July 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 7/25/2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Jamie, Barbara, Jan, Devin, Erin, Aaron, Rosemary

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved
  2. Roles – Devin will be Non Sequitur, Erin as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Kimberly as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Chalice Lighting – performed by Jamie
  4. Minutes – approved as read
  5. Treasurer's Report – no Treasurer at present, no report.
  6. Committees
    1. KidSpace – we have more kids present the last couple of weeks now! Barbara thinks this will be sustainable and we can continue having lessons and teachers available for the new reality of actually having KidSpace attendees. Erin is excited be an active part of KidSpace again; Barbara said that there would probably be a meeting in person soon then.
    2. Membership – returning members are the domain of Stewardship; Jamie does not have any prospective candidates for NMC. Time to schedule the next couple of months for Greeter's Table. Jan and Barbara need the link again for the Drive spreadsheet.
    3. Ritual Teams – 2015 meeting minutes have been uploaded to the wiki (they were stored locally due to the lack of WiFi at Ubuntu Village). Due to Erin's return, an interview team needs to be arranged to interview her so that RTM can decide whether she is allowed back on the committee. That may happen after this meeting, if enough people are available.
    4. Communications – EH is prepared, just needs to be proofread and printed. PPD got a significant mention, though we are actually doing even more than Jamie remembered. She will update the missing activities. Erin would like to add a Craft Group back onto the calendar, for the first Saturday of each month at her house, 1-5pm.
    5. Social Justice – no meeting in July due to God Auction, but the next meeting will talk about ways to integrate Brigid as our new patron. We did collect a great deal of food at God Auction, which Jamie helpfully transferred to the Harvesters location. Rosemary still has a great deal of clothes to donate, that need to get out of her garage next week. Barbara will poke Peter to get him to commit to a time and date; Rosemary is not available Monday but is on vacation the rest of the week.
      Jan asked if anyone was coming to SJ from midtown, so she could catch a ride. Current attendees all live down south. Kimberly proposed moving the meeting to Ubuntu Village to see if we can get more attendees. Consensed.
    6. Stewardship – Rosemary also noted that a popup shelter was left at her house, and she's not sure whose it is. We suggested bringing it to Ubuntu Village and see if anyone recognizes it. The Midsummer event went off successfully; we made a small amount of net income for the community ($100-250), and it was a lot of fun. Devin wondered if the event could be part of Fringe Festival; Kimberly has had experience with that, and finds it to be a great logistical challenge to work with Fringe Central; it is not usually a fundraiser but more of a way to garner exposure for theatrical troupes and performers; hardly anyone makes money for their event, as most of the proceeds go to Fringe's ongoing expense.
      Erin asked about other fundraiser ideas; Kimberly welcomes new input, but is considering something like 'rent parties', and other small events to sustain income-generation on a lighter scale. We expect to still do garage sales, shirt sales (including some new designs), and we'll be conducting some sales at PPD as part of our tabling. Everything that doesn't sell there can still go into an online auction.
    7. NomCom – no one has managed to talk to John Boyce yet.
    8. Welcoming – no issues or meetings
    9. Liaisons
      1. Manheim – July's meeting every year is a listening session, breaking the attendees into small groups to talk about priorities, concerns, etc. It gives the new board elected in June a way to get direct feedback from the group. David brought up some of their difficulties with procedure and fairness, as relates to Bill and other discontents. They may consider adopting a more simplified rules structure; that may allow them to defuse some of the animosity that occurs.
      2. Interfaith – Linda was not present, no report.
      3. LLC – Barbara reported that she has still not had any direct contact with Seft through either email, even after Vicky indirectly reminded him to do so. David will try to talk to him in person at the August 8th Manheim Meeting.
        Kitty's last report said that Rainn and Oasis' rent was sent in but were not cashed timely, so has not hit the Ubuntu account. We need to make sure that this is actually happening correctly, which is part of the concern. Our bills are being paid by Kitty, so that is fine and healthy.
        Many ideas were brainstormed to make this situation work better, many of which will be tried.
  7. Old Business
    1. Rental of the Building – no update due to the aforementioned lack of contact.
  8. New Business
    1. KidSpace expenditures for renovations – Barbara wants to do some remodeling on the room we want to use upstairs. KidSpace account has some funds for such purposes, though technically we would need KidSpace's approval (not just the Committee of the Whole or Treasurer). Among other things, she recommends flooring that room with sheet vinyl (linoleum or similar) so that it is easier to clean and manage.
      Also Barbara has discovered that the lights upstairs are removed and the location is unknown; reinstalling something upstairs for that purpose will be very useful. We also need Danny or someone qualified to verify that the wires have been capped and are safe.
      Barbara proposed that KidSpace will make improvements to the northernmost room, such improvements understood to likely be irretrievable and the exact amount subject to the approval of the KidSpace Committee (in consultation with the Treasurer). Consensed.