May 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – May 12, 2012
Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Devin, Erin, John, Rosemary, Aubry, Kimberly, Kitty, Kit, Jamie

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Aubry for Vibes Watcher, Kimberly for Devil's Advocate, Devin for Red Tape, Erin for Non Sequitur
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $10,121.97; New Home $24,330.25; Kidspace $1624.94. Penny Auction brought in $508.70 and a few foreign coins materialized out of the aether. It was proposed that we move to authorize John to move enough money to cover our payment into the LLC plus enough to maintain an interest-bearing account into the New Home Fund. Consensed.
a. Kidspace – Kids have attended 2 intergen rituals in the last month, and participated in a park walk. There will be weekly lessons on the God Auction deities coming up, and they're hoping to look at a couple of field trips — on to the Nelson-Atkins, and one to the Overland Park Arboretum.
b. Social Justice – Project to benefit Planned Parenthood will run to the end of May. Attention will then turn to Harvester's.
c. Communications – Earth Healer has been slightly altered in shape. It is less blurb-focused now with big stuff on the front page and community-centered stuff on the back. Played around a bit with the website front page; there is less redundancy now. Calendar is up-to-date. FB is still weird, though it seems that the friend-only thing is time limited. After a certain amount of time, it invites everyone automatically. Or something. We're not really sure.
d. Membership – Continues to member the ship. There is going to be a community survey coming soon. Please point people who are inquiring about joining the community in the general direction of Jamie.
I. Library – Books are there and they haven't been destroyed by monkeys!
e. Site/Leaseship – Kit is working in the Building Care Circle, and David is working in the Building Use Circle. Work continues apace on 4237.
f. Welcoming – There will be a note on our sign that we are a welcoming congregation.
g. Ritual Teams – EIR class is over and everybody passed the midterm. They will be working on 5 upcoming rituals between now and July. RT happens and we continue to have rituals. Next meeting will be June 5.
h. Caring – They need a hug, and so have been slacking a bit. Feel free to contact them at if there's anything you need.
i. Nominating Committee – We just had elections, which was cool. They currently are tasked with finding Stewardship and Kidspace chairs.
j. Stewardship – Only three people left to turn in pledge cards. Capital campaign will be kicking off to raise money for at least one new air conditioning unit.
??.V Old Business
A. Survey – We started with the idea that we now have our own schedule so we can determine whether or not to meet at a different time and/or day. It extended into what other things people are interested in doing in the new space. If there's anything else people want to know that you can get good information out of a survey on, please send those ides to Kimberly and Lizzy.
B. Letter to the UUA – Tabled
C. Full Moon Group – They're not following us to the new space, and they're dropping off of our radar. It is proposed that, given that they have not made their required report and given that they have no desire to come with us to the new space, we formally revoke their covenant group status as of the end of this fiscal year. Consensed.
VII. New Business
A. Budget – Preliminary budget has been presented. There are still a few things up in the air; comments were made, and the final budget will be submitted at next month's RfB.
B. LLC Proposal – The full document is available on the Yahoo list and a couple of other places. Changes proposed at RfB are as follows:
4.1.a (4) & (5) should be moved to a 2/3 majority rather than a simple majority.
4.1.b (12) the threshold be lowered from $1,000 to $500.
We would like to add a section that states that the empowerment of the circles is in place as long as their operating procedures (which the circles will develop) align with the LLC. This should be reviewed at the annual LLC meetings.

Upon the changes implemented, there will be a final review by the executive committee, and the document will be signed. Consensed.