Committees of Gaia Community

Much of the work of Gaia Community is done by a variety of committees. As described in Article VIII of our Bylaws, membership in almost all of these committees is open to anyone, whether or not they are a member of the community!

You can find more information about specific committees, including who to contact if you are want to get involved, click below.

Caring Committee

The Caring Committee is currently on hiatus. If you are interested in heading up the Caring Committee, please contact a member of Nominating Committee.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee handles the bulk of Gaia Community's information sharing, both within the congregation and to the larger community outside. Communications keeps up this website, publishes a newsletter at each High Holiday (the Earth Healer), creates weekly printed announcements, and designs and prints congregational brochures and other outreach tools. If you have a talent for writing, design, or website programming, and want to put it to work for the Communications Committee, please contact Jamie, the committee chair, at

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for assisting the Treasurer to prepare our annual budget, and to support the Treasurer in other tasks relating to collecting, accounting for, and spending Gaia Community's money. If you'd like to help out here, please contact John at or in person.

KidSpace Committee

The KidSpace Committee guides the development of KidSpace, our program for children and teens. They find and develop curriculum for Sunday programming, recruit volunteers to teach classes, and may also serve as teachers. The KidSpace Committee meets as needed. The current KidSpace Coordinator is Linda and the current committee chair is Barbara. If you are interested in serving on the committee, or in teaching a class for our youth, email, or look for someone with a red ribbon on their nametag at a Sunday service.

Membership Committee

If you want to become a member of Gaia Community, you'll want to talk to someone on the Membership Committee. They staff the Greeter's Table on Sundays and at other events, hold our New Member Classes, and keep up our Member Directory. If you're interested in joining Gaia, or in helping out with the tasks of the Membership Committee, email, or look for Barbara or Jamie at Sunday services -- they're the friendly folks with the yellow ribbons on their nametags. You can view the committee's policies and procedures here.

New Member Classes

Gaia Community's New Member Classes are held in two-three independent sessions. The classes are offered when interest is noted by a prospective new member.

The sessions cover the following topics:
History of the UUA and Gaia Community
All About Gaia (Mostly)
Mock Ritual for Business

If you would like to take the new member class, please contact Jamie at or simply look for her on Sunday!

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee (affectionately known as NomCom) has the special task of recruiting community members to serve on the Board of Trustees or as heads of other committees. The Nominating Committee is comprised of three to five full active members, who are chosen at our annual Board Elections, and who serve for a term of one year. If you are a full active member, and would like to serve on the Nominating Committee, email and let them know you're interested.

The NomCom members for 2016-2017 are Kit, Jamie, and Matt. The committee's policies and procedures can be viewed here.

Ritual Teams

Gaia Community's Ritual Teams are trained in performing high-quality public rituals on a regular basis for our community (and sometimes for others as well). Unlike most committees at Gaia Community, there are some pre-requisites to becoming a member of Ritual Teams (or ritualist). All members have gone through the Excellence in Ritual training course, and many have years of experience not only in presenting rituals at Gaia Community, but with a variety of personal traditions as well. All members of Ritual Teams must also be Full Active Members, paying at least a minimum monthly pledge.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Ritual Teams, please contact Kimberly or Jamie, the instructors for Excellence in Ritual, about attending the next class. If you are just interested in helping out with rituals that interest you from time to time, the committee welcomes that as well; there is a list of future rituals here. You can talk to ANY ritualist about being involved in rituals (they have a blue ribbon on their nametags), or specifically get in touch with David, the Ritual Teams Coordinator, at

Site Committee

The mission of the Site Committee is to interface with the other members of Ubuntu Village, LLC, the company that owns and operates the Ubuntu Village Community Center. Gaia owns shares in the LLC and is also a tenant of the LLC. The main liaison is Kit.

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee helps Gaia Community members to reach beyond our congregation and take action supporting our principles in the wider community and the world. Past projects of the Social Justice Committee include raising money for Heifer International, collecting holiday gifts for children receiving services through Jackson County Court-Appointed Special Advocates, sending care packages to pagan soldiers serving overseas, encouraging community members to volunteer for environmental stewardship activities, and fulfilling a wish list for Hope House, a local shelter for victims of domestic violence. Ongoing Social Justice activities include participating in the annual Blue River Rescue, and collecting donations of non-perishable food for Harvesters, a local food bank.

The Social Justice Committee is chaired by Erin, and meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month, at 7 p.m. If you would like to join the committee, or attend a meeting, email, or talk to Erin for more information.

Please note that as of January 11, 2012, the Social Justice Committee is also known as the Social Justice League of Justice (costumes not required, but no capes!).

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for helping Gaia Community grow and support itself. We coordinate the annual pledge drive, plan and put on fund-raising events, and help members and friends to find ways to volunteer within the community. Our annual events include the Longest Night Ball, a Spring garage sale, and the God Auction! We are always working to come up with new event ideas that will be fun and profitable.

The Stewardship Committee is chaired by Lizzy and is comprised of an ever-rotating group of awesome people who plan fundraising events. We meet often when gearing up for pledge drive and fundraisers. If you are interested in joining the committee, or helping with a specific event, send an email to