May 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on May 30, 2015

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Kimberly, David, Jamie, Erin, Gary, Susi, Rosemary

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved
  2. Roles – Kimberly will be Non Sequitur, Susi as Vibes Watcher, David as Parliamentarian, Barbara as Devil's Advocate
  3. Chalice Lighting – done by Jamie
  4. Minutes – approved as read with minor changes
  5. Treasurer's Report – not present
  6. New Business
    1. Budget – Kimberly presented the draft budget (attached), and reminded the few people who have not pledged to do so. Several people are expected to pledge (based on prior behavior) but have not completed a card, so those amounts are not reflected in this draft budget, to the tune of about $1600 shortfall. Therefore this budget is cut down to the bone, including removing any payment to the UUA or MidAmerica Region. If we paid them, it would be about $1,680 to the UUA and $672 to MidAmerica to pay them in full (based on 28 certified members). David proposed putting 25% of each amount into the budget, pending final pledge amounts. Barbara is concerned about the telephone being an expense that doesn't do us much good; we've gotten about 12 voice mails over the last year, and almost all of them have been people searching for charitable help (stranded in Topeka, stuck in a mental hospital, etc). Consensed to switch to a free Google-Voice-like system that we can forward to the Communications Chair.
      The Incorporation paperwork is a trivial amount; David thought it was $12 to update Missouri Secretary of State electronically, we no longer have to incorporate as a foreign corporation in Kansas. Kimberly will check on the exact amount with John.
      Jamie suggested removing the line-item for printing entirely, since she is not printing announcements through Kinko's anymore. Kimberly countersuggested to cut it in half, to $80. Consensed.
      Jan reminded us that there were $75 in membership dues for Manheim Park as well; added to the budget under the DUES section.
    2. Pagan Community Statement on the Environment – some of the leadership of CUUPS has drafted a statement that we have been invited to sign on to as a community (in addition to being able to do so as individuals, of course). We do not have the ability to amend or edit it. Kimberly proposed that we sign on as a community, and later decide what actions to take as a result of that. Consensed. Kitty wondered if we could send a letter to the editor; probably we could condense it down and send them something like a press release. Kimberly also suggested we delegate actions items about this statement to the Social Justice committee or a task force. Most people felt that it was a natural fit for Social Justice. Consensed.
  7. Committees
    1. Membership – not enough new attendees to take action of late. Greeter's Table is pretty stable and steady.
      1. Library – Rosemary has assembled another donation box of books for the library, as well as a 6' bookshelf. Kimberly thought that was a good question to send to the LLC/Site Liaison.
    2. KidSpace – John reported from afar that KidSpace is still paying the coordinator for curriculum, and one hour to the teacher even if no kids show up (two hours if they do).
    3. Ritual Teams – everything is going smoothly. God Auction is about to start gearing up, and Excellence in Ritual starts tomorrow. Next meeting is on Tuesday, and will be a titles/scheduling meeting.
    4. Social Justice – the last meeting covered the potential contenders in God Auction, and what projects might relate to them if they win in July. Also, Kimberly wants to revisit the idea of a Stuff Sharing Library for the community. Also Jamie wanted to talk about crafting a list of 'Gaia Community's Favorite Charities', based on what came out of the Online Ritual.
    5. Communications – Earth Healer will be coming out on June 14th, so get your material to Jamie so she can include it in the newsletter. FB has made events somewhat easier to use, but have still not fixed all of their bugs.
      Kimberly is doing a monthly blog post for CUUPS, so if anyone has suggestions for topics related to the community that you think we should brag about, send them to Kimberly.
    6. NomCom – no news right now.
    7. Welcoming – we were approached by the group doing the Interfaith Service for KC Pride, to bring a reading related to the nature of love. Susi is going to be there anyway, so she can be our representative. She welcomes suggestions for what that reading could be; Kitty mentioned that there may be a reading in Circle Round that applies. If you have suggestions send them to Susi quickly, since the service is this coming Wednesday at Central Presbyterian at 7pm. Jamie will share out an event for it.
    8. Manheim – they had a very orderly meeting, and made several bylaws changes, including some suggested by Bill. David paid the dues on behalf of Gaia Community.
    9. LLC – the LLC has let Nitro go from the property management job, and hired on Seft as the property manager for slightly more money (about $60/month more). That will make the budget very tight for the LLC. Vicky turned down the offer for us to rent the middle room upstairs, because of how rentable she sees that room as being (related to the two rooms on either side of it). Barbara agrees that this is probably the wisest decision financially for the LLC. Vicky does have a different room in mind upstairs that Barbara wants to look at after RfB.
      Vicky also wants to move the Oasis's altar out of the big room downstairs; when the curtains were up it was less bothersome but now it disturbs her. There is a possibility that they could move operations up to the southern room upstairs, once the fire escape is repaired and we are up to code for upstairs occupation. Vicky still has a belief that the space can be rented profitably in a piecewise, timeshare manner. Barbara believes that Ubuntu has become poisoned in the eyes of the artist community of Kansas City, for reasons that are not entirely unified in the court of public opinion.
      Vicky and Seft are in agreement that going forward, rents will need to be competitive with the midtown area.
      There are no decisions to make today regarding LLC, but there may be some coming soon, such as whether or not to give up the shared space rooms upstairs (while maintaining the same rent, since we now have climate control and a working roof, etc). Also whether there is another storage space we can use upstairs.
      Kitty reported that A.B. May next door is up for sale, and that will change the environment somewhat if and when someone else comes in there.
    10. Stewardship – the MidSummer fundraiser planning is going well, and it has been rolled out the public. Share away! It will be held at All Souls on June 27th.
      The Garage Sale went off pretty well despite the weather; it collected about $425.
      Also, GoFundMe has released the money to Gaia Community and we have paid (some of) it out to take care of paying for the fire escape repairs. Barbara pointed out that the money paid should not be configured as a loan to the LLC (which would open a tax liability), but instead as a leasehold for Gaia Community's ability to use the space.