December 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – December 22, 2012
Started at 10:25 AM

In attendance: Rosemary, Kit, Jamie, Kimberly, David, Lizzy, Jan, Barbara

.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
.II Role Assignment – Kimberly for Vibes Watcher, Barbara for Red Tape, Jamie for Non Sequitur, Kit for Devil's Advocate
.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
.IV Treasurer's Report – n/a
a. Kidspace – John & Linda are teaching. Barbara would ask us all to consider taking a class now and then so that they have a break to attend ritual once in a while.
b. Social Justice – We have a Harvester's Barrel now. Met this month; next project will be the usual beginning of the year Heifer Project drive. This year, it will be bees. Beeeeees!
c. Communications – Yahoo Groups problems have been fixed. EH got out to Gaia and the website, but Longest Night Ball has delayed mailings. We are looking at changing print locations for convenience.
d. Membership – Working on getting a New Member ritual up; Lizzy says we can work it into the healing ritual she's working on. Devin & Barbara have been doing a coffee cart thing on Sundays, which is quite popular. They could use some extra helpers. Jamie thinks we need to wrap this into a hospitality team, which would also be responsible for things like keeping toilet paper and soap available in the restrooms.
I. Library – Larry Hols has some books he'd like to donate, and Jan says she knows someone who has some materials to give as well.
e. Site/LLC – LLC has voted on several things. First, the preferences of Building Use is that we do an open floorplan with moveable walls. However, this option would cost at least $20,000 more than any other solution, and the LLC has decided on a two-room solution. Second, we voted to eliminate the resident caretaker position, and Bill does not want to go. Kit is going to talk to Bill today about leaving, but we may have to start eviction proceedings. Bill is not willing to accede to a partial buyout (though is appreciative of the spirit of our offer), and is holding out for a total. Interpersonal conflicts continue.
f. Welcoming – We maintain our status, and have had no complaints. We should have a meeting.
g. Ritual Teams – Titles are set up from Imbolc – Beltane, and we're getting slots filled. Next RT meeting is on January 1 at 7PM. We are perilously short-staffed, and Kimberly intends to talk to people who are qualified to join in, at least on a part-time basis.
h. Caring – the care, it shares.
i. Nominating Committee – Hard at work for getting nominations for April!
j. Stewardship – So we had this Ball last night. We got somewhere close to 50 attendees, which is not the largest attendance we've ever had, but neither is it the smallest. Gross receipts are about $1400, out of which $750 paid for the space. We didn't lose money! Woo!
k. Liaisi Stuff – David & Rosemary went to the Neighborhood Association meeting, which really wasn't a meeting so much as a Green Impact Zone awards ceremony. They didn't intend to have a December meeting, so we'll try the January meeting.
V Old Business
A. Bylaws – tabled to January
B. Date/Time Evaluation – We're kicking around some alternate RfB times; Communications is going to do some research and surveying and see what the best options are. In the meantime, we will stay with the current modified time unless and until a better proposal is brought forth. So this means that the next RfB will be January 26.
VII. New Business
None this month!