September 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 9/26/2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Susi, Barbara, Jan, Erin, Rosemary

  1. Chalice Lighting – performed by Barbara
  2. Roles – Susi will be Non Sequitur, Jan as Vibes Watcher, Kimberly as Parliamentarian, David as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Agenda: – approved
  4. Minutes: – approved with minor changes
  5. Treasurer's Report: – no Treasurer at present, no report.
  6. Committees
    1. KidSpace – attendance by children has been pretty steady; Barbara spoke to the Boyces to ensure that they can still fulfill their obligations, they assured her that they could, though John will not be here this weekend, and possibly next. Kimberly has obtained a Goddess Coloring Book that has potential as a resource for KS, and will be passed on. The committee (in conjunction with RT) will need to do a little planning and manage expectations for having youths of various ages in ritual.
    2. Communications – Earth Healer has gone out on time. FB and the website appears to be behaving itself of late.
    3. Ritual Teams – rituals are scheduled through Imbolc. We added both Erin and Jan to the roster of ritualists. The EiR public ritual is tomorrow!
    4. Membership – David has scheduled the upcoming Greeter's Table roster through the end of of January 2016, to coincide with scheduled rituals.
    5. Social Justice – Erin has volunteered to be the chair. We have scheduled a documentary viewing for October 1st.
    6. Stewardship – we made about $400 at PPD selling items. Shauna's class went well, but in lieu of a cash donation we received several items she has made for sale. Kimberly has also recently learned that we have several visual artists in the community, so Kimberly will move forward with a plan for new shirt designs.
    7. Welcoming – we did not do a good job of specifically scheduling rituals that address Welcoming issues; we will remind RT to address it in whatever rituals are applicable. Susi is interested in getting into contact with the KC Coalition for Welcoming Ministries, which may work out better than David and Kimberly doing it, because she may be able to attend their luncheons rather than the infrequent evening meetings.
      H) NomCom – Barbara spoke to John about his Treasurer duties; he will come back to RfB in November. David will email him to get a written report on our bank balances and Barbara said she would make a statement from that if possible.
    8. Liaisons
      1. Interfaith – Linda was not present, no report.
      2. Manheim – David announced the September Games Night, and the documentary event, at their last meeting. They had an Ice Cream Social last month, 30 people attended. The professional audit was done and has been passed out to the membership and the internal audit committee. Their new budget is not ready to be presented yet. They are trying to pursue a community engagement liaison through a grant program, but the neighborhood will need to match $2,000 to qualify for it; there is some disagreement about whether the neighborhood actually wants that, pending more information about the job duties. There will be a community picnic on September 27th, coincidentally from 3-5pm.
      3. LLC – we continue to receive zero communication from Seft; Oasis has not had their last several rent checks cashed. Barbara has sent an ultimatum email to Seft asking for a copy of his agreement with Vicky, and is about to ask Vicky for it as well if he does not respond. The verbal agreement, before witnesses, was that he would get 10% of collected rents in exchange for services. Barbara asked that David remind her again about his email address.
  7. New Business
    1. Space Rentals – there has been an uptick in verbal and electronic interest in renting event space at Ubuntu Village. Etoile is interested in bringing her bellydance classes back, and there is a Wiccan group (associated with the Oasis) that wants to hold a meet-and-greet and possibly other classes. The Wiccan meet-and-greet has been scheduled. Michael Garner wants to have the ability to hold a monthly discussion group for Polyamorous Families; that would probably be on a weeknight. Kimberly thinks $50/month would be reasonable for that use. David suggested letting Michael try having one meeting first, which means we could make that ad hoc agreement, and then if he wants to keep doing it we'll need to go to Vicky/Seft. Consensed. Etoile said that her prior arrangement with Vicky was to pay Ubuntu Village half of the class fees collected, and Barbara is fine with reviving that. Consensed, with the same understanding. Kimberly recommended making a publicly viewable Google Calendar to coordinate events and schedules, which will also provide a little publicity for our events. Consensed. Kitty also passed on to Kimberly that the Drum Tribe is interested in coming back; they have been playing in the park over the summer, but the weather is about to turn on them (they are no longer using the building down at 55th & Troost). They would need to pay rent of some sort this time around; they were grandfathered in the first time around due to their assistance in cleaning out the building of all the junk. We don't know any details, though Jason Lichten might be the point person.
      In addition to visual artists, we have a sizable collection of musicians and singers whose talents are not being utilized very often; with the resurrection of Voices of Gaia, we might be able to get a monthly jam session going. Susi will put out some feelers in the community and see if we can fold that in as part of their activities, thus making it a sponsored Gaia event which would simplify the rental agreement (we could collect a tip jar).
    2. Pretty Committee – Kimberly wants to see the Pretty Committee resurrected, to continue work on the building. During last week's rainstorm there was water coming in around the pipe on the east wall, as well as a little bit in the window well on the same wall. Kimberly scraped away the paint damaged from the pipe-related leak, but it needs to be repainted. There is a fair amount of mildew at the foot of the wall, and near the back door. Barbara needs to contact Danny for his expertise; she will try to get him here tomorrow. Consensed, understanding that we may need to coordinate with Danny's schedule.
      Several people were also interested in tapping the visual artists to display their work in the front room and/or great room, and put them up for sale. Barbara and Susi will coordinate where work goes. Jan suggested finally getting the furring strips up, to ensure that things can be hung constructively. Consensed, so long as we can make sure we get a waiver in case anything gets damaged.
      Kimberly also wants to put the $400 raised at PPD (and up to $100 of additional general funds, if necessary) toward getting new LED lights and orchestrate getting them put in. We will need assistance/expertise from our electrical professionals (Devin, Scot, Danny, Jason, etc). Consensed.
      Kimberly will also inquire of Rane whether or not the desk in the front room is hers; if not, we should probably move it back into the 'storage room' and put the cleaning supplies in it, which would allow us to reclaim the card table.