October 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – October 13, 2012
Started at 9:50

In attendance: Kit, Jamie, Rosemary, Bill, Vicky, Barbara, Jan, Scot, Devin, Carol

.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
.II Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Barbara for Vibes Watcher, Devin for Red Tape, Scot for Devil's Advocate (Devin had to leave early; Red Tape went to Jamie, Non Sequitur was handed over to Jan)
.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
.IV Treasurer's Report – John is at RenFaire getting soaking wet.
a. Kidspace – Yay! We're back! The upstairs looks very shiny now. Barbara would like to hold a meeting of the Task Force for Safe Kids as soon as Linda is freed from Faire and come up with a proposal for how to maximize our kids' space. We are down one teacher & one child care worker, so we are looking for people who are willing.
b. Social Justice – Because of date weirdness, we have two meetings under our belt since last month's RfB. In Sept we met in Lawrence and decided to go ahead and give the God Auction food to Harvesters. There was also discussion about potential building projects. In Oct we met at Andrew's and discussed the possibility of getting a Harvesters Barrel for the space. We will need to get the Building Use circle's OK to leave the barrel out all the time. We also talked about changing our RfBs to accomodate someone going to the local Neighborhood Association meetings. This proposal will be brought to the Special RfB.
c. Communications – EH has gone out electronically, but not physically. Next one is going out on the 21st. We're going to need to do some more updating to the website to accommodate the meeting time change as well as updating the elections page.
d. Membership – Greeters Table is still peopled. Jamie has one person in New Member Class.
I. Library – It exists. A book cart or two would enable us to keep the books on-site, rather than in peoples' houses.
e. Site – We have a shiny new roof! It has 2 inches of high-density insulation. We have enough play in our inside ceiling space to add in more insulation. John Stamm has withdrawn his proposal, as he has decided that he needs to focus on his existing projects. The inner room attached to the Great Room has been cleaned out, and is now to be used only for table storage and items being used for current projects.
f. Welcoming – Nothing to report.
g. Ritual Teams – The closet is clean! Rules are in force; do not put anything into the closet without permission from someone from RT. Kidspace stuff has been moved to their own closet. There are empty slots on the ritual schedule.
h. Caring – * wuvs *
i. Nominating Committee – Nothing to report.
j. Stewardship – There has been some Longest Night discussion; there will be a proper meeting very very soon.
.V Old Business
A. Caretaker – Vicky listed the code issues involved in having a person living in the space, which are considerable. Bill listed out some of the things he's been doing for the space in the last few weeks, as well as his community advocacy, and stated that bringing the building up to code for residential is basically the same work necessary for bringing it to commercial or studio space. He also claims that he is not currently living in the building.
It is proposed that the issue be decided at a Special RfB to be held on October 27th once we can get input from an impartial party who can give us a clear idea of how the laws and codes apply in this situation. Consensed
B. Meeting Time – Tabled to November, and if nobody brings anything up at that RfB, it will be settled.
VII. New Business
A. Social Justice Proposal Re: RfB – Set to the Special RfB agenda.
B. Official Response to KCStar Article – There shall be a meeting of the minds to write a response and then.
C. Trustee-At-Large Position – We have a trustee who has gone into an automatic assumed resignation. We need to contact Cheryl and possibly nominate a new person for that position. Or more than one; we can have more than one of these positions. Scot and Jan have been brought forth as possible candidates.