Article VIII — Committees

VIII-A. Establishment of Committees
The Committee of the Whole has the authority to charter whatever committees it determines are desirable for the smooth operation of the Community and the fulfillment of its vision and mission. Any three or more people wishing to compose a new committee may petition to the Committee of the Whole.

VIII-B. Committee Membership
Each committee shall determine its method of organization. Committees are expected to communicate their activities (preferably in the form of a written report) at least quarterly for inclusion in the minutes of a Ritual for Business and the monthly Community newsletter. Membership of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee and Ritual Teams Committee shall be open to all interested persons. The coordinator(s) and/or chairperson(s) and a majority of the members of each committee shall be current Full Active members of the Community.

VIII-C. Affiliated Organizations
Organizations whose activities and practices are consistent with those of the Community may be recognized by the Committee of the Whole as "Affiliated Organizations." Such organizations will be given special consideration and support by the Committee of the Whole. Any three (3) or more current Full Active and/or Associate Members may petition the Committee of the Whole to establish such an Affiliated Organization. Affiliation may be renewed annually, and the Board will have the authority to revoke affiliation of any organization which no longer fits the above guidelines at any time.

VIII-D. Representative to Ubuntu Village, LLC
A representative to Ubuntu Village LLC must be elected during the annual meeting, per Article IX-A. The position shall be elected from among the Trustees per Article IX-B, with the exception that they may not also be elected as the Treasurer. The representative may make decisions on behalf of the Community as part of the LLC insofar as those decisions do not violate these bylaws. Regular reports shall be made by the representative to the Committee of the Whole.