Article IX — Elections and Nominating Committee

IX-A. Elected Positions
The community's elected positions are a Board of Trustees as described in Article VII, a Nominating Committee as described in Section C below, Congregational Delegates to the UUA General Assembly, and the representative to Ubuntu Village LLC as described in VIII-D.

IX-B. Annual Elections
The Annual Election of the Community shall be held each year in the month of April at the regular Ritual for Business or at such time and place as shall be fixed by the Committee of the Whole. At this Ritual for Business, all eligible elected positions shall be filled by private ballot. The Officers of the Board, Delegates to General Assembly, Nominating Committee members, and the Representative to Ubuntu Village LLC shall run for election each year. Any Trustees of the Board who are not Officers shall serve two year terms.

Two separate ballots shall be used; the first will elect all Trustees, Nominating Committee members, and Delegates. The second shall elect all Officers and the Representative from those Trustees elected during the first ballot (as well as any Trustees with continuing terms).

IX-C. Nominating Committee Qualifications
The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least three (3) and no more than five (5) current Full Active members, of which one (1) may be an Associate member. No Officer may simultaneously hold a position on the Nominating Committee. Nominating Committee members shall serve for a term of one year. No member of the Nominating Committee may serve successive terms. In the event that any vacancy occurs on the Nominating Committee between Annual Elections, the Committee of the Whole shall appoint a person from among the eligible active members to fill the unexpired term.

IX-D. Nominating Committee Duties & Responsibilities
The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for contacting and recommending qualified candidates to stand for all elected positions, as well as conducting the Annual Election. The slate of nominees shall be prepared in time for inclusion in the Notice of the Annual Election. The Nominating Committee shall work throughout the year to gather information on the interests, abilities and talents of all Gaia Community members and friends and make this information available to help other non-elected committees fill open positions throughout the year.

IX-E. Additional Annual Election Rules
At the Annual Election, nominations may also be made from the floor. Absentee ballots received prior to the Annual Election shall be counted. Newly elected people shall assume their respective offices on May 1 following their election at the Annual Election, at which time their predecessors’ terms shall expire.