Earth Healer

The Earth Healer is Gaia Community's newsletter; published continuously on a monthly basis for over 100 issues! It is provided to all Gaia Community members, and is available online free-of-charge to all of our visitors and guests. You can also receive a one-year print subscription for $24.

Not all past issues are currently available online.

2003 Earth Healers

2004 Earth Healers

2005 Earth Healers

2006 Earth Healers

2007 Earth Healers

2008 Earth Healers

2009 Earth Healers

2010 Earth Healers

2011 Earth Healers

2012 Earth Healers

2013 Earth Healers

EarthHealerSpringEquinox2013.pdf207.21 KB
EarthHealerBeltane2013.pdf228.89 KB
EarthHealerSummerSolstice2013.pdf221.02 KB
EarthHealerLughnasadh2013.pdf230.85 KB
EarthHealerFallEquinox2013.pdf218.25 KB
EarthHealerSamhain2013.pdf187.6 KB
EarthHealerYule2013.pdf207.17 KB

2014 Earth Healers

EarthHealerSpringEquinox2014.pdf198.11 KB
EarthHealerLammas2014.pdf268.82 KB
EarthHealerSamhain2014.pdf302.19 KB
EarthHealerYule2014.pdf248.71 KB

2015 Earth Healers

EarthHealerSpringEquinox2015.pdf291.5 KB
EarthHealerSummerSolstice2015.pdf329.13 KB
EarthHealerLammas2015.pdf236.95 KB
EarthHealerAutumnEquinox2015.pdf1.15 MB

2016 Earth Healers

EarthHealerImbolc2016.pdf206.15 KB
EarthHealerBeltane2016.pdf231.54 KB
EarthHealerSummerSolstice2016.pdf2.24 MB
EarthHealerLughnasadh2016.pdf287.78 KB
EarthHealerAutumnEquinox2016.pdf266.73 KB
EarthHealerSamhain2016.pdf245.63 KB
EarthHealerJanuary2017.pdf468.27 KB

2017 Earth Healers

EarthHealerImbolc2017.pdf264.28 KB
EarthHealerOstara2017.pdf2.4 MB
EarthHealerBeltane2017.pdf227.61 KB