April 2013

Ritual for Business Minutes – April 27, 2013
Started at 10:20 AM

In attendance: Rosemary, Lizzy, Devin, Erin, David, Kimberly, Scot, Barbara, Jan, Leo, Kit

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Erin for Non Sequitur, Barbara for Red Tape, Kit for Devil's Advocate, Leo for Vibes Watcher
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – GF is at $5442.82, KS is at $1667.84, Home is at $523.56. John has provided a list of eligible voters.
a. Kidspace – Nothing to report
b. Social Justice – Birds & Bees fundraiser starts tomorrow. Blue River Cleanup happened and we had 9 people. May's meeting will be in Lawrence, and June's meeting will be at Jamie's.
c. Communications – EH published last Sunday; some mailing needs to be finished. New brochure is being worked on. Penny Auction has a new software that makes it easier to put updates on the website.
d. Membership – thhpppbbbtt. Oh, wait no. There will be New Member classes starting May 19th, and we have at least 2, maybe 3 people signed up.
I. Library – Books!
e. Site – The Buyout happened! The current shares are now allocated as Gaia having 25 voting & 6 non-voting, Vicky holds 50 voting & 9 non-voting. The next step is to see what happens with the loan and get a plan together for the renovation. Kit is now advocating for a 1-room solution.
f. Welcoming – We had a meeting & reviewed our congregational action steps from when we got certified as a Welcoming Congregation. We identified that we are still achieving those standards.
g. Ritual Teams – We did critiques and are investigating Scot as another ritualist. God Auction is marching forward. See David if you're looking to apply to RT.
h. Caring – We care so much we are attacking each other with the talking ball.
i. Nominating Committee – Barbara needs to add another thing to the ballot, but she will handle that during elections
j. Stewardship – Pledge drive is proceeding apace. Pledge Sunday will be May 5, and we'd like to have all the cards in. We're about to start planning Longest Night Ball.
k. Liasons – The NA meetings have started doing breakout groups, which has made for more orderly meetings. There's a committee going for Neighborhood Revitalization. They're still not done revising their bylaws so they still haven't had an election. Dollar General has gone before the zoning council, who turned them down, so they've revised their plan to match what the NA wanted them to do in the first place.
V Old Business
A. Harvesters – Tabled more.
B. 501(c)3 – Kimberly is working on the paperwork, and has obtained the original articles of incorporation and corporate filings. Zie has most of the paperwork zie needs, and has an attorney who has offered to look over everything before it's turned in. There will be an expense, but we'll put it into next year's budget. As a fundraising initiative, Kimberly is offering to let people “buy” words into the application.
VII. New Business
A. Kinko's / printing – Kit would like us to get either a charge account with Kinko's, or alternatively, buy a printer that would do double-sided printing. It is proposed that we authorize a charge account at a convenient printing shop (pending research). Consensed.
B. Vote!

President – Kit Peters
Vice President – Scot Banes
Secretary – David Reynolds-Gier
Treasurer – Liz Ticer
Members-at-Large – Jan Wilner, Jamie Peters, Leo d'Entrement

Kimberly Reynolds-Gier
Susi Matthews
Rosemary Williams

LLC Rep – Kit Peters