KidSpace Universe

KidSpace is our Children's Religious Education program, serving everyone ages 0-17. While many of our Sunday rituals and events are intergenerational to one degree or another, most weeks we provide separate, age-appropriate education on a variety of topics in our upstairs classroom.

In all situations where children are not with their parents, the classes will have a pre-approved volunteer leader who has submitted to a background check, understands the curriculum and expectations of the job, as well as the stipulations of our community's values and our lease, and is compensated with a stipend for their time and trouble. We would like to see a variety of teachers from both inside and outside the community assist with this process, so if you know anyone who has the time and inclination to help out on Sunday afternoons, please let Linda (the KidSpace Coordinator) know.

Sprouts Class

Shoots Class

This is our second-youngest KidSpace class, generally aged 4-8. It sometimes combines classrooms with the Saplings class, if there are not enough students to justify splitting them out. During class, this group learns (among other things):

Saplings Class

This is our second-oldest KidSpace class, generally aged 8-12. It sometimes combines classrooms with the Shoots class if there are not enough students. During class, these students learn (among other things):

Trees Class

This is our oldest KidSpace class, generally aged 13 and up. These students are brought upstairs to participate in the main ritual when age-appropriate, but during their normal classes they learn (among many other things):

Volunteering for KidSpace

One of the many ways to volunteer at Gaia Community is to help teach Sunday classes in KidSpace, our Children's Religious Education program. Opportunities abound to help out; curricula are provided for most topics on the schedule, and a stipend of $40 ($20 for the nursery) is available for qualified and pre-approved teachers.

Requirements include:

  1. a background check for Missouri and/or Kansas, depending on where you live;
  2. ability to work with a group of 1-5 children for up to two hours, from 4-6pm on a Sunday;
  3. timeliness and cleanliness;
  4. no unresolved concerns from the KidSpace Committee or KidSpace Coordinator.

Interested individuals should get in touch with Linda on Sundays, or attend the KidSpace Committee meeting as they are announced.

KidSpace Wish List

KidSpace thrives on the generosity of our members and friends. The following items are sought to assist with projects for our young Gaians that will help them learn and grow.

Please feel free to bring items to a Sunday service or contact Linda, the KidSpace coordinator.

Permission Form

Permission for Gaia Community Kidspace Field Trip Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009 to Broadway Baptist Church, Faces of Jesus Exhibit

My child, _______________________, has my permission to travel by private car to Broadway Baptist to view the Faces of Jesus exhibit there of religious artwork. After seeing the exhibit, the children will be transported back to SMUUCH by private vehicle again.

_________________________ (parent/legal guardian of above written child)

_________________ (date)

________________ (emergency contact number)

This form must be given to Linda or another person on duty as KidSpace teacher - not just any random G.C. member will do!