Article III — Membership

It is generally understood that all members should have an understanding of the history and current situation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). It is especially understood that our membership is open to ALL qualified persons regardless of race, color, sex, affectional or sexual orientation, age (except with regards to minimum age) or national origin.

III-A. Full Active Members
Any person aged eighteen (18) or older, may become a Full Active member of Gaia Community after meeting the following requirements:

  1. Person is willing to make a personal commitment to sharing their talents, resources, and their energy with fellow members of this Community;
  2. has completed the New Member Class;
  3. is in agreement with both the Mission-Covenant statement of Gaia Community and the Unitarian Universalist Principles;
  4. has signed the membership book;
  5. has made an annual financial contribution of record of no less than the cost incurred by the Community to maintain its full Fair Share (as addressed in Article IV below) plus the cost of the newsletter.

The business manager or, in the absence of a business manager, the Treasurer shall qualify the voting status of all members present prior to all business meetings. Any member is expected to be current with the Fair Share minimum anytime during the year in order to be eligible to contribute to the consensus process, including any calls to vote. Current means that the member has paid the pro-rated portion of the annual Fair Share minimum by that month's Ritual for Business.

Withdrawal of membership may be made by written request to the Secretary of the Community. Such notice shall be transmitted to the Board of Trustees.

III-B. Associate Members
Individuals aged fifteen (15) through seventeen (17) may become "Associate Members" upon fulfilling the requirements for Full Active Members. Such Associate Members will have full voting privileges and may be elected as a Trustee as described in Article VII-A. An Associate Member may not be elected as an Officer as described in Article VII-C.

III-C. Inactive Members
A member who for one year is voluntarily absent from all participation in the life of the Community may be ruled inactive, and in such case, may not vote at a meeting or serve as an elected Trustee or be included in the Community population count. The Committee of the Whole at its discretion may at any time strike names from the list of inactive members and adopt such rules as it may deem necessary with respect to the removal or suspension of any member on the inactive list.

III-D. Friend of Gaia
A Friend of Gaia is any person who is in general sympathy with the purposes, goals and programs of the Community and who makes a pledge or contribution of record thereto, but does not meet other requirements of Full Active Membership as described in Article III-A.