October 2015

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 10/24/2015

Present: Barbara, Jamie, Jan, Erin, Scot

  1. Roles: Jan, Vibes; Jamie, red tape; Scott, Devil's advocate, Erin, non sequitur
  2. Agenda: approved.
  3. Minutes: approved with minor amendments.
  4. Treasurer's report: There is no Treasurer's report this month.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Kidspace — Erin will take leadership on ordering interlocking floor tiles for the Kidspace room. Note that there has been no kidspace staff three times since last RFB; Barbara covered two weeks and families saw the post and kept their kids home last week.
    2. Ritual Teams — RT will meet on Monday November 2 instead of Thursday to accommodate David, Kimberly, Barbara and Jamie's schedule. Matt & Susi have graduated and applied to Teams and their interview team is Kitty, Erin and Barbara, who hope to interview them before the November 2 meeting.
    3. Communications — The Earth Healer needs to go out tomorrow. Still need a blurb for Samhain which should be there tonight. The Belly Dance class will be announced by way of EH too, and the “prettification efforts”.
    4. Membership — At this time there are no people at the point of interest in the class. Several members have returned or increased attendance.
    5. Social Justice: held a meeting with 2 new attendees. The video night was not held since only the committee actually was present. SJ will solicit input on what people would like to do and when at an upcoming forum, before scheduling another movie night.
    6. Stewardship — no report
    7. Welcoming — no report
    8. Site/LLC Liaison — Since last month, Seft has communicated to Vicki that Oasis' June rent check “bounced” and that they had not paid rent since. Oasis responded with documentary proof that the June check was deposited into Seft's firm's bank account on July 22 and state that they mailed a $400 check in August for July through September which never cleared the bank. Oasis representative Isha has written a new $500 check to pay rent through October. She texted Seft to ask him to meet her to be given the check and Seft texted that he would. She texted him that she would give him the check at UVN on October 17th. Seft did not meet her on the 17th and she has texted him where she left the check for him within UVN. As of this date, he has not picked up the check. Vicki has not responded to the conflict between what Seft said and what Oasis said. There seems to be no evidence of new renters.
      No report on Manheim Neighborhood Association due to David not being present.
    9. NomCom: will arrange a meeting to determine what to do about the Board and Treasurer vacancy.
  6. Old Business:
    1. Bellydancing — we have arranged with Etoile Abet to rent under our auspices on Monday nights under the same agreement she previously had, which is a minimum of 50% of class donations but the rate would drop if her attendance increased. We need to plan for a member to open and close for her. November 2nd Kitty will do; November 9th, November 16 Jan will see if Etoile can pick her up, Barbara & Jan November 23, Jamie November 30, December 7th will be RT meeting and someone can come early. Jamie will ask Kit to help clean the donated refrigerator. We need someone to clean the bathrooms. Jamie will send out requests for assistance to the keyholders.
    2. Pretty Committee — it was suggested that we try to recruit some art to be displayed in the short term while we try to get together a couple of work days to fix up the walls, etc. Barbara will contact Susi to check on that idea. Probably also the Pretty Committee should meet.
  7. New Business:
    1. Keys — Erin needs a key as Board Member and RT member; Susi & Matt need keys as RT members, and Oasis has requested an additional key due to their growth. Also, we still do not have a key to the North door which represents a safety issue if we need to evacuate. As LLC liaison, Barbara will try to get a key to this door through Vicky.