May 2014

Minutes from the Ritual for Business on May 30, 2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Barbara, Scot, Jan, John, Jamie, Lizzy

  1. Agenda: approved.
  2. Roles: Kimberly as Non Sequitur, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Scot as Devil's Advocate, Jan as Vibes Watcher
  3. Chalice Lighting: Barbara
  4. Minutes: approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's Report - $1,684.71 for KS, $4,669.49 for the main account, and $523.56 in the Home Fund account. All of the Penny Auction change has been deposited, approximately $283.49. John reported that someone turned in some rolls of nickels that had pennies interspersed, for a glorious profit of about 16c. has received their check.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. KidSpace – KS continues to provide classes when there are kids. They are planning some field trips for the summer while we are in transition (Nelson Atkins, parks, etc). The Boyces have a family museum membership so they can get everyone in free, and occasionally get swag. Linda is planning a class for the God Auction candidates.
    2. Social Justice – no meeting in April due to illness. The last Oshun projects are completed ( and Blue River Rescue). David and Kimberly will take the leftovers from the Harvesters barrel over to their office, since they seem to be having trouble with the concept of picking up the barrel.
    3. Communications – the email redirects have been changed for the new Board, The next EH will be written around the 10th-15th, and Jamie really needs a blurb and a picture for the God Auction powers by then. Jamie fears that Kit has dropped his EH responsibilities, so she will probably take them over until she can find someone else to do them. Barbara suggested polling the membership to see if anyone goes to the shops we currently mail to.
      Kimberly noticed that FB has made a change to their Page/Group algorithm, where if you do not interact with them for a while, they will Unlike it for you! You can get around this by Subscribing to the Page or Group; we should promote and communicate that through FB and other means (in case we have already lost anyone).
      Jan observed that the calendar inserts for the brochures are out of date; Kimberly and Jamie can address that.
    4. Membership – not many new people, so no New Member Class currently. If that changes, we will approach people.
    5. Site – there has been no meeting recently. There is no forward movement right now; Donna Simon has been busy dealing with her wife's dramatic firing from the Catholic church. We need to finalize where we are going to jump, especially in light of summer coming and being able to have air conditioning. Jamie also suggested looking at Central Presbyterian Church.
    6. LLC – Vicky and Regina's relationship has deteriorated over the last month, following the usual pattern. The concept of the house under joint ownership getting a mortgage so that Vicky can pay us has not been mentioned again, though Vicky has mentioned again the possibility of us taking on the “Reggie house” down the street. Barbara and Jan have been working to try to get Regina and Vicky back on something like the same page, with mixed success. Vicky seems to be suspicious of anyone who wants to make profit in their ventures. However, she is still saying that she is committed to paying us for our stake in the LLC. Barbara needs to get all the old signed documents to Robin so that he can advise us intelligently.
    7. Neighborhood Liaison – Rosemary was not present to report anything.
    8. Welcoming – no meeting, no reported problems.
    9. Ritual Teams – RT has started the process of staffing and running God Auction (which will be at All Souls this year). Jan suggested pulling out the art panels and see if they would be of use to one of the teams.
    10. NomCom – no vacancies, no problems.
    11. Stewardship – Pledge Drive is almost entirely completed, with the exception of a few people who have been harder to get ahold of (but who we believe will pledge). Also four pledging units took advantage of Kimberly's new digital pledge card; that will be a resource for taking advantage of next year.
  7. New Business
    1. Budget – Kimberly presented the draft 2014-2015 budget, which is very similar to last year's. Pledges are up overall by $1200, which is great. Longest Night revenue has been adjusted downward to accommodate any changes that are made to it this year. KidSpace is still budgeted for two teachers per week, even though that hasn't been utilized lately, so that may represent some savings as the year goes. Dues to the MidAmerica Region have been proposed to reinclusion in the budget this year. Reinstating the UUA APF would have been cost-prohibitive for this year.