March 2013

Ritual for Business Minutes – March 23, 2013
Started at 10:15AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Daniel, John, Kimberly, David, Kit, Jamie, Rosemary, Susi, Scot, Barbara, Jan, Erin, Devin

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Kimberly for Devil's Advocate, David for Red Tape, Jamie for Non Sequitur, Erin for Vibes Watcher
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – KS is at $1677.84, GF at $4,771.32 (the $6,000 drop is the check for the buyout), HF is at $523.56.
a. Kidspace – OWLS is likely to get going soon. Kids will be in the Bardic Circle ritual, and Kidspace had John make some phone calls, and Harvesters visits are planned for June, July, August, November, & December.
b. Social Justice – We had a meeting; Birds & Bees fundraiser will start at Beltane and run through Summer Solstice. Blue River Cleanup and an Ubuntu Cleanup Day are coming up (on the same day).
c. Communications – EH went out electronically yesterday.
d. Membership – Will be poking people about New Member class and poking other people about pledge drive. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE
I. Library – booksbooksbooksbooks
e. Site – 2 big issues happening with LLC, the loan & buyout. The loan is not going through in an amount to cover renovation; Vicky is working on getting at least the amount to cover HVAC. The renovation will have to be done ourselves. On the buyout, there is some disagreement as to the terms. Kit will be creating a summary of Bill's position and Vicky's position, with his own comments, and present that to the Board.
f. Welcoming – Meeting will be April 25.
g. Ritual Teams – Scheduled out through Lammas, and a closet cleanout will be happening this afternoon. God Auction nominees are closing, and it looks like we will have 12. We will be doing 3 deity finalists this year for various reasons. RT meeting is on April 1st, and this is not a joke! At Pantheacon, Lizzy, Daniel, David, and Kimberly attended a variety of rituals and talks, and some of this stuff will be coming to rituals near you!
h. Caring – Hugs for everyone!
i. Stewardship – Kimberly is happy to report that Lizzy will be taking over as Stewardship chair.
j. Liasons – Rosemary brought some information from the last Neighborhood Association meeting, mostly regarding the projects they are planning to kick into gear.
k. NomCom – Barbara has the slate. Elections are next month IN APRIL!
V Old Business
A. 501(c)3 – Kimberly has downloaded the 501(c)3 application, and has started looking over it. There is a large amount of documentation that we are going to have to gather for the process. Zie will be making a list.
B. Harvesters – Travis will be putting together a presentation.
VII. New Business
A. NomCom – Barbara would like to put forth a motion that we make an exception to the term limits such that John Boyce may continue to serve on the Board in the capacity as Treasurer. It was counterproposed that Lizzy take on the Treasurer hat, while John takes the title of Finance Committee Chair and keeps doing the job, while training Lizzy as a backup. Consensed.
B. Whiteboard – Kit wants to buy us a whiteboard. Consensed, but we'll see if the Kidspace white board will serve our purposes.