June 2014

Minutes from the Ritual for Business on June 28, 2014

In attendance: David, Kimberly, Barbara, Lizzy, Jan, Leo, Jamie, Kit, John, Scot, Kitty

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Roles – David as Parliamentarian, Leo as Vibes Watcher, Kit as Devil's Advocate, and Kimberly holds the Non Sequitur wand.
  3. Chalice Lighting - Barbara
  4. Minutes – approved as read, including corrections to the list of attendees.
  5. Treasurer's Report - $4,332.16 in the main fund, $1668.71 in the KidSpace account, and $523.56 for Home Fund.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. KidSpace – Linda arranged a field trip to the Nelson Atkins museum this month which went well. There will be no KidSpace coverage from the Boyces on July 20th, but Kit thinks he can cover that day. The topic for the adults that day is Ogham – David will get some materials over there.
    2. Ritual Teams – God Auction is fully staffed, and there will be a visit to All Souls right after RFB to check tech and see the space.
    3. Communications – EH has gone out to the Greeter's Table, website, and FB for Summer Solstice, on time and under budget. It still needs to go to the shops. Website had a brief glitch in uptime yesterday.
    4. Social Justice – three potential projects are in the pipeline, one for each candidate of the God Auction.
    5. Membership – no change from last month. We did have three new visitors last week.
    6. Welcoming – the Interfaith Pride Service was last week; we were invited to speak as one of the 'how does your faith support GLBT folks' portion. It was a lovely service, and we have already gotten one visitor from that, as well as some other interest.
    7. NomCom – no vacancies have been reported.
    8. LLC – Vicky has left town for Massachusetts; her sister Rose is in town and has Power of Attorney to represent her. The loan for the “April house” fell through; Vicky has suggested it as a charitable/outreach opportunity, where someone could take on ownership of that house and keep the renter there for low rent, no profit, etc. Regina had apparently indebted the LLC for the next two-three years for a network connection (landline, wifi, and cable television). TWC is of the opinion that it is a valid contract, regardless of the fact that Regina actually didn't have legal authority to sign contracts for the LLC. David was of the opinion that it would be cheaper in the long run to break the contract and pay the penalty. Barbara is not entirely certain whether Vicky has solved that problem yet. Regina also indebted Ubuntu Village for a security system contract that was not being paid, but bills are now coming for that and are being addressed.
      The HVAC contractor came out and repaired/replaced some wiring that they said was vandalized (though no one from this group actually saw the cut wires). They sent a bill for that as well.
      Regina is out of the building, though as far as we can tell the cafe and the daycare are still present and operating, though they are not here today.
      Barbara brought a written summary of dealings with Ubuntu Village so far, and a written proposal to accept $6000 for the 6 non-voting shares, and renegotiate a LLC agreement that protects our rights as a minority owner in accordance with Missouri law, and a 6-month lease with the new realtor (Nitro) that would be as close as possible to our current lease. Kitty would continue to function as the Bookkeeper for the LLC. John is very concerned about the building getting insurance, as our renter's insurance through Church Mutual is contingent on having that umbrella coverage to cover things that do not belong to us, like the building. Barbara also feels that the building getting insurance is a strong priority, before something happens or any new tenants are signed on.
      Another option/variable would be to accept the $6k right now and leave with a $25k promissory note. Several people were of the opinion that that would be functionally identical to leaving and dropping our other $25k investment.
      Discussion followed, with the end result that Barbara will continue to negotiate our new lease to our advantage where possible.
    9. Neighborhood Liaison – David went to the June meeting; they held their elections, most everyone was reelected to the position they held before. Several people came up to him and expressed that they had heard something about us leaving the LLC.
      Barbara is concerned that Rosemary may not able to attend regularly. Lizzy said she would check with Rosemary. Jan said she would be willing to take on part of the relationship with the neighborhood, though not immediately.
    10. Site – All Souls continues to be crowded with events and activities, so we would have to modify our schedule right now. St. Mark's does not yet have their air conditioning installed for the room we would be using, but they are working on it. St. Mark's does not have a storage space for us currently. In either location we may need to change our Sunday operating ours back to 4-6.
    11. Stewardship – no report. Lizzy got her first Gaia t-shirt from spreadshirt! Leo suggested the possibility of running a crowdfunding campaign to help with some of the costs/liabilities that the Ubuntu Village (and Gaia) is incurring.
  7. Old Business
    1. Budget – changes from the proposal last month include a reduction in the overall KidSpace teachers funding (to 1.5, or 2 every other week), increasing the printing/newsletter funds again slightly, and pledges that have been made since then (and higher than last month's estimate). John observed that the estimate of costs for KidSpace teachers is incorrect, because their compensation is $20/week, not $40. He also asked that the line item for KidSpace supplies be increased/reinstated due to shortfalls. Kimberly corrected that in the calculations, and counterproposed to re-increase the compensation to $40, and run a donation drive to see what supplies can be obtained off-budget for KidSpace. Approved.