January 2013

Ritual for Business Minutes – January 26, 2013
Started at 10:15 AM

In attendance: Rosemary, Barbara, David, Kimberly, Jamie, Scot, John, Lizzy, Kit, Daniel, Jan, Susi, Erin, Devin

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Kimberly for Devil's Advocate, Barbara for Red Tape, Jamie for Non Sequitur, Erin for Vibes Watcher028.37
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – John has tax letters. General fund is at $11,932.13, Kidspace is at $1052.32, Home Fund $523.56. From Longest Night, we got a total of $1028.37. General yearlong and fiscal so-far numbers look good. A full 2012 & fiscal to-date report is available here.
a. Kidspace – We did the Kids' Ritual and have done some Social Justice things. We're looking at making Harvesters a regular (perhaps monthly) thing. Snacks are plentiful, and will let folks know when more are needed.
b. Social Justice – We have modified our Bees idea, adding in Birds, and there will be a rivalry of sorts. The next meeting with be the 2nd Tuesday of February at Andrew's.
c. Communications – Earth Healer will be done before bed tonight! Please let Jamie know if you have anything to insert. Website is doing OK.
d. Membership – We continue to person the Greeters' Table. There is a New Member Sunday coming up! Devin is seeking donations for the coffee cart (NOT cups).
I. Library – We need a library space. Susi is willing to step into the Librarian position.
e. Site – There's a visioning thing going on which is discussed more in depth in New Business. The LLC is applying for a loan to get the HVAC and renovations done in the amount of $250,000, and Vicky is independently cosigning. Pursuant to the elimination of the Caretaker position, we are proceeding with eviction proceedings against Bill.
f. Welcoming – Our Welcoming sign is in the window. We need to have a meeting.
g. Ritual Teams – 4 reps of RT helped install the new minister at All Souls'. Other than that, we proceed to continue apace, albeit understaffed. Some of our ritualists are going to Pantheacon.
h. Caring – We have warms!
i. Nominating Committee – No report to report. We'll get back to you.
j. Stewardship – Pledge drive starts at the end of February!
k. Liaisons – Due to the total crapton of challenges that landed, Linda stepped out of Interfaith Council. She's looking at returning in the spring, and in the meantime Barbara from Aquarius is currently serving in her stead. Neighborhood meeting was almost entirely focused on whether to bring in a Dollar General. David left before they came to a resolution.
V Old Business
A. Bylaws – Bylaws changes are approved.
B. RfB date/time – Proposed: now that the holidays are over, we let things continue as they are and see how it goes. More data is needed. Consensed.
VII. New Business
A. Reimbursement for space heaters – Jamie bought 5 space heaters for the building while we didn't have heat, and has not been reimbursed. The receipt was given to John. Proposal: That we reimburse the Peters' for the space heaters. Consensed.
B. Information
1. From John – Travis Marshal has been working with an acquaintance who is running a working food pantry associated with Harvesters. The church that was serving as the location has been becoming less friendly to the situation, because the organization leader has been providing food to people outside the church community. If the relationship falls apart, there is a tentative question about whether we could provide space for them. More research is required.
2. From David – There is a Visioning meeting going on this afternoon to address some of the tension that is cropping up between the LLC and the Circles. It will be a non-binding document. Kit intends to object to anything put forth as Vicky cannot be there, and he doesn't believe that it's appropriate to have such a meeting without all owners involved. We have some BIG problems with figuring out what the actual facts are regarding all the codes, finances, etc. There is no proposal here, just making people aware of what is going on.
C. Discussion about Buying Bill Out – This is not a proposal, just a temperature-taking. As previously stated, the LLC intends to evict Bill. Kit expects that, knowing Bill, this will be a long drawn-out process that will involve lawyers. His thought is that perhaps we can do an end run around the whole mess by offering to buy Bill out completely. Kit does not support buying him out for more than his original stake ($15,000), as Bill's work on the other side has no bearing on the LLC. In our previous conversation about that, we were able to pull together $6,000 from the community. The general feeling is that it's a nice idea, but we can't afford the whole shebang. If we can gather some other interested parties (perphaps Kutumba?), it might sashay into the realm of possibility.