November 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – November 12, 2011
Started at 9:50AM

In attendance: Erin, Devin, Rosemary, Linda, John, Cynthia, Jamie, Kit, Cheryl, David, Kimberly

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Jamie as Non Sequitur, Linda as Devil's Advocate, Kit as Vibes Watcher, Cynthia as Red Tape
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $10,413.18; New Home $24,159.08; Kidspace $1,544.33. Due to a bank error we had $200 more come in in October than originally thought; we also received a safety insurance refund check for $38. Church Mutual is suggesting that each congregation create an emergency plan and communicate it to their members. Regarding expiration of our nonprofit status, we have a pile of paperwork to fill out to get tax clearance before we can start on our reinstatement. We do at least now have our tax ID number.
a. KidSpace – Linda is back! There is much rejoicing. There have been a couple of new visitors; at least one will be a regular attendee. Saplings are starting their chapter on Elements. Trees are working on a service project to earn chalice pins. Trying to set up a field trip to Harvester's to see what happens to food once it's been donated (grown-ups will be welcome!). Next meeting will be Sunday, Nov 20 at 2PM at SMUUCh.
b. Social Justice – They had a meeting; next month's meeting will be at Andrew's. They are going to make a point of visiting Occupy KC on the 19th (meeting at Crown Center @ 1PM). They are in particular need of medical supplies, hand-warming packets, and foodstuffs. There is an upcoming forum to get some input from the community on what we want to see the committee focus on.
c. Communications – EH came out the same weekend as 1st quarter report cards, so it's a little behind schedule. It's printed, but not yet disseminated. Facebook has arbitrarily changed the times on our invites since DST ended. This is particularly odd, since the time changes don't actually seem to have anything to do with falling back. Kimberly has negotiated the labyrinthine torture chamber that is Facebook's bug reporting system; hopefully this will help. Also, our website went down for a couple of days as the hosting auto-bill credit card's expiration date changed.
d. Membership – Need to proposition new people about membership classes. Staffing for Greeter's Table continues to happen.
I. Library – Nothing of note to report.
e. Site – Met at Kit's house; talked more about Jackson County Land Trust, and Lizzie brought info about Wyandotte's Land Bank. While the former bases prices on tax value, the latter sells parcels for a flat $300 fee, but you must build within a year. Site continues to sort through parcels.
f. Welcoming – National Transgender Remembrance Day is on November 20. Also, Standing on the Side of Love is doing a web seminar coming up on December 7.
g. Ritual Teams – Everything seems to be trundling along on schedule. David Pollard (a UU CUUPS officer) would like to interview Gaia for the CUUPS podcast. Kimberly proposed to him a potential 2-person interview (her talking about EIR, the other discussing God Auction and the general workings of Gaia). It seems that those present believe that Kit would be an excellent candidate for the second.
h. Caring – Leo received an e-mail from Maria Snyder, a far-traveled former member. She is seeking to apply to UU seminary, and putting out some feelers about getting congregational sponsorship. (All sponsorship entails is a letter of good character, stating that they would be a good minister.) The general consensus is that we could consider it, but we'd like a chance to talk to her and reconnect if she's going to be in the area.
i. Nominating Committee – Still looking for Stewardship chair.
j. Stewardship – See above; we are a leaderless group, though, so still getting things done! Working on Longest Night. It is coming, and tickets are $20. There will be a costume contest and entertainment and tea sandwiches! There will be a few vendors and exhibitors, a raffle, and a nifty show and dancing and stuff and runon sentences. Oh, and a cordial tasting!
V Old Business – None
VII. New Business
A. Tree Service Project – The Trees are collecting donations of nonperishables and money for Harvester's. What they would like to do is come up with a donation match from the Kidspace account. Because it involves taking money from the KS account, it is being brought to RfB as a proposal. Kimberly brought up a concern to make sure at least some of the money in the account is protected so that one class doesn't go and drain the account that is shared between all classes, and suggests putting a cap on the match amount. It is thereby added to the proposal to cap the match at $300. Consensed and passed.
B. FedEx ? Charge – Kit would like to convert our current FedEx online account into a charge account, so that rather than doing an out-of-pocket reimbursement, it will be a direct charge to Gaia, so as to save some time and paperwork. It was brought up that if we do this, we should wait until our tax status is all worked out. There is also a concern that it is very easy for anyone to use the account, it should be run as a charge account (not direct debit) so that we can track the charges. It would be best to restrict who has access to the account, rather than anyone with the FedEx number. This will be tabled until our tax status is resolved, and we can work out what the terms and billing would be like.
C. Emergency Plan – Church Mutual says we should consider an emergency plan for various disasters and emergencies (fire, flood, zombie apocalypse, etc). At this time, we can likely copy most of SMUUCh's plan, since we'd be using the same building plan. Also, we may actually already have one in existence thanks to Lizzie, we just need to dig it up. It is proposed that further research (John & Linda volunteered) is required before a proposal be brought forth.