is still with Aubry, who is working on finding time to use it. The library contains over 700 books but has no current users.
Nom Com - ? of NomCom has met, which catches them up with when the earlier ? of NomCom had met. They have a slate for all of the board (pending one confirmation) and are still working on the General Assembly delegates and incoming NomCom. People were interested in finding if there would be competition for positions; right now there may be competition for Members at Large. If you’re interested in competition, you should run!
Stewardship - Pledge Drive and Pledge Sunday are coming! Work continues on those accordingly, but there is no specific report today.
Site - report pending. There was a question about the difference between “unanimous consent” and “consensus” for decision making. There was also concern that a requirement for unanimous consent would leave the LLC open to steeplejacking or otherwise iniquitous behavior. Most people in attendance suggested a supermajority requirement for ‘big’ decisions and a controlling interest/majority decision for normal decisions. We will forward that concern/idea to the LLC Circle.

Eric mentioned that after the Building Use circle, Bill talked about being an investor but not necessarily a member of the LLC. He will certainly be interested in getting his money back and getting out at some near point in the future. He was concerned about us being responsible for 50% of the bills, but that’s what an LLC prevents! Of course if we want the LLC to be sustainable, money will have to be found/obtained from renters from others.

Eric asked about whether or not Gaia will get to approve/disapprove the LLC agreement once it is finalized.

Cynthia asked about the Certificate of Occupancy - nothing has been formalized yet, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. The city just needs to see the space and sign off.

Building Care Circle is on Saturdays at 1:30pm. Building Use Circle is on Mondays at 6:15ish. All are open to anybody, but there’s no sense overloading the meetings with Gaia people.

Financial Circle is not particularly active yet. LLC Circle is ongoing between the various parties.

Revisited and clarified the rules for Special Rituals for Business, if we need to have one to consense on the LLC rules.

Old Business - nothing
New Business
Covenant Group Checkin - Women’s Full Moon group said they would not be able to present anything at this month’s meeting, so they are tabled. Craft Circle presented an update to include: Still meeting regularly, 9+ attendees at last meeting. Lizzy has large vinyl signs and foam core for Ritual Teams to use and for the use of Craft Circle.
Community Survey - Lizzy would like to propose a Community Survey to get a basis for space use related to Activities (Games Nite, FNSC, Movie Nights, Craft Circle, God Auction, Other stuff) and Services (Time/day of services, types of services, rituals, class/workshop, forum, SOS, other). Willing participants were established, group will review, specifically ritual teams input. Survey Monkey will be used with the potential for a paper version (which will then be put into Survey Monkey, for reporting purposes).
Move - we need to decide if we are going to move ON July 1, or before then, or what? SMUUCH is definitely not moving to their new site until October, so we will not have to move twice!
Troost Festival - April 28th; we should table! Ubuntu Village could probably table as well/alongside. A small task force of Jamie, David, and Thomas will look into it.
CUUPS proposal - Aubry has asked for help renewing her CUUPS membership so she can continue to serve on their Nominating Committee. She is asking for $25 from the budget to renew her membership. A member in attendance said they would donate the $25 out of pocket and save the group from having to consense on anything. Problem solved!