August 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 8/22/2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Jamie, Barbara, Jan, Scot, Erin, Rosemary

  1. Chalice Lighting – performed by Jamie
  2. Approval of Agenda – approved
  3. Roles – Scot monitored for Non Sequiturs, Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Erin as Devil's Advocate.
  4. Minutes – approved as read
  5. Treasurer's Report – no Treasurer at present, no report.
  6. Committees
    1. KidSpace – the committee has been exploring practical flooring options. They have not held their meeting yet.
    2. Communications – Jamie has learned the secret to keeping Facebook from changing the end date of events (if you use the date picker, it behaves better than if you just type it in manually). Voices of Gaia have been added to the website calendar, but it's not a good fit for a public FB event, since right now they are trying to rehearse with a given group for the PPD performance, and many new singers coming in might make that difficult. If it continues to be a going concern after PPD, they will have their own event and an organizational meeting, etc.
    3. Ritual Teams – two people have been interviewed for Ritual Teams; they will be presented for consideration on the Sept. 1st RTM. That will also be a titling meeting. The EiR students have begun their internship; their scheduled ritual will be September 27th.
    4. Membership – Shannon has been several times and seems to be having a really good experience, so Jamie will approach her about the “informal” version of the New Member Class. Most of the other upswing in attendance has been from returning members from back in the day.
      David has scheduled a small amount of the upcoming Greeter's Table roster.
    5. Social Justice – Kimberly pointed out that SJ needs a Chair. The meeting at Ubuntu Village did indeed have more people in attendance, so that's to the good. The meeting came up with the idea (in relationship to our new patron) to talk about the food cycle, sourcing, ethical food decisions, etc. They will work on arranging visits to farms, perhaps speakers or movies on various topics. They will also be more insistent on reminding people to bring items for Harvesters on Sundays.
    6. Stewardship – preparing to sell stuff at PPD; they still need a couple of volunteers for Pagan Pride Day in several capacities; Rosemary and Kitty volunteered in a general sense, and Kimberly will also email folks.
    7. Welcoming – no issues or meetings. Kimberly suggested that Ritual Teams look into scheduling some Sundays that have a focus on Welcoming. Jan pointed out that CAMP still lists Lizzy as the President/Contact under their list of Welcoming Congregations.
    8. NomCom – no one has managed to talk to John Boyce yet. Next Wednesday would be a good opportunity, since we know he and Linda will be at the Clothing Swap.
      Scot asked for clarification on the Automatic Termination clause for board members; the bylaws state that you cannot miss three meetings in a row, or four out of any six.
    9. Liaisons
      1. Interfaith – Linda was not present, no report.
      2. Manheim – August's meeting is normally a barbeque event instead of a formal meeting, but Seft forgot so attendance was light. They have finally set up an Internal Audit Committee and populated it; the plan is to have them review the external professional auditor's findings.
        David brought up the idea of announcing our Games Night to the neighborhood, in conjunction with their stated desire to have more social events going on. Everyone present thought that was a good idea; we had 11 people last night.
      3. LLC – Barbara requested the new email David got from Seft; he emailed it to her right then. Seft also reported that there is a tutoring group looking at using the upstairs 'office' room, if they agree to the terms. Kitty reported that she has not yet seen any checks being deposited yet this month; Barbara asked that Kitty communicate that in an email to Vicky so everyone is informed about everything.
        Kimberly wondered if we might not take on Rental Agent duties, if we continue to get no real service from this agent as well. However we have this new and better email, and enough other things on our plate right now to put it off another month.
  7. New Business
    1. Florida Murder – the murder a few weeks ago has faded largely out of the news sphere. Do we still want to write up a statement of information? A lot of pagan groups such as Patheos, Lady Liberty, Circle Sanctuary, etc ran informational responses, and HuffPost and other news organizations reshared and broadcast those. If the Escambia County Sheriff does it again (he's apparently a big bigot), we can re-engage with them as needed. David can reach out to some of the KCPD CIOs and see if they have/need any sensitivity training for minority religions. Kimberly also will talk to KC Conjure, since their practice historically leads to more interactions with law enforcement. We can partner with them if something comes up on their end, too.
    2. Ritual Facilitation Workshop – Kimberly has been contacted by Shauna Knight, who has visited our community before and lives in the Upper Midwest. She is transiting between two remotely-located Pagan Pride Days, and wondered if she could run something with us here in Kansas City during her travel, on the evening of Monday the 31st of August. Consensed to let Kimberly run with the logistics of that. Kimberly also mentioned that there has been a lot of low-level interest in event hosting for pagan groups at Ubuntu Village, but so far no one has come out to see the space. It would be nice to have things arranged ahead of time so that event rental can be an easy and rapid response. Once we establish good contact with Seft, that should be a priority.