January 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business from January 24, 2015

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Jamie, Kimberly, David, Gary, Rosemary, Scot

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.
  2. Roles – Jan as Vibes Watcher, Gary as Parliamentarian, Jamie as Devil's Advocate, Kimberly as Non Sequitur.
  3. Chalice Lighting – performed.
  4. Minutes – approved.
  5. Treasurer's Report – KidSpace account has $1,668.71, General Fund has $3,880.37, and the Home Fund has $523.56.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – Shelley has managed to make it back again, so Jamie will reach out to her about taking NMC. Jamie also made a Google Form for registering attendance. David put a QR code inside the lid of the Greeter's Box, so people don't have to find their old bookmark/etc for the link.
      Matt investigated the library and found a book on the shelf, so he borrowed it. Yay! Also Isha has some books that she will be coming our way.
      Kimberly announced that zie had put a copy of the UU hymnal onto the shelf up front; several people were concerned that it was expensive and valuable not to have missing, so it got moved to the closet.
    2. KidSpace – they did a field trip back in January, with Lizzy and Abby (and Desiree). There have been minimal class attendance.
    3. Social Justice – the blog project went well for the first week, then people got sick, etc. This led to some dropoff, but the plan is to continue posting even if the schedule is delayed or runs into February. There was no meeting in January due to illness among most of the committee.
    4. Communications – Earth Healer will come out on Monday electronically and be posted in church next week (at Imbolc). Jamie is hunting for blurbs.
      Jan said she was unable to find the Rituals Coming Soon list; we checked and it is promoted to the front page. We can add it to the navigation links though.
    5. Stewardship – We have raised $1160 for the fire escape project so far, including from some far-flung former members and friends of Gaia. Kitty was able to verify that David Pollard has shared it to the CUUPS group.
    6. Ritual Teams – Nominations for God Auction will start being taken at Imbolc, and then complete the week before Spring Equinox.
    7. NomCom – Jamie will remind Kit (and therefore Katie and Lizzy) that elections are in April. If you are interested in serving on the board or another position, see one of the committee members.
    8. Welcoming – no one attended the Welcoming Congregations meeting in January. They are starting to make noises about Pride Service, which will be in June.
    9. Liaisons
      1. LLC – Ellen and Nitro have been largely silent on the fire escape project, after initially forwarding an email to their boss. Vicky has been reaching out to A.B. May about taking bids on the matter. Reggie has not returned Vicky's calls or emails right now, so she thinks he has not yet done his parts yet. She has also reached out to an architecture instructor who was looking for a student project.
        The heating bills have been a concern; Scot and David adjusted the balance on the automatic thermostats, but Scot noticed that they have been reset since then. It is also possible that someone has turned on the thermostats upstairs (this turned out not to be true). Jan has suggested a Tenant Meeting would be a good thing to reinstate (in lieu of the old Building Use Circle). Danny should be at that as well; one of the things we may need to address may be the balance of the blower vents. Jan also wanted to see if we could provide some guidance/control over the thermostat.
        We also need to get Fire Insurance ASAP.
      2. Interfaith Council – David and Kimberly got their pictures taken as part of Sergio's Stories of Devotion project. The IFC's New Year event happened, though no one here attended; Linda took part.
      3. Manheim – They had a lot of proposed bylaws amendments on the agenda, most suggested by Bill, mainly having to do with membership fees. He is being obstreperous again, and the group is not treating him very fairly either; the antagonism is deteriorating again. None of the amendments passed. They also had to elect an interim Vice-President; we are not currently members so David didn't vote. Do we want to be members again? Not-profit rate is $50/year (though Jan thought it used to be $75). Consensed to approve membership at a rate of no more than $75 for the year.
    10. Site – tabled until we actually need the committee to do something, since right now we are staying put.
  7. Old Business
    1. Fire Marshall – Kitty has submitted the Candle/Assembly Permit via mail (paid out of the LLC funds). We need to put smoke detectors in, though the report does not specify exactly how many we need. Kimberly looked up the code and it seems to refer to an automated/interlinked system for “special amusement building”, which we are not (that's for haunted houses and the like). We need clarification; someone needs to call or email him.
      We also need to get the fire extinguishers tested/refilled.
      Barbara proposed that Scot deal with the junction boxes, Kimberly will get smoke detectors, Barbara will work on signs for the alarm boxes and the electrical panels, Gary will contact Modern Fire Safety LLC to recharge/inspect the fire extinguishers, and Barbara will contact the KCFD inspector for clarification on what code applies to our smoke detector system. Consensed to that plan.