Article X — Ministry

X-A. Duties & Responsibilities
The Community shall have a lay ministry responsible for the quality of worship within the Community and the cultivation of the Community's stated mission(s). If at a future date, the Committee of the Whole wishes to move to a different model of Ministry, such a decision must be made at a Special Ritual for Business as designated in Article V-A-1.

X-B. Lay Ministry
This community is committed to lay ministry by trained ritualists. Additional persons may be chosen by ritualists to assist in ritual when needed, but this shall not be considered to imply or grant membership on the Ritual Teams Committee without fulfilling the requirements outlined in Article X-C.

X-C. Selection
All ritualists must be current Full Active Members, must have graduated the Excellence in Ritual class, and must be accepted by the Ritual Teams Committee in accordance with said Committee's Policies and Procedures.

X-D. Dismissal or Reinstatement
The dismissal or reinstatement of any Ritual Team member shall be in accordance with the Ritual Team Committee's Policies and Procedures.

X-E. Evaluation
The evaluation of all ritualists shall be performed annually by the Ritual Team Committee in accordance with said Committee's Policies and Procedures. In addition, the Ritual Team Committee shall seek the input of the Community.