March 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 3/29/2015

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Kimberly, David, Rosemary, Jamie, Susi, Matt, Scot

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.
  2. Roles – Jan as Vibes Watcher, Susi as Parliamentarian, David as Devil's Advocate, Jamie as Non Sequitur.
  3. Chalice Lighting – performed.
  4. Minutes – approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's Report – John reported electronically that. Kimberly reported that the funds from GoFundMe campaign have not been withdrawn yet, so that is not reflected in John's report. The funds from the martial/magical class totaled about $240, mostly not in online presale tickets.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Stewardship – Kimberly reported that the fire escape fundraiser finished out at about $2,665 after one final donation. Zie has started setting up the eBay auction for donated items. Pledge Drive will start on April 12th, with Pledge Sunday ritual. Barbara thanked Kimberly for all of the service performed despite protest and abdication of the Chair.
      Rosemary suggested also having a physical garage sale this year; she volunteered their house for sometime in May (probably the 16th). They need to reduce their amount of stuff anyway before they move from that house. She will check with James to make sure that is okay, and we will start gathering volunteers and stuff.
    2. Membership – same situation as last month, there are some occasional attendees who aren't quite regular enough to hit up for a New Member Class. Matt opined that we could just cut out the middleman and ask people to join on their first visit!
    3. KidSpace – we had RT/Ronda's kids here for Spring Equinox, and Melissa's kids took part in the Ritual Trading Cards workshop. Barbara wants to confer with the rest of the committee.
    4. Ritual Teams – rituals are scheduled through the first part of August; the last part of that cycle kind of runs itself due to all the Old/New Patron stuff. EiR student rituals are worked into that schedule, though their final will be later in August or maybe the start of September. Soon we hope to have the Scrogums back as well, which will help add more people to the rotation. Devin may have to be a part-timer like Kit is, due to his work schedule/commute.
    5. Social Justice – 7 Gaians and a friend-of-a-friend took part in the Blue River Rescue this year, including Jay Loki who used to be a Gaia youth. James injured himself on a 3” locust thorn but will be fine in the long run. KCTV5 interviewed Susi and filmed us for their human interest piece; we felt like we made a big difference.
      Kimberly has been relaying the prompts and action items from Standing on the Side of Love's Climate Justice month to our FB group.
    6. Communications – EH came out last week. Jamie tried out making an event for the Penny Auction (same event as for nominations for Penny Auction, repurposed).
    7. NomCom – Elections will be in April.
    8. Welcoming – no report, nothing to note.
    9. Manheim Liaison – David spoke to the neighborhood, and they said that their elections will be in June, memberships renew in May, so there's no point in bothering to pay a prorated amount this spring. They held a meeting which had a lot of internal/structural business again, nothing of particular note for us.
    10. LLC Liaison – Kitty has paid the bills again, so nothing is in danger of being shut off. The March gas bill is $257, similar to the last couple of months. She did note that the tax returns need to reflect that loan payments are not deductible (only interest on a loan is, which we don't have). She needs to follow up with Vicky and see exactly what the situation is there, both for this year and last. Barbara said that having an LLC should mean that the tax liability stays with the corporation, not the individual owners.
  7. Old Business
    1. Storage – Barbara proposed to get full rental occupancy of the 'center' room upstairs (the one that lacks a door to the hallway) to use as lockable storage. Kimberly wanted to pay no more than what we paid last year for a storage unit, which was $67/month. Jamie was worried that we would lose the closets downstairs; the intention is to move the lesser-used things and those that should be locked up (many of which are now living in people's basements and garages) can go upstairs, so the downstairs closets can be used more efficiently. It is possible that if Kate wants to rent space for martial arts classes, she could use the closet-under-the-stairs to store her mats in.
      Proposed formally: renting the central room upstairs for no more than $65/month additional rent, and not giving up anything we currently have. Consensed.
  8. New Business
    1. Pagan Pride Day – David and Kimberly went to the first planning meeting for this year; a tentative date is scheduled for Sunday September 13th. We will not be doing the main ritual this year so someone else can have the chance, but we have offered our labyrinth, as well as to coordinate the Pagan Experience, which is an area at the event where learning and dialogue can happen. Matt went to last year's version, and will be a good resource for what worked and what didn't work in that experience. It will also involve some other people from outside our community as well, of course. Kimberly wants to also do something similar to what we did at Prairie Star District several years ago with themed altars.
      If anyone else wants to go to those meetings, we can pass on when and where they are.