September 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – September 10, 2011

Started at 9:50AM

In attendance: Devin, Erin, Rosemary, Barbara, Jamie, Kit, Cynthia, Cheryl

Approval of Agenda – We likes it
Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Barbara for Vibes Watcher, Cynthia for Devil's Advocate, Cheryl for Red Tape
Approval of Minutes – Approved with grammatical corrections.
Treasurer's Report – No treasurer today.

KidSpace – Meeting was had; there is a tenuous coverage for the entirety of Faire.
Social Justice – We're sure they're up to something good.
Communications – Still looking for someone to help with Sunday tasks. EH will be written & disseminated tomorrow & Monday. FedEx account number will be done tomorrow; this number will be made available to people on appropriate committees. People who use it should please let Jamie know when they do so that she can track things for accounting purposes.
Membership – We continue to have greeters' table, and we could always use more volunteers for the rotation.

Library – Books are awesome, read them.

Site – Devin is chair, and we have homework assignments. Meeting again on October 6 at Central Resource Library. Currently, we are researching potential move plans and getting the legwork done.
Welcoming – We need to get a new rep for KCCoWM to get back in the citywide loop.
Ritual Teams – RT had a meeting last week, in which titles were hashed out from Samhain to Imbolc. The list will be out on the greeters' table so that people who are interested can volunteer to help. The closet clean-out and move is currently a mystery which needs to soon be solved.
Caring – cares
Nominating Committee – Needs to find a new chair for stewardship.
Stewardship – E-mails have been sent out for Longest Night Ball helpers. Meeting times are still up in the air.

Old Business

A. Gaia Garage Sale – Took place over two days; one day was stormy, and the other was nice and people came to buy things, although Kit tried to chop off his finger. Totals came up to about $300. It suffered from the time of year, and it's also possible that it would be a good idea to do GGS every two years to allow time for the buildup of stuff. Stewardship will make a recommendation at budget time.
VI. New Business

A. Moving Devin's Mom's House – Devin's mom has two houses; stuff must be moved from one house to another by October 1st. She has offered up $400 to hire Gaia for the movings, though some might go to a U-Haul, though we might have another option. Strong backs are needed.