January 2014

In attendance: Lizzy, Rosemary, Jamie, Kit, Kimberly, David, Scot, Carol, Aelbrecht, Eric, Cheryl, John, Kitty, Jan, Susi

  1. Approval of Agenda - approved, with the revision that we not have an open-ended discussion about "Where do we want to go from here?" during the meeting. That can be done after this meeting at lunch, or at Site Committee meetings.
  2. Roles - Scot as Devil’s advocate, David as Parliamentarian, Kimberly as Spatula Wielder, and Lizzy as Vibes Watcher.
  3. Approval of Minutes - approved
  4. Treasurer - General Fund has $5,151.15, KidSpace fund has $1,686.35, Home Fund has $523.56. All LNB income has been transferred and accounted for.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. KidSpace - they are in the process of cleaning up the mess left upstairs, and hope to be done on Sunday. Weekly necessaries will then be organized into a KidSpace-in-a-Box that can be moved around easily until we have a stable home again. There will be no Harvesters volunteer opportunity today, as Harvesters is well-and-truly booked up right now and through March. The next date will be announced when it is made known.
      Kit wondered if we could advertise our organized children’s religious education program more; John agreed with the sentiment but deferred it to those with more expertise. Lizzy said some of that came up in the Revisioning. Kimberly asked what the next unit or two will be; if those were known by Communications ahead of time, it could be included in the Earth Healer and other advertising we’re already doing.
    2. Social Justice - Several adults participated with the Harvesters outing last month, and sorted All The Bread ever (mostly rye). Our next project will be a brief fundraiser for Water.org, in honor of Oshun.
      The meeting has been moved from the second Tuesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the month; still at Jamie’s house at 7pm.
    3. Communications - the website continues to have brief and transitory errors due to the software being out of date, but overall it is running well. FB is as stable as it ever is. Earth Healer will go out tomorrow for the next mailing cycle, so if you have news get it to Jamie before the end of today.
      Kit acknowledged that he is having trouble getting the Earth Healer mailed out, so he is hoping to let someone take it over. Susi offered to help with the mailing portion.
      Kit also reiterated that the ritual teams are not communicating blurbs to Communications, so the announcements and the Earth Healer are often lacking in specifics.
    4. Membership - we have 30 active members currently; Jamie will reprint sheets for the greeter’s table this weekend. David got a reminder the other day that it is time for us to recertify membership with the UUA. Jamie will also reach out to Kara to see if her schedule allows her to take a modified NMC.
    5. LLC Liaison - Kit attended the LLC meeting on January 14th, and once again there was no real business taken care of. They may still be finding a best date for that meeting, but the next one is scheduled for February 11th. The loan paybook has been given to Kitty and she has scheduled automatic payments for the next year.
      Jan also reported that Regina is working with A.B. May to get an easement or other agreement so that we can utilize the fire escape out the back, as needed. They are also looking into getting a dumpster for the debris that has accumulated out back during renovations. The next project appears to be getting the bathrooms ADA-compliant, and then the front doors (which John said are on back order).
      Cheryl asked how Gaia Community specifically interacts with the loan... we are not directly responsible for it, but as part of the LLC we are responsible for our portion of course. Should there be shortfalls we would have to help, and the building is reportedly set as the collateral.
    6. Community Liaisons - January was Rosemary’s month, but she forgot so there is no report.
    7. Welcoming - no problems, no report.
    8. Ritual Teams - a slight change was made to the schedule, substituting an Energy Work workshop for the Lenormand Divination class that was going to be this Sunday.
      Susi asked about Excellence in Ritual; Kimberly explained that the class doesn’t work well with less than three students, so it is not being held this year unless there is a significant uptick in members who are interested. Ritual Teams can discuss other methods to share training and experience with people in a different format, however.
    9. Nom Com - no vacancies, no report. Next month they will start the work of arranging for elections to happen.
    10. Stewardship - no report, other than that Pledge Drive is coming soon.
    11. Site - the committee met last month; they are still looking into St. Mark’s and All Souls as emergency options, as well as the possibility of a longer term lease.
      Eric asked what the rent would be there; when we talked to St. Mark’s before, they floated $350-500/month, and All Souls would probably run us around $720/month.
      If anyone is aware of a space that would rent, they should communicate it to Lizzy as the head of Site Committee.
    12. Old Business
      1. Revisioning - the revisioning meeting happened as expected; the coordinator Cary was unable to be there due to illness. The end result was an extensive list of areas in which the Mission Covenant Statement could be improved or expanded, and one area of concern in particular: the “sustainable living in an urban and rural context” clause.
        In two weeks there will be another encounter with this topic, as the Sunday service on February 9th will be a forum to continue that discussion.
      2. Accept Buyout - Kit proposed that since Vickie has stated that our ownership is a hindrance to the mission of the LLC, and since we have rejected the offer of the house in exchange for our stake in the LLC, that we formally consense to “accept a buyout offer of $31K should that become available”. David suggested that we word it as “we formally agree to sell our stake in the Ubuntu Village LLC for $31,000 or the best offer we can negotiate.” Rosemary and Kitty asked that we set a floor or more guidance. Kit counteroffered the wording “if we receive an offer of $31,000 in exchange we accept it immediately; if a lower offer is made, the Board is empowered to consense on a different amount.” Kimberly suggested that we word it as “Gaia Community consenses to sell its stake in Ubuntu Village North LLC for financial remuneration to be agreed upon by the Board, with the expectation that we would prefer to recoup our $31,000 investment.” Group consensed to that final wording of the proposal. No time frame was put into the agreement, but if we need to revisit it we can. Site Committee wants to see what happens by the time the lease is up at the end of June.