February 2015

Minutes from the Ritual for Business on 2/28/2015

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Kimberly, David, Scot, Jamie, Susi, Leo

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.
  2. Roles – Jan as Vibes Watcher, David as Parliamentarian, Scot as Devil's Advocate, Kimberly as Non Sequitur.
  3. Chalice Lighting – performed.
  4. Minutes – approved.
  5. Treasurer's Report – not present, no report sent.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – we do have some new/repeat visitors but no one regular enough to throw at a NMC yet.
    2. KidSpace – we are not reliably having kids attend, but lessons are always available. Barbara did wonder if we are paying Linda for lesson development still.
    3. Ritual Teams – Penny Auction nominations continue, we have about 6-7 names so far, and will announce those through Spring Equinox. Excellence in Ritual has been pushed back to June due to everyone's schedules being catastrophically busy.
    4. Social Justice – the committee has not gotten any further on the blog; there has been a little work on making it more accessible/easy to read. Barbara said that she has found the existing posts very information-dense and is still working through them.
    5. Communications – Earth Healer did go out last month, with some ritual-designed blurbs and some that were written by Jamie so that the team will just have to do whatever she says. David opined that Communications Chair is perhaps the most powerful position within the community for that reason. Due date for the next EH is March 14th, which covers Spring Equinox to Beltane.
    6. NomCom – NomCom has been reminded that elections are coming in April. Barbara reminded them that term limits need to be looked at.
      Kimberly also noted that zie is not the Stewardship Chair, and while Lizzy is, she is moving so we need find someone else to carry that torch.
    7. LLC Liaison – Ellen has reputedly called the fire marshal again, and we know that his second visit added some additional requirements. “Exposed wires” were mentioned, but we need clarification on what that means. We did get a little bit of progress made on wires we knew of, and the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors have been taken care of. Ellen has requested an extension on the fire escape.
    8. Manheim Liaison – there was no business conducted at the February meeting because there was a 3rd District City Council Candidate Forum.
    9. Welcoming – the Coalition for Welcoming Ministries now only meets quarterly under normal circumstances; they meet again in April. We are going to help out with Pride as much as we can. Susi said that Walnut Gardens Community of Christ has expressed an interest in becoming a Welcoming Congregation, so if they reach out it should be beneficial for both sides. The contact there is Pam Robison.
    10. Stewardship – Kimberly reported that the fire escape fundraiser has so far raised $2,625. Zie plans on running that for another week, and then close it up and raise the rest of the money through other methods. There will be a fundraising class on martial arts/magick on March 21st, taught by a woman who is the wife of a member of the OTO Oasis. All of the money raised will go to us; Kate is hoping to get more long-term students out of the deal.
  7. Old Business
    1. Fire Marshall – see above under LLC Liaison and Stewardship.
  8. New Business
    1. March RfB Scheduling – March 28th is going to be a problem because that is the same day as the Blue River Rescue. Moving it to March 21st nearly-collides with the Kung Fu Demo. Moving it to March 29th at 1pm might be easier. Group consensed to move it to 1pm on 3/29/2015.
    2. Snow Day for 3/1 – David wanted to get more formal input on the idea brought up at a recent forum of being more willing to cancel Sunday services when the weather is poor. The forecast right now is for anywhere from 2” to 8” until noon tomorrow, and the temperature is going to be 28 degrees this evening, then get colder/refreeze overnight. Many people were in favor of making some posting of 'heads up, we will make a decision at X time tomorrow'. Consensed.
    3. Storage – Kimberly is interested in exploring the ability to rent one of the rooms upstairs on a permanent basis to increase our storage capacity. We already have those rooms part time, as well as nominal control of the closet up there, but it's a little small. Consensed to explore the option with Ellen/Nitro and report back what they are willing to entertain.