November 2015

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 11/28/2015

Present: Barbara, Jan, Jamie, David, Kimberly, Scot, Susi

  1. Chalice: Jamie lit the chalice.
  2. Roles: Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Kimberly as Non Sequitur, and Scot as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Agenda approved as presented.
  4. Minutes: approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's report: due to stuff beyond control, John was not present but emailed it in. $5991.12 in the General Fund, KidSpace has $468.71, and the Home Fund has $523.56. Church Mutual has given us a dividend check of $23. The UUA wants their dues, about $1500. Regional wants about $700. He also appears to be missing an offering collection, and John is looking for it. Jamie and Barbara will try to pin down what week that was and who might have collected it for him.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Kidspace — KidSpace continues to work on Sundays; Barbara donated a lamp for KidSpace's use upstairs. They are working on a Food Drive as a service project for Dammien. January 16th will be a Saturday work day at Harvesters; he wanted to know if that day would work for the rest of the community (it seems to). Jan wanted to know if we could get the overflow of food stuffed into the Harvesters barrel organized on a table or something so it's easier to offer up. That is a cool idea, but several people felt we should also work towards getting the mass of food to Harvesters for redistribution. David suggested that we set the food up temporarily for the next few weeks, but get it out the door soon! The Forest Avenue church around the corner has a shelter or kitchen or something, and might take our donations. David will check with them; Kimberly will check and see if St Mark's or wherever Colleen Simon is working now needs donations.
    2. Ritual Teams — we approved Matt and Susi onto Ritual Teams; that should allow us to have more three-person rituals again!
    3. Communications — EH has been printed and distributed, but Jamie forgot to attach it to the website. FB has changed how their photos are dimensioned/trimmed. More importantly, changing the time of an event no longer screws up the end date! The calendar on the website has been populated through Imbolc. Kimberly has acquired the curse of the Announcements being forgotten, and no one has complained; zie proposed that we could stop wasting paper and rely on our other methods of communication, until/unless someone complains. Consensed.
    4. Membership — still not a significant number of new folks to take the class; Shannon and Bobbi are possibilities for inquiry. Cathy Combs inquired about becoming a Full Active Member again; Kimberly believes that a pledge card has been turned in. Barbara and Jamie will get together about the responsibilities of the President, including recertification of members with the UUA.
      David reported that Greeter's Table is well-staffed through Imbolc.
    5. Social Justice — Erin mailed in a report: At the meeting tonight, we decided December 3 (a Thursday, 7:00) shall be the next try at a documentary day. Since food deserts seemed to really be a topic of interest, Erin is going to research a good documentary to watch on the subject. Katie is going to research local restaurants and grocery stores to compile a list of establishments that reduce waste through donating leftovers. Erin is doing legal research on the metropolitan area in order to compile a list of laws and fines (if any) for feeding the homeless/economically stressed.
      Also, Kimberly suggested replacing the sign Erin made in the window; it has suffered from condensation. We should replace it before the Yarn Bombing.
    6. Stewardship — no report.
    7. Welcoming — we meant to schedule some Sunday events that are Welcoming-focused, but didn't remember at the last scheduling cycle. David wants to do this in December.
    8. Site/LLC Liaison — the Oasis rent issue seems to have been resolved; their latest check has been cashed, and Seft has been communicating more regularly by email. He explicitly endorsed the method we are using of depositing our rent check directly into the UVN account. The north door key issue has not been resolved yet; Barbara thinks Danny has one, but hasn't heard back from him yet about that.
      Manheim Neighborhood Association met on November 14th; Seft was not there due to a family emergency (this may explain some of his distraction of late). There was some tension over a lack of written minutes for the last couple of months. However they were able to have a very frank and open discussion about the transparency issues, control and decentralization, etc. People seemed to feel better for having their concerns heard. No one seems to be able to produce a membership roster easily, including the treasurer! This may be a factor of the Historian being voted out this year, and information not being communicated forward to his successor.
    9. NomCom — John had made an agreement to be here this month to be reinstated as Treasurer, but his work schedule changed to full time and he was unable to make it; he now needs to ask for time off on Saturdays, because he's usually scheduled. Devin has offered to stand for Treasurer at the April election.
      Barbara mentioned that All Souls has utilized an 'Assistant Treasurer' position that is not a Board Member, does not have a vote, and is not term limited. That person/persons is able to assist a less-than-stellar Treasurer candidate.
  7. Old Business:
    1. Bellydancing — Etoile has cancelled classes for now due to low attendance. No hard feelings.
    2. Pretty Committee — Jamie proposed making this a Standing Committee, with the responsibility of both structural improvements and hospitality/cleaning duties. Consensed; everyone present (plus Erin) was interested in being on the committee, except David who will be happy to clean bathrooms rather than attend another committee meeting. Kimberly reported that Beth Leggett has offered to donate some large-format prints, but they will need framing. David pointed out that he has a very good coupon for framing through Michael's; if she can give us the dimensions we could order those before the prints actually arrive.