February 2013

(February) Ritual for Business Minutes – March 2, 2013
Started at 10:15 AM

In attendance: Rosemary, Jamie, Kit, John, Kimberly, David, Susi, Jan

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – John for Non Sequitur, Susi for Devil's Advocate, David for Vibes Watcher, Jamie for Red Tape
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – GF is at $11,380.32, KS is at $1,670.67, Home is at $523.63. Tax letters have all been sent out.
a. Kidspace – Coyote has rejoined the staff and will remain at least through summer. Due to space the nursery and elementary kids will be in one class, but with two teachers. The kids have started a section on Buddhism. Next unit will include the changing of the seasons & Wheel of the Year. At last week's ritual, a piece of art was broken by some of our kids; cost for replacing the glass will come out of the Kidspace fund, and the next KS lesson will be about respecting the space.
b. Social Justice – Did not meet last month due to a root canal, and so we practiced our social justice by not tormenting the committee member whose tooth had been violated. Next meeting will be in Lawrence; carpooling is available.
c. Communications – Facebook changed event creation again. We successfully communicated a variety of schedule changes (including Feb FNSC and RfB) using all channels. Next EH is due March 17.
d. Membership – Alyssa has officially joined the community. Jamie is currently tracking a couple of people who've been showing up lately. GT has had a few bumps, and could use more people. We are going to need someone to take over GT and coffee cart by this summer.
I. Library – Jamie needs to instruct Susi on Librarian duties. Jan has offered to serve as backup.
e. Site – The loan is still in limbo; the application is in, but we have not heard back. The water on the bathroom floors is apparently coming from a leaky drain upstairs, and the recent snowpocalypse is responsible for causing damage to our awning. It's not in danger of falling right away, but will need to be removed.
f. Welcoming – We still need to have a meeting, but there will definitely be some progamming between Beltane and Lammas.
g. Ritual Teams – Penny Auction nominations have started. Pantheacon was awesome, the drive sucked. We learned a lot of stuff. We'll talk about it more when Lizzy is here.
h. Caring – Jan has a copy of the community personnel (names, birthdays, etc) spreadsheet that Aubry worked up.
i. Nominating Committee – On track to assemble a slate for the Board next year, and is looking for volunteers for next year's NomCom. If anyone's interested in Board service or to be GA delegates, please contact Barbara.
j. Stewardship – We're starting pledge drive. Kimberly would like the current list of members & addresses. Gaia t-shirts are going to happen this year.
k. Liasons – The offer has been made to Bill ($6000 from Gaia, $9000 non-voting from Vicky), but he has not yet ruled on it one way or another. The eviction process is moving along, and we are in contact with a lawyer. Kit has attended some of the re-Visioning meetings, but will not be able to attend the next one. Jan has been at all of them.
V Old Business
A. Harvesters Thing – From Lizzy: It will be April before Travis can get us more information, so this is being tabled until then.

VII. New Business
A. 501(c)3 – We want to keep this on people's radar, as nobody seems to remember who was going to do this.