April 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 4/25/2015

In attendance: Kit, Barbara, Jan, Kimberly, David, Jamie, Scot

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved
  2. Roles – Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara is serving as Parliamentarian, Kimberly as Non Sequitur. Jamie took the talking ball in case she needs to throw it at Kit, and Kit took a shiny gold head scarf.
  3. Chalice Lighting – done by Barbara.
  4. Minutes – approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's Report – not present.
  6. Elections
    1. Board members elected: Scot Banes, Rosemary Williams, David Reynolds-Gier, and Jan Wilner. (Jamie, John, and Barbara)
    2. GA Delegates: Aubry Gabbard.
    3. NomCom: Kimberly, Barbara, Erin Scrogum.
    4. LLC Liaison: Barbara Griggs.
    5. Officers: Jamie is elected as President, Jan as Vice-President, David as Secretary, John as Treasurer.
  7. New Business
    1. UUA/General Assembly – Aubry has offered to be our on-site delegate to General Assembly 2015, if we can financially support her by paying her registration. However we are ineligible to have a voting delegate at General Assembly due to not making a financial contributionto the UUA in 2013-2014. Kit mentioned that there is a possibility that Aubry will have to go home for family matters during the time of General Assembly. Failed to consense based on several objections to the above circumstances.
    2. Kit's Bylaws Concern – Kit wants to look at revising how NomCom works so that there is some continuity of leadership; maybe having two year staggered terms. Suggestions were raised for ways it might work better; Jan wants to 'audit' NomCom meetings so that she can learn more about how it works before she someday gets on that committee after she leaves the Board.
  8. Old Business
    1. Pagan Pride Day – date is confirmed for September 13th. The charity for this year is a diabetes-support organization called TypeOneKansasCity. Mark Stinson's Heathen group will be conducting the main ritual. We have also been asked to provide a chant group that will provide and teach some music, so Voices of Gaia is working on that.
  9. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – no report of note.
    2. KidSpace – no significant report; use of upstairs space proposal has not been acted on by Ellen yet.
    3. Ritual Teams – things are proceeding apace.
    4. Social Justice – Climate Justice month has wound down, to no great effect.
    5. Communications – things are proceeding apace.
    6. NomCom – election conducted.
    7. Welcoming – no report.
    8. Manheim Liaison – David has decided to go to the meetings until they start breaking their own rules or yelling. This month that meant 30 minutes. They are continuing to struggle with treating Bill fairly.
    9. LLC Liaison – Ellen reported that the Fire Inspector has told her we need to have a fire alarm in the building; Vicky followed up with him and she was sent to someone at the Codes Administration office. Mr. Gantz there said that the requirement probably did not apply to us, due to their never being more than 50 people in the building. Barbara suspects the requirement was stated in response to a 'vision' or future use that Ellen may have offered the fire marshal. Vicky did get a bid for a fire alarm system, but it would be $1300 just to install it, not including monthly monitoring. Barbara is confused about why she has seen no paperwork from the fire marshal following the meetings with Ellen.
      Danny has been trying to work on what is wrong with the burglar alarm system in UV South, but it continues to go off every weekend. Scotty was kicked off the monitoring job for UV South by Anita, and Ellen has arranged for someone else to do that, but has not communicated those arrangements to Vicky or us.
      Vicky will be back in town at the end of May, when hopefully some of this can be arranged and sorted out then.
    10. Stewardship – Pledge Drive is ongoing. GoFundMe will need to get some specific information from us to release the money from that fundraiser to Gaia Community (instead of creating a tax liability for Kimberly by withdrawing it personally). Zie is working on getting that part resolved, so that we can collect our funds for the fire escape.
      The items donated for the auction now are no longer needed for the fire escape; Kimberly wondered if we wanted to apply those proceeds to the general operating budget, or specifically earmark them for building improvements. General opinion was that it would be fine to address that through the budget process.
      Rosemary confirmed that the Garage Sale will be on May 16th. We will need to get a truck to move stuff around, like last time; Kit has offered to wrangle that portion.