December 2015

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 12/26/2015

Present: Barbara, Jan, Erin, Devin, David, Kimberly, Scot

  1. Chalice: Jan lit the chalice.
  2. Roles: Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Erin as Non Sequitur, and Scot as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Agenda: approved as presented.
  4. Minutes: approved as read. Jan asked that the minutes be posted to the website for archival/access more reliably and rapidly. David agreed.
  5. Treasurer's report: no report.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Communications — as far as David is aware, Communications is working smoothly. Both the website domain and website hosting have been renewed for the next year or more.
    2. Kidspace — John has been holding down Sunday duties, when there are kids present. Yule had at least four, maybe five. Erin pointed out that Dryhten is still ambivalent towards KidSpace, but definitely seems to like it more when there's more of a craft project bent than just lessons or coloring. Barbara will see if she can get with Linda about beefing up the curriculum or engagement level; John does a good job of making the lessons engaging. Barbara is also looking at whether recruiting some additional teachers would be feasible.
      Devin inquired about whether some of the All Souls RE staff might be a resource; Barbara noted that they are unpaid volunteers (mostly parents), but did think of a former teacher that might be available.
    3. Ritual Teams — December's meeting planned out the ritual arc for Imbolc-Beltane.
    4. Membership — attendance has been up somewhat, but mostly familiar faces.
    5. Pretty Committee – has not met yet. However the Oasis was able to put up their fireproof curtains, which is a benefit to the look of the space. Kimberly and Susi are going to redress the front window for Imbolc; a date has not been set yet but they are thinking about 12/31 during the daytime.
    6. Social Justice — the Food Desert documentary was a success; about 8-9 people were there. The sound was difficult to hear because we didn't have a speaker at the time (now rectified). Information and awareness was duly raised. Food Stamped will get another showing on January 7th, at the same time and place.
      The yarnbombing project was a success as well; all of the items are now claimed by passersby, over a hundred in total. Erin and others are planning on adding more items again when it gets cold again.
    7. Stewardship — they are mulling over the idea of a Valentine's Day project, similar to the Shakespeare reading but also perhaps incorporating a party of some sort. Pledge Drive season is coming soon...
    8. Welcoming — no news of note. The KCWCC does not meet in December. There will probably be some rituals in the upcoming cycles that are GLBT-friendly, including Lupercalia.
    9. Site/LLC Liaison — Barbara reported that the LLC has fired Seft in an amicable agreement that he has not met his responsibilities. Danny is interested in buying into the LLC; his partner Lynn is interested in fulfilling of the promise of filling the building with tenants. She wants to make the space explicitly a 'spiritual space', have event space upstairs for Yoga and other practices such as Tai Chi. They are interested in putting in an elevator, and converting the front area into a consignment-style shop for New Age-type materials, soaps, oils, handcrafted products, jewelry, etc. Jamie now has a key for the north door, she will make keys for others (including Danny).
      Danny is working actively on the upstairs and the stairs to convert it into a usable space according to his vision. Lynn wants to fix up one of the two northwest rooms as an explicitly child-friendly room (shared, but including our current uses). Barbara explained that last June's lease never got put into written effect, so we'll be going back to the drawing board somewhat on the upstairs use. Vicky is apparently still interested in buying out our ownership shares (but keeping us as tenants); Danny and Lynn have no problems with our presence or ownership stake. Barbara and the other Gaia attendees were able to rebut several mythologies from Vicky, such as that we hate the building and want to leave and get our own space. Barbara suggested that Gaia agree to being bought-out share-for-share ($1000 cash apiece), but that we are in no hurry to leave; also that we are committed to the building and the vision of it being an important center on Troost. David pointed out that any agreement to sell our shares would need to be made at a Special Ritual for Business with the 40% superquorum rules, 72-hour notice, etc. Barbara proposed to hold that SRfB in January 2016. Jan is going to try to set up a meeting with Danny and Lynn for the first part of January as well, to touch base and encourage them towards manifesting their plans.
      David did not go to Manheim's holiday party in December, due to other commitments.
    10. NomCom — Treasurer slot is still open, but John is still working all the hours. Barbara will probably also be stepping down from the Board in April, so her Member-at-Large and Liaison slots will be open.