Ritual for Business Minutes

According to Article V of our Bylaws, "The main business of the Community shall be conducted at regular Rituals for Business by the Committee of the Whole."

This section of the website is an archive of minutes from these meetings starting with the May 2011 meeting. Previous meetings' minutes can be found in the issue of the Earth Healer that followed that meeting.

2011 Minutes

May 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes
May 2011

Started at 10:55

In attendance: Erin Scrogum, Kit Peters, Jamie Peters, David Reynolds-Gier, John Boyce, Linda Boyce, Kate Miller, Aubry Gabbard

I. Approval of Agenda – Approved.

II. Role Assignment – John—Red Tape, Kit—Vibes Watcher, Aubry-Devil's Advocate, Jamie-Non Sequiter

III. Approval of Minutes – Approved.

IV. Treasurer's Report – Kidspace fund sits at 1400.85. New Home fund sits at 24,157.90. There should be more soon. The penny collection has not been taken into account due to the massive amount of shiny!

V. Committee Reports
A. KidSpace – Kidspace is hoping to break a class out for the tweens. Kidspace is currently seeking two teachers. One for the nursery, one for the tweens on the first weekend of the month. Karen Lips is currently considering coming back to work with the nursery as her schedule allows.
-Until further notice, Kidspace is currently seeking a new committee head.

B. Social Justice – Social Justice is going to crawl First Friday in June looking for new projects. SJ would also like to work with Pagan Pride Day and its interfaith ritual.
-If you're interested in helping, contact one of the committee (Andrew, David, Aubry, etc.)

C. Communications – Jamie is now communications chair (with keys!); David had been doing it for a Loooooooonnnng time. David will continue to work with the e-list and be webmaster. Last week we discovered that listings on Witchvox were out of date; have since been updated. What it says we do is actually what we do now!

The weekly announcements will remain the same. The Earth Healer is about to undergo a major overhaul, however. There will be a weekly Wednesday email as directed by Vertical Response (a service that runs mass email for nonprofits that has worked with All Souls UU.) The advantage of using Vertical Response is that they make it simple and pretty. The email addresses that are currently on the Earth Healer list will be included, and a note will be on the Gaia UU Yahoo group asking for more emails. This week’s events at a glance—Online! Similar to the announcements except with links, additionally committee/community info that may've been too late for the Earth Healer.
Double-sided flyer used distributed to local shops/community spaces with visitors as a target audience. This would be put out on a high holiday to high holiday schedule.

Budget and election info will be special editions. Longest Night, God Auction and other fundraisers will be given premium space. RfB minutes will be available the Sunday after RfB, whenever possible. Kidspace will be invited to publicize at their own discretion; there will be a small blurb concerning what our RE program has to offer.

This will reduce paper (Caring for the earth!) and printing costs (& each other!) Communications committee is growing, but you should still come out for communication communicating. YAY!

D. Site – We're still meeting at SMUUCH.

E. Welcoming – We're still welcoming. :)

F. Ritual Teams – Ritual teams will be recruiting outside of ritualists pool after God Auction. We left Lammas out of the calendar, but this has since been fixed. God Auction quickly approaches. We have a pretty good handle on who is aspecting this year. However, if you would like to help, ask David how! We have laptops! :D

G. Membership- We have people interested in joining Gaia! New Member classes are still being scheduled; when scheduled they will be informed.
-Greeter's Table continues to be staffed, but could always use more staff.
-The Library continues to have books in need of reading, and Aubry continues to look for suggestions for books to enter/review.

H. Caring – Still cares.

I. Nominating Committee – Nominating Committee is looking for an enthusiastic Stewardship head. Ask us how!

J. Stewardship –
- Pledge Drive: Jamie has sent out requests for pledges and has acquired an estimate of both Prairie Star District dues($893) as well as current estimated pledges ($11,935) for the upcoming fiscal year.
-Expenses: Expenses, while frugal, come to $24,218. We still need to raise $6,353 in pledges to meet this.
-The UUA World: has been lost in a gap in the space/time continuum. This has been looked into, and is through no fault of Gaia's. We'll let you know if anyone finds it in their travels.
-Garage Sale: The Garage Sale has been postponed due to personal conflicts of the original host. Prospective dates include August, but we are still scouting for hosts. More info will be spread as it happens.

VI. Old Business
A. Women's Full Moon Covenant Group- During the March RfB, the presence of a representative from each covenant group was requested. Kate and Linda came to represent today. The Full Moon Covenant Group exists solely for the purpose of presenting monthly women's full moon rituals for the public, and 50% of their membership is Gaia members. It was reiterated that those 50% must be full active members (Kate took a pledge card).
-Their report reads as follows:
Women's Full Moon Covenant Group
Organized by Kate Miller and Linda Boyce
The Women's Full Moon Covenant Group plans and conducts Full Moon rituals on the Saturday closest to the full Moon, to celebrate the goddess both within and outwardly. These Rituals are open to all women in the general community regardless of spiritual or religious preferences. We consider a woman to be at least 13 years of ages, have achieved menarche and have the interest and maturity needed to attend a formal Ritual. In addition, transgender women are welcome.

These Rituals are offered to foster an opportunity for women of different faiths and paths to share spiritual community. Membership is open to any women who have an interest in creating Rituals for the greater community. There is no fee charged for attending a Ritual or joining the convent group. Ritualist experience is not necessary to join the covenant group. Love offerings to defray expenses are appreciated.

As members of Gaia we affirm and promote the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Purposes.
Gaia members in this covenant group include; Kelley Emmet, Kate Miller, Linda Boyce, Kerry Smith. In addition other Gaian women have attended the Rituals. Please check the calendar on Meetup.com for more specifics about upcoming rituals, or for more information about the Full Moon Covenant Group, contact Kate Miller or Linda Boyce.

  • In the last year we have averaged 10-16 women per Ritual. High Holiday Rituals have attendance well into the 20's.
  • We serve a wide variety of spiritual practices including; Pagan, Wicca, Christian, Pantheists, Jewish and many of undecided paths.
  • We frequently have new attendees who are new to the Path and/or have never attended a Ritual. We are proud to be able to share an alternative to traditional spiritual/religious groups.
  • Each Ritual allows an opportunity to share knowledge. We offer information on a goddess, an herb, a stone and often Celtic trees & the Ogham alphabet on our printed programs offered each month.
  • We have been fortunate to have shared our Rituals with other groups including; Kansas City Witches Meet up, Sacred Grove, Tarot & Oracle, Sacred Journey of the Goddess and Amethyst Dreams.
    We have also fostered relationships with many of the proprietors of Wicca and Pagan establishments and offer our support to this business community.
  • New attendees are informed of Gaia Community's offerings including; Sunday services and KidSpace and the donation of space for the monthly meetings.

VII. New Business
A. Longest Day Fundraiser-
- The Longest Day Committee met and made the following proposal:
Gaia Community will hold a Picnic and Fundraiser on Saturday, June 25th at Tomahawk Creek Recreation Area, at 103rd and Marty, in Overland Park, KS, from 5 to 8 pm —and add an hour to each end of the event for set up and tear down.

Said event will include the auction of dinner baskets, a silent auction, a bake sale, vendors, games, music and other events designed to create a fun carnival experience and raise money for Gaia Community.

Longest Day Committee will pay the City of Overland Park @20 an hour plus a $5 permit fee. Should the event have to be canceled, the City will refund all but the permit fee of $5.

Rental of the venue will be $105—needing to be paid in advance. $100 for the venue itself from 4pm-9pm on June 25 and $5 permit fee.

The Longest Day Committee requested an additional $195 from the general funds to pay for advertising, a DJ (maybe), and other needed expenses to produce The Longest Day picnic. Since this is a new event, we need to advertise.

We expect to sell tickets online as we do for Longest Night Ball online and the day of the event. The Longest Day Committee plans to seek donations of materials from businesses and community members.

A letter will need to be filed by the Longest Day Committee to the City of Overland Park re: any music stating what type (DJ, boombox, etc.) and times it will be played.

The CoW reached consensus that $300 would be moved from the Membership budget line to the Longest Day Committee.

B. General Assembly- Due to a fortunate openness of time and equally unfortunate lack of money, Aubry requested aid from the CoW to aid hir in General Assembly registration. The CoW consensed that $500 would be moved from the ritual teams conferences line for this cause.

What Can We Do For You?
Discussion on the recent lack of Sunday Attendance. Where do Gaians come from? Where are they leaving to go? How can we better satiate the spiritual needs of ourselves, our church, each other? What can we do for you?

June 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – June 11, 2011

Started at 9:55 AM

In attendance: Erin, Kit, Cynthia, David, Kimberly, Jamie, Rosemary, Barbara, Aubry, Darcy, John, Linda

I. Approval of Agenda – Agenda approved with corrections to spelling and nonsense. Budget will be presented with Treasurer's Report.

II. Role Assignment – Aubry for Non Sequitur, Barbara for Red Tape, Erin for Vibes Watcher, Kimberly for Vibes Watcher

III. Approval of Minutes – Approved w/corrections

IV. Treasurer's Report – General Fund – 6,789.57; Kidspace Fund – 1,431.85; New Home Fund – 24,158.09. Penny Auction funds haven't made it into the account yet due to a deceased bank coin counting machine. Longest Day refund will be sought from Overland Park; the project has died due to illness and uber-busyness, but the bones are in place for fleshing next year.

V. Committee Reports
A. KidSpace – In the process of trying to find a new committee head. Staff is in good shape at the moment, with some shuffling ideas in the works.

B. Social Justice – Information was put out about Zombie Walk; there will be a meeting this Tuesday at Andrew's place, so come and give us ideas! Or e-mail sj@gaiacommunity.org for any ideas, including ones that are potential new patron-based.

C. Communications – It occurred to the COW that we should test the phone number, so that was done; we'll get the test results in later. EH was out June 5. Working on getting Vertical Response to believe we qualify as a non-profit so we can use their e-mail stuff. Communications would like paragraphs & pictures for God Auction.

D. Membership – Looks like we're getting a couple of new members, as they're taking the class. Yay, new people! Half upside-down brochures are fixed.
Library – Aubry is using the Cue Cat to scan in more books.

E. Site – It has been brought up that should the need ever arise, we would likely be welcome at All Soul's. It's a potential avenue of exploration.

F. Welcoming – The bathroom signs have gone fishin'. We need new ones. Queer Allies is looking for more Queers and Allies.

G. Ritual Teams – There was an extremely efficient meeting last month, and the next set (3 months) of ritual cycle is completed. Need to move stuff from closet to storage space!

H. Caring – Leo is concerned about not doing a good enough job, and thinks that perhaps someone else would do a better job. Aubry is going to be involved in the committee, and would like to get together with other folks who are interested, so a meeting of the minds is in order.

I. Nominating Committee – Looking for Stewardship and Caring and Kidspace.

J. Stewardship – Still looking for a head! Please contact NomCom! (The budget is done, so it's safe now.) Longest Night task force is assembling now.

VI. Old Business
A. Budget – Currently we have 17 pledge cards for a total of 14,555; with fundraisers the total projected income is set at 21,305. Linda has taken a pay cut to drop the budget shortfall to a manageable level. Some trimming and adjustment has balanced the budget. Consensus!
See the budget here.

B. Update on Longest Day – Due to crazed circumstances with all involved, it is being set aside until next year. So there will be a party in 2012.

C. Aubry & GA – Money from the COW has made the trip possible, but Aubry and Darcy are still short some gas money. They are looking for donations, people to buy books, and odd jobs – dog walking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, whatever! Please!

D. Full Moon Covenant Group – If Kate returns a pledge card by July 1, the covenant group can continue. This will fulfill the two requirements: At least half of the group must be full active Gaia Community members, and The convener must be a full active members. Otherwise, the group will be subject to losing covenant group status.

VII. New Business:
A. Space Days – Being worked into the lease agreement are 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month, Longest Night (evening of Dec 17), 6 additional 4-hour floating blocks. Kimberly needs to set some EIR days; perhaps Sundays after ritual? It is believed to be workable, and will not eat our blocks.

July 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – July 9, 2011

Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Cynthia, Kit, Jamie, John, Linda, Rosemary, Aubry, Devin, Erin, David, Kimberly

I. Approval of Agenda – Approved

II. Role Assignment – Aubry for Devil's Advocate, Devin for Non Sequitur, Cynthia for Red Tape, and John for Vibes Watcher

III. Approval of Minutes – Approved

IV. Treasurer's Report – 738.93 in coins have gone into the General Fund, which is currently at 9.807.17; New Home 24,158.28; Kidspace 1,475.76. Our deposit is back from OP and back in funds. It was learned that annual insurance premium is less than budgeted, so there was much rejoicing.

V. Committee Reports
A. KidSpace – New committee head is Kate. Linda will be gone next weekend, and Dani will be filling in for her. Hoping to soon break the tweens into their own class.

B. Social Justice – Meeting in Lawrence @ Devin & Erin's on Tuesday. At last meeting, began discussion on developing a Facebook app for tracking Social Justice opportunities.

C. Communications – Minutes hard copies are now being kept at the Greeters' Table and they also live on the website. Jamie has an e-mail from Vonage that should let her into the phone account. Vertical Response was not satisfied with our Welcome to the UUA certificate. John is going to have to dig through the treasury's IRS files to dredge up something.

D. Membership – Alison finished NMC, so will be joining us at New Member Sunday. Susi's time has been very limited, so she may not be ready yet, but she is still quite interested. It has been requested that the Greeters put up the entire table every Sunday. Christopher will be manning GT during God Auction. The Attendance Sheet is shiny.
i. Library – Aubry has been talking up the Library to people.

E. Site – Currently undergoing restructuring.

F. Welcoming – New bathroom signs have been created.

G. Ritual Teams – Buried in God Auction, mostly, but had a teleconference meeting lately. (Ooooooo, technology!) Someone from CUUPS has asked us to help with a Midwest CUUPS Conference.

H. Caring – Aubry has e-mailed people saying, “I feel caring! Do you feel caring?” And they have replied, “We feel le tired!” It is agreed that people will feel less tired and more caring after God Auction is over.

I. Nominating Committee – There are coms that need to be nommed. There has been information gathered on what a perfect Stewardship chair would look like. The unicorn hunt is commencing.

J. Stewardship – Going to start working on Longest Night as of August 1st. Gaia Garage Sale will be the second weekend of August at Devin's parents' house, 7608 W 64th St, Overland Park, KS.

VI. Old Business
A. Lease News – Lease has been signed and all is well. A copy will be put onto the website for perusal in the members-only section. SMUUCH's rental schedule is pretty full this year, so we need to be careful to make sure that we are always using the correct room(s).

B. Full Moon Covenant Group issue – Kate has turned in a pledge card, so the group has been brought into compliance.

VII. New Business
A. General Assembly Report – There will be an in-depth report on July 17th. Budget covered registration and about half the gas required for the trip. 50th year anniversary was going on this year, so there was some looking back over what the UUA has done, both good and bad. There was a theme of mending relationships; between ministry and lay-led groups, between adults and youth, etc. Aubry is now on CUUPS's nominating committee. There is lots more for the presentation!

August 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – August 13, 2011

Started at 9:48 AM

In attendance: Erin, Kit, Cynthia, David, Rosemary, John

Approval of Agenda – Approved
Role Assignment – Cicadas as Vibes Watchers
Approval of Minutes – Approved
Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $9,192.22; New Home $24,158.49; Kidspace $1490.59. We may be looking at putting NHF into a Money Market account; John is going to look into the rates to see if it's worth it.

KidSpace – Classes have been introduced to Athena & Linda is going forward with the planning to have a full schedule of people to cover RenFaire. Looking at after RenFaire splitting tweens out. It could be a week-to-week split depending on attendance.
Social Justice – Did meet, but no progress on Facebook app as folks have been busy. It is still in planning, but there is no timeline, as there is a learning curve involved. Meetings alternating every other month between Andrew's and Erin's.
Communications – John has been receiving e-mails from Vonage that are transcripts of calls coming into the phone line, but no other updates are available. We do now have a tracking account with FedEx/Kinko's. It has been suggested that we put things like our IRS documents and such up into a board-restricted section of the website. Jamie is asking for help with some of her communications duties. Also, some of the Earth Healers are going to start going out in the mail to their destinations.
Membership – Alison did not sign the book, as she is out of town. We need to look for another opportunity for a New Member Sunday. If you have questions for Membership, ask Barbara or Devin.

Library – We has the books.

Site – Still restructuring. David has some information about foreclosure land sales in Jackson County.
Welcoming – The little airplane welcomed us.
Ritual Teams – God Auction happened! Everything seemed to go well.
Caring – The cicadas care!
Nominating Committee – MIA
Stewardship – Longest Night work will commence soon.

Old Business


New Business


September 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – September 10, 2011

Started at 9:50AM

In attendance: Devin, Erin, Rosemary, Barbara, Jamie, Kit, Cynthia, Cheryl

Approval of Agenda – We likes it
Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Barbara for Vibes Watcher, Cynthia for Devil's Advocate, Cheryl for Red Tape
Approval of Minutes – Approved with grammatical corrections.
Treasurer's Report – No treasurer today.

KidSpace – Meeting was had; there is a tenuous coverage for the entirety of Faire.
Social Justice – We're sure they're up to something good.
Communications – Still looking for someone to help with Sunday tasks. EH will be written & disseminated tomorrow & Monday. FedEx account number will be done tomorrow; this number will be made available to people on appropriate committees. People who use it should please let Jamie know when they do so that she can track things for accounting purposes.
Membership – We continue to have greeters' table, and we could always use more volunteers for the rotation.

Library – Books are awesome, read them.

Site – Devin is chair, and we have homework assignments. Meeting again on October 6 at Central Resource Library. Currently, we are researching potential move plans and getting the legwork done.
Welcoming – We need to get a new rep for KCCoWM to get back in the citywide loop.
Ritual Teams – RT had a meeting last week, in which titles were hashed out from Samhain to Imbolc. The list will be out on the greeters' table so that people who are interested can volunteer to help. The closet clean-out and move is currently a mystery which needs to soon be solved.
Caring – cares
Nominating Committee – Needs to find a new chair for stewardship.
Stewardship – E-mails have been sent out for Longest Night Ball helpers. Meeting times are still up in the air.

Old Business

A. Gaia Garage Sale – Took place over two days; one day was stormy, and the other was nice and people came to buy things, although Kit tried to chop off his finger. Totals came up to about $300. It suffered from the time of year, and it's also possible that it would be a good idea to do GGS every two years to allow time for the buildup of stuff. Stewardship will make a recommendation at budget time.
VI. New Business

A. Moving Devin's Mom's House – Devin's mom has two houses; stuff must be moved from one house to another by October 1st. She has offered up $400 to hire Gaia for the movings, though some might go to a U-Haul, though we might have another option. Strong backs are needed.

October 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – October 8, 2011
Started at 10:00 AM

In attendance: Devin, Erin, Rosemary, David, Kimberly, Cynthia

We did not achieve quorum, so no business was conducted at this meeting. Only committee reports were given.

I. Committee Reports
a. KidSpace – Linda has been eaten by Faire. She will return.
b. Social Justice – No meeting this past month.
c. Communications – Jamie's been getting the newsletter out. Working on Longest Night Ball website.
d. Membership – Continues to staff the Greeters' Table. We can always use more people, though.
I. Library –
e. Site – Meeting on Thursday, found several locations we could buy outright. There are several excellent options; more will be gone over next Site committee meeting.
f. Welcoming – Bathroom signs are back!
g. Ritual Teams – Scheduled out through 1 Sunday after Imbolc. There's a group in NC interested in our EIR curriculum. There's also a congregation in SC looking to start a CUUPS chapter that may be interested in our methods later.
h. Caring – Hugs for everyone!
i. Nominating Committee – Still need to find a Stewardship chair.
j. Stewardship – Working on Longest Night Ball: steampunk victoriana is the theme this year.

November 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – November 12, 2011
Started at 9:50AM

In attendance: Erin, Devin, Rosemary, Linda, John, Cynthia, Jamie, Kit, Cheryl, David, Kimberly

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Jamie as Non Sequitur, Linda as Devil's Advocate, Kit as Vibes Watcher, Cynthia as Red Tape
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $10,413.18; New Home $24,159.08; Kidspace $1,544.33. Due to a bank error we had $200 more come in in October than originally thought; we also received a safety insurance refund check for $38. Church Mutual is suggesting that each congregation create an emergency plan and communicate it to their members. Regarding expiration of our nonprofit status, we have a pile of paperwork to fill out to get tax clearance before we can start on our reinstatement. We do at least now have our tax ID number.
a. KidSpace – Linda is back! There is much rejoicing. There have been a couple of new visitors; at least one will be a regular attendee. Saplings are starting their chapter on Elements. Trees are working on a service project to earn chalice pins. Trying to set up a field trip to Harvester's to see what happens to food once it's been donated (grown-ups will be welcome!). Next meeting will be Sunday, Nov 20 at 2PM at SMUUCh.
b. Social Justice – They had a meeting; next month's meeting will be at Andrew's. They are going to make a point of visiting Occupy KC on the 19th (meeting at Crown Center @ 1PM). They are in particular need of medical supplies, hand-warming packets, and foodstuffs. There is an upcoming forum to get some input from the community on what we want to see the committee focus on.
c. Communications – EH came out the same weekend as 1st quarter report cards, so it's a little behind schedule. It's printed, but not yet disseminated. Facebook has arbitrarily changed the times on our invites since DST ended. This is particularly odd, since the time changes don't actually seem to have anything to do with falling back. Kimberly has negotiated the labyrinthine torture chamber that is Facebook's bug reporting system; hopefully this will help. Also, our website went down for a couple of days as the hosting auto-bill credit card's expiration date changed.
d. Membership – Need to proposition new people about membership classes. Staffing for Greeter's Table continues to happen.
I. Library – Nothing of note to report.
e. Site – Met at Kit's house; talked more about Jackson County Land Trust, and Lizzie brought info about Wyandotte's Land Bank. While the former bases prices on tax value, the latter sells parcels for a flat $300 fee, but you must build within a year. Site continues to sort through parcels.
f. Welcoming – National Transgender Remembrance Day is on November 20. Also, Standing on the Side of Love is doing a web seminar coming up on December 7.
g. Ritual Teams – Everything seems to be trundling along on schedule. David Pollard (a UU CUUPS officer) would like to interview Gaia for the CUUPS podcast. Kimberly proposed to him a potential 2-person interview (her talking about EIR, the other discussing God Auction and the general workings of Gaia). It seems that those present believe that Kit would be an excellent candidate for the second.
h. Caring – Leo received an e-mail from Maria Snyder, a far-traveled former member. She is seeking to apply to UU seminary, and putting out some feelers about getting congregational sponsorship. (All sponsorship entails is a letter of good character, stating that they would be a good minister.) The general consensus is that we could consider it, but we'd like a chance to talk to her and reconnect if she's going to be in the area.
i. Nominating Committee – Still looking for Stewardship chair.
j. Stewardship – See above; we are a leaderless group, though, so still getting things done! Working on Longest Night. It is coming, and tickets are $20. There will be a costume contest and entertainment and tea sandwiches! There will be a few vendors and exhibitors, a raffle, and a nifty show and dancing and stuff and runon sentences. Oh, and a cordial tasting! www.longestnight.org
V Old Business – None
VII. New Business
A. Tree Service Project – The Trees are collecting donations of nonperishables and money for Harvester's. What they would like to do is come up with a donation match from the Kidspace account. Because it involves taking money from the KS account, it is being brought to RfB as a proposal. Kimberly brought up a concern to make sure at least some of the money in the account is protected so that one class doesn't go and drain the account that is shared between all classes, and suggests putting a cap on the match amount. It is thereby added to the proposal to cap the match at $300. Consensed and passed.
B. FedEx ? Charge – Kit would like to convert our current FedEx online account into a charge account, so that rather than doing an out-of-pocket reimbursement, it will be a direct charge to Gaia, so as to save some time and paperwork. It was brought up that if we do this, we should wait until our tax status is all worked out. There is also a concern that it is very easy for anyone to use the account, it should be run as a charge account (not direct debit) so that we can track the charges. It would be best to restrict who has access to the account, rather than anyone with the FedEx number. This will be tabled until our tax status is resolved, and we can work out what the terms and billing would be like.
C. Emergency Plan – Church Mutual says we should consider an emergency plan for various disasters and emergencies (fire, flood, zombie apocalypse, etc). At this time, we can likely copy most of SMUUCh's plan, since we'd be using the same building plan. Also, we may actually already have one in existence thanks to Lizzie, we just need to dig it up. It is proposed that further research (John & Linda volunteered) is required before a proposal be brought forth.

December 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – December 10, 2011
Started at 9:45AM

In attendance: Erin, Devin, John, Linda, Rosemary, Aubry, Kimberly, Jamie, Kit

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Kimberly for Non Sequitur, Jamie for Vibes Watcher, Kit for Devil's Advocate, Linda for Red Tape
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $9,908.77; New Home $24,159.27; Kidspace $1,635.89. Trees Harvesters' project generated $84.27 which will be matched by Kidspace account, as well as 168 items of food. Check order is out so that we can get more checks. As for our tax and nonprofit status, we are fully reinstated thanks to Cynthia's hard work.
V Committee Reports
a. KidSpace – Trees are mostly done with their project, save for the field trip. Saplings have been working with elements & directions. Trees & Saplings have been working together on Yule music. Still at three classrooms. One student has requested a chapter on altars, which will be scheduled for January. Committee met, and we spent $15 on curriculum books. Saturday, December 17, meet here at noon for the Harvesters' field trip. We are scheduled from 1-3 there.
b. Social Justice – Visited Occupy KC Liberty base camp, brought donations, Kit fixed a a generator, a wish list was attained. They're still out there for now, though we're not sure how they're going to cope with the oncoming winter. Emerald City is talking about opening up one of their buildings to the OKC movement.
c. Communications – Continues to lament the fact that Facebook events are no longer as visually prominent on the site as they used to be. EH will be written today, and with any luck will be at the church tomorrow. We are searching for a solution to the fact that getting to the Westport Post Office is a pain in the arse. For the moment, John's schedule is open enough that he can pick it up, so crisis is averted; he now has the key.
d. Membership – We continue to member and staff the Greeter's Table. The next New Member Class will not be unti after Longest Night Ball. That is all for the moment.
I. Library – We have one! If you need to use it, contact Aubry.
e. Site – All of our real good stuff is in New Business.
f. Welcoming – Tried to watch the Standing on the Side of Love webcast, but there were myriad technical difficulties. Apparently, there was a very interesting conversation, which can be accessed through our Facebook page.
g. Ritual Teams – Met & scheduled out Imbolc to Beltane. It's looking good and juicy. In more stories about how UU's + Technology = Fail, there was an interview with David Pollard, but it required two different calls that will be edited into something that sounds like it all happened at once. Or something.
h. Caring – If you are interested in offering input, contact Aubry! She'd love to have a meeting, but she's currently the only committee member, and it's hard to have a meeting with yourself.
i. Nominating Committee – We know who we're going to ask, but we're going to wait until after Longest Night to approach them.
j. Stewardship – Longest Night Ball is on the 17th! Buy your tickets!
VI Old Business
A. Emergency Preparedness Proposal – We propose at the moment to be allowed to have some more time to research and gather information. It is tabled until February to dodge the holiday madness.
VII. New Business
A. Preliminary Site Proposal – That the Committee of the Whole empower the Site Committee to meet with representatives of Emerald City Kansas City and Kutumba to discuss plans for the space at 4327 Troost;

That the members of the Site Committee arrange for a date when interested members of Gaia Community can tour the space;

That a task force headed up by Kimberly be formed to research the legality, insurability and feasibility of the community joining as a stakeholder in an LLC which will own 4327 Troost outright;


That the Site Committee present the committee of the Whole with a full report on the space at 4327 Troost as a possible new home at the January RfB.

Consensus was reached, and there was much rejoicing.

B. GKC Interfaith Council – They have contacted Barbara, and stated that they would like to have a Pagan representative. They meet once a month at All Souls, though we're not exactly sure when. Linda is interested.

2012 Minutes

January 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – January 14, 2012
Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Jamie, John, Linda, Kit, Cynthia, Rosemary, Kimberly, David, Aubry, Erin

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Lizzy for Devil's Advocate, Linda for Vibes Watcher, Cynthia for Red Tape
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved with minor corrections
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund, which is currently at $8,519.14; New Home $24,159.45; Kidspace $1,571.03. John is working on compiling information for tax letters. 2012 UUA dues have been paid. We made just shy of $1,000 on Longest Night Ball.
a. KidSpace – On the 17th, a group of grownups and kids departed for the depths of Harvester's. They got there, offloaded 138 lbs of food items along with $168-ish dollars, so thus we donated approximately 900 meals. Then for 3 hours they all sorted produce. (Ask John how much he loves green peppers.) There is a possibility for repeating the project next year, and perhaps for God Auction proceeds as well. Somewhere between 0 and 3 kids are about to earn their Chalice pins. There will be a children's ritual on February 5. In this will be a community acknowledgement of a 3-year-old, as she's a bit old for a baby blessing. January Kidspace meeting will not happen, so next meeting will be in February.
b. Social Justice – Met and came up with a couple of things that we want Social Justice to do to expand our works. There will be some beefing up of the Greeter's Table to communicate what's going on and offer a list of volunteer opportunities. The meetings are being repurposed a bit, and have every month include a special topic and activity of some sort. Also, there is a hat.
c. Communications – Announcements are doing well. We fell down on distributing the EH physical copies. Jamie promises to be better for the next issue. Facebook has fixed the event thingie, and this makes Jamie happy.
d. Membership – The Greeter's Table continues to be staffed, and the New Member Class continues to be in a holding pattern waiting for people to be interested. Darcy's school finally acknowledged that they received her internship paperwork, and they are pleased.
I. Library – Aubry says hi.
e. Site – Site met with Vicky (owner of 4327 Troost) and the member of Kutumba who is going to be putting in as an investor. There are currently back taxes on the property, and the bank that Vicky purchased did not process the foreclosure properly, and so while she owns the building and the property, she does not own the current “contents” of the building. The former owner of the day care is suing her for the contents, but we're not sure how that's going to shake out. They're fixing up one of the upstairs rooms as a live-in room for maintenance/security 24/7.
We would be looking at a dual status situation, as both owners and lessors. So while we be getting investment returns of an expected 5%, but we would also be paying rent that would go into the LLC resources for building improvement. The amount is not yet set, but Vicky asked us what we felt was fair, so it is up for negotiation. There are also grant opportunies in place from various sources for green improvement.
f. Welcoming – We continue to welcome people, working on Beltane being particularly welcoming this year.
g. Ritual Teams – Nothing particularly strenuous this month. EIR is likely going to be on Mondays, starting the first Monday of March. In February, we're going to start doing High Ritual clinics.
h. Caring – Aubry is going to post on the list and try and collect a committee so that she can have a meeting.
i. Nominating Committee – We still need a Stewardship head. (Dryhten has politely declined.) Pretty please w/sugar on top? It's going to be time for Board compiling. Elections are in April!
j. Stewardship – As John reported, we made about $1000 profit at Longest Night. The next project is Pledge Drive.
??.V Old Business
A. Emergency Preparedness – Found out that SMUUCh has nothing. John and Linda are going to sit down and do a very basic one. They are currently working on the details.
B. Interfaith – Linda went to the meeting, and Barbara from Aquarius was there as well. The head has asked to meet with both in February. There is going to be a Summer Solstice public event, and Linda will disseminate information as it comes.
VII. New Business
A. Site Proposal – It is proposed that a Special RfB be called on February 18, time and location to be determined, contingent on getting salient pieces of information (operating expenses, insurance, background check & supervisor on maintenance guy, parking), to put forth the question of buying into the building on 4327 Troost. Consensed.
B. UUA Registration – Erin requested the information.

February 2012

These minutes have unfortunately been lost due to technical difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Special RfB February 2012

Special Ritual for Business Minutes – February 18, 2012

In attendance:
Gaia Folks: Rosemary Williams, Erin Scrogum, Devin Scrogum, Linda Boyce, John Boyce, Jamie Peters, Kit Peters, Susi Matthews, Thomas Shotwell, Larry Hols, Lizzy Ticer, Cynthia Cole, Aubry Gabbard, David Reynolds, Cheryl Stice, Eric Simpson, Scott Banes, Carol Banes (Barbara popped in later)
Emerald City Folks: Vicky Smith, Bill Drummond, Gill Warner, Diana Arganbright

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved with addition
??.II Words With Vicky – She has some concerns about the LLC, and about what impact we might have on the people of this community. She offered that perhaps we would be wise to dip our feet in slowly, lease for a while, and see if this is a community that we really wish to be part of.
A) Kit stated that part of our mission statement is to restore paganism to its rightful place of dignity in the family of the world's religions, and we can't do that by half-measures. It is his belief that if we rent this place, and we are strictly leasors, that we will not have that sense of ownership and membership that we need to participate in this community the way our mission covenant demands. It is for that reason that he believes that not despite Vicky's misgivings, but to honor and support those misgivings, if we commit to this place with our time, finances, and hearts, we can finally achieve what we set out to do when the community was first founded.
B) David stated that part-ownership will give us more investment into integrating into the community, and to show the locals who we really are.
C) Cynthia stated that it's not just about us, that we will be dealing with real life people, and that we should take Vicky's concerns into account, that if we are «forced down people's throats» as it were, it will make the work much more difficult.
i. Vicky, personally, says that she does welcome the challenges ahead.
D) Aubry's concerns are what sort of steps that we can take to realistically build those bridges?
i. Vicky's response: trust ourselves.
E) Jamie brought up the differences between a renter's and owner's investment in the community, and that the biggest thing we can do is have open doors so that people can see for themselves what we're all about
F) Susi, as a child, was part of a mixed-race congregation in a predominately black neighborhood. What they had was open doors, a place where people could come, but where people wouldn't put up with any crap. If we are not investing in a neighborhood with our money and our time, we're not in the right business.
G) Linda: Do you have the same concerns with Emerald City?
i. Vicky: Yes, though she sees several individuals out there and working to connect. We must be aware of the history and situation of the area and work within that framework.
H) Gill brought up the possibility of coming in with a lease with an option to buy, and that there are more ways to structure this than just a joint ownership LLC.
I) Thomas stated that he has the training and background to cross the boundaries that we are dealing with in this situation. He personally doesn't see a problem, as most of the people in the congregation already do exactly what's necessary every day, many without even realizing it.
J) After Susi brought us back to keep from getting ahead of ourselves, Erin brought us back to the question to Vicky of, what is she offering us? Vicky stated that she is willing to be part of the process, whatever the final decision is. What she has heard from us so far she finds very encouraging.

??.III Statement of Proposal (fully revised version)–
??.IV Questions – (Many more are already addressed in the Troost Questions Google Document.)
Is there a difference in the distinction between Ubuntu LLC and Ubuntu Community?
Is Ubuntu LLC completely separate from Emerald City?
Yes. There will be cooperation and cross-pollination between the two entities, rather like an overlapping Venn diagram. The connection is philosophical, but not legal.
Will we be able to maintain our status as a non-profit if we enter into the LLC?
Yes. The only thing we might have to worry about is some degree of tax liability.
Has anyone checked into whether we'd be eligible for UUA grants for space improvement when we don't own the space outright?
Not yet, but there is precedent in other UUA churches that are part-owners of their spaces.
Can we clarify the first paragraph in that we would be buying into as part owners of the building? As currently written, it could be perceived that it is merely being proposed as an investment.
Yes, and tis done.

??.V Concerns & Objections –
* Handicapped accessibility – There are plans in place to make one of the downstairs restrooms fully ADA compliant. As for upstairs, so long as we have the plan and ability to physically get someone up the stairs, it is an acceptable accomodation. Full elevator accessibility will be a goal for the future.
* Parking – There is a funeral home across the street that has offered us use of their parking lot (so long as we're nice), and we can negotiate with the owner of a parking area on the corner. There is also ample street parking. (The no parking signs on 4327's side of the street were put up for the pouring of the new sidewalks; they are expected to be removed soon. The building is also directly on a Max bus route.
* Green Space access – While we don't own the playground area, it is right there, and open to use so long as No Trespassing signs are not put up. There is also a set up ritual space at 42nd & Tracy owned by an Emerald City member and will be open to our use, as well as an empty lot on the corner that's owned by Habitat.
* Safety of People & Property – According to David, Mannheim Park (the area the building is located in) is one of the more functional neighborhoods in the urban core. This area has not had any issues with property maintenance in recent history. There has been a 26% drop in crime rate over the last year, which is the best improvement in the KC metro. The revitalization projects are bringing in a lot of activity and people, which is more eyes to watch for trouble. There is new lighting on Troost and all of the side streets, and the building is outfitted with a warehouse-level security system.
* Potential Loss of Membership – We have been told explicitly that there are a specific number of former members who will start coming again if we move to Troost. There is, at minumum, a 2 to 1 ratio of gain to loss from people who have stated their intents. The members with the longest commute have voiced their support for the move.
* Neighborhood Reaction (what if the locals flip out on us?) – That reaction is likely to hinge at least partly on how we comport and present ourselves. It's also a potential issue no matter where we go. This would be a great opportunity for Social Justice outreach, and perhaps we should consider forming a committee for community outreach. There's also a good possibility for starting a community interfaith discussion group (there is more religious diversity in this neighborhood than one might expect at first glance).
* Timeframe for Acceptable Access – So long as the A/C is up and running by July 1 (and given the other use desires for the space, it almost has to be), we can work with what's already here. Kidspace can use the day care space until their rooms are ready upstairs if necessary.
* Expectation of Participation in “Sweat Equity” – This is more than just work; some of us are better at serving in committee/circle capacity. We can also set aside some Gaia Sunday times for building work.
* Costs and Ongoing Expenses – We have a large number of skills available within our own membership, as well as a few people who are good at locating cheap/free materials. John has crunched the numbers, and our share of the utilities/ongoing expenses (figured at 25%) is considerably less than what we're prepared to pay in rent. Not all of the renovations have to be done at once, or even in the next couple of years, so the expenses can be spread out.

Consensus has been reached!

March 2012

Ritual for Business - March 10, 2012

In attendance: Erin, Lizzy, David, Kit, Jamie, Eric, Cheryl, Cynthia, Thomas, Katie

Approval of Agenda - consensed (and then changed later)
Roles - Kit as Vibes Watcher, Jamie as Non Sequitur, Lizzy as Red Tape, Cynthia as Devil’s Advocate.
Minutes - Rosemary was not in attendance but tried to send them to the email list which doesn’t accept attachments. We will probably just have to approve them next month.
KidSpace Report - in February, no KS meeting was held due to lack of attendance. They also did a social justice cleanup at South Lake Park and seeing the Harvester’s CANstruction display at Ward Parkway Mall. Plans for this Sunday are to go outside, but
Social Justice - talked about adopting a highway, either in KS or MO, and looked up the regulations. Another option would be adopting a street near our new home in KCMO, assuming that happens (that meeting was before the Special RfB). Also, Blue River Rescue is coming on March 31st! Signups started today, will continue tomorrow so hopefully we can get a more kid-friendly location this year. They’re usually good about assuming we are coming, but we should let them know.
Communications - Earth Healer is being finished this weekend - send info if you have anything you want included! We will start including the Use Circle groups so more people can come. Facebook and Website are up-to-date, and Facebook is treating events more rationally again. However they have changed the header’s for groups and we need to put some other images up there. Lizzy was interested in starting a GC Twitter account; she will get with someone who knows Twitter later.
Membership - New Member class is complete, with five new members coming April 1. Greeter’s Table is adequately staffed but is always accepting more people! It’s an easy way to get to know more people.
Welcome - everything is going smoothly as far as we’re aware. We are plotting to make non-gendered signs for the doors of the restrooms at 4327 Troost, with the ability to swap them out every so often.
Ritual Teams - Ritual titles are assigned through Lughnassadh. The space around May and June is fluid to account for the indecision about where we might be meeting. Excellence in Ritual has begun, with 6 students and 1 audit. There are at least 9 names in for the Penny Auction so far, with more being mailed.
Caring - despite being slow to start, Caring Committee is picking up steam. They have started a list of members and friends, with birthdays, interests, and whether or not they want to be contacted if they don’t show up for several weeks.
Library - the Cue Cat is still with Aubry, who is working on finding time to use it. The library contains over 700 books but has no current users.
Nom Com - ? of NomCom has met, which catches them up with when the earlier ? of NomCom had met. They have a slate for all of the board (pending one confirmation) and are still working on the General Assembly delegates and incoming NomCom. People were interested in finding if there would be competition for positions; right now there may be competition for Members at Large. If you’re interested in competition, you should run!
Stewardship - Pledge Drive and Pledge Sunday are coming! Work continues on those accordingly, but there is no specific report today.
Site - report pending. There was a question about the difference between “unanimous consent” and “consensus” for decision making. There was also concern that a requirement for unanimous consent would leave the LLC open to steeplejacking or otherwise iniquitous behavior. Most people in attendance suggested a supermajority requirement for ‘big’ decisions and a controlling interest/majority decision for normal decisions. We will forward that concern/idea to the LLC Circle.

Eric mentioned that after the Building Use circle, Bill talked about being an investor but not necessarily a member of the LLC. He will certainly be interested in getting his money back and getting out at some near point in the future. He was concerned about us being responsible for 50% of the bills, but that’s what an LLC prevents! Of course if we want the LLC to be sustainable, money will have to be found/obtained from renters from others.

Eric asked about whether or not Gaia will get to approve/disapprove the LLC agreement once it is finalized.

Cynthia asked about the Certificate of Occupancy - nothing has been formalized yet, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. The city just needs to see the space and sign off.

Building Care Circle is on Saturdays at 1:30pm. Building Use Circle is on Mondays at 6:15ish. All are open to anybody, but there’s no sense overloading the meetings with Gaia people.

Financial Circle is not particularly active yet. LLC Circle is ongoing between the various parties.

Revisited and clarified the rules for Special Rituals for Business, if we need to have one to consense on the LLC rules.

Old Business - nothing
New Business
Covenant Group Checkin - Women’s Full Moon group said they would not be able to present anything at this month’s meeting, so they are tabled. Craft Circle presented an update to include: Still meeting regularly, 9+ attendees at last meeting. Lizzy has large vinyl signs and foam core for Ritual Teams to use and for the use of Craft Circle.
Community Survey - Lizzy would like to propose a Community Survey to get a basis for space use related to Activities (Games Nite, FNSC, Movie Nights, Craft Circle, God Auction, Other stuff) and Services (Time/day of services, types of services, rituals, class/workshop, forum, SOS, other). Willing participants were established, group will review, specifically ritual teams input. Survey Monkey will be used with the potential for a paper version (which will then be put into Survey Monkey, for reporting purposes).
Move - we need to decide if we are going to move ON July 1, or before then, or what? SMUUCH is definitely not moving to their new site until October, so we will not have to move twice!
Troost Festival - April 28th; we should table! Ubuntu Village could probably table as well/alongside. A small task force of Jamie, David, and Thomas will look into it.
CUUPS proposal - Aubry has asked for help renewing her CUUPS membership so she can continue to serve on their Nominating Committee. She is asking for $25 from the budget to renew her membership. A member in attendance said they would donate the $25 out of pocket and save the group from having to consense on anything. Problem solved!

April 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – April 14, 2012
Started at 10:00 AM

In attendance: Erin, Rosemary, Kimberly, David, Lizzy, Jamie, Kit, Susi, (Cynthia via speakerphone)

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Lizzy for Red Tape, Kimberly for Devil's Advocate, Jamie for Non Sequitur, David for Vibes Watcher
??.III Elections! – Results are as follows: Lizzy Ticer is President, Kit Peters is Vice President, Rosemary Williams is Secretary, John Boyce is Treasurer.
Trustees: Cheryl Stice, Devin Scrogum, Jamie Peters
General Assembly Delegates: Gerri Lynn Baxter, Leo d'Entremont
Nominating Committee: Barbara Griggs, Cynthia Cole, Larry Hols, Linda Boyce
Upon the final election results, it was proposed that Jamie take office immediately so that we can achieve an on-site quorum and Cynthia can get off the phone. Consensus was reached, and Cynthia excused herself.
??.IV Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.V Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $7,973.23; New Home $24,310.04; Kidspace $1,603.94.
a. Kidspace – Temporarily, the two older classes have been combined while two of the teachers are in EIR. This will enrich our Kidspace classes by having three ritual-trained teachers downstairs. Current curriculum is going into creating altars and will turn to study of God Auction deities. We will continue w/ current social justice project of keeping the local lake cleaned up. Upon our move, we will be seeking a new nursery attendant and a new committee head.
b. Social Justice – Project coming on Beltane: a cash fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. Blue River Rescue had 6 Gaians attend. Still looking into an adopt-a-highway project, but we're probably looking at fall.
c. Communications – Facebook has re-borked events. If you're not an admin, you can only invite people who are friends with you, and even if you are an admin you have to do it one. Person. At a. Time. We expect this to stay stable for at least 3 ½ more days before they change it again. Earth Healer will be coming out next week.
d. Membership – We got new members! They all came to the ritual, and they're all doing stuff! We're also looking at the potentiality of getting some Gaia folks from way back in time to return upon our move. We can always use more people on the Greeter's Table.
I. Library – Moving on...
e. Site – Still negotiating LLC, but we're getting closer and working up a draft Operating Agreement, based on a shares system by investment amount. Bill is going to be an investor and participant in the LLC. We are considering offering Kutumba a share if their contributions total up close to $1000. We are starting to nail down Circles vs. LLC. There was a Visioning Party this past Saturday. The official vision statement hasn't been specifically worded yet, but the general sense is that we're all about encouraging diversity. We have also prioritized the work that needs to be done before and after the move-in. Also, we have a SIGN!
f. Welcoming – We will need to reconstitute the Welcoming Committee into the new space, and will be prepared for the new challenges and opportunites of our new neighborhood.
g. Ritual Teams – Eagerly awaiting the fresh fish from EIR. We're currently staffed out through May, and have a handful of empty slots in June. Students will begin to serve at the Athena ritual in May.
h. Caring – Continuing apace.
i. Nominating Committee – We had elections! They were awesome.
j. Stewardship – Pledge Drive is ongoing; we have had about 2/3 of our members pledge, and we're currently sitting at about $14,000 of pledge. The remaining expected members are not people who have historically large pledges, so this number is not going to shift a whole lot. We have, however, definitely already exceeded last year's pledge, and expect to present a draft budget at next month's RfB.
??.VI Old Business
A. Full Moon – Tabled
VII. New Business
A. Fingering the UUA – Kit proposes that this next budget, we remove the line item for the UUA program fund and not be a Fair Share member this coming year. David would like to amend that we also write them a letter explaining our reasoning behind it.
(i.e., they are not willing to assist us in our new space work, and so we need to focus on our local need rather than pay the UU dues.)
As a clarification, we are not required to make a monetary contribution to the UUA to maintain our UU designation.
There was a concern that there are not a large number of people here; it was brought up that this is really a proposal for something to be added into the proposed budget in a couple of months.
B. Site Committee – NomCom would like to propose that mission of Site Committee be redrafted as the liasoning with Ubuntu Village. Consensus!
C. Capital Campaign – It is proposed that we have a small capital campaign after Pledge Drive but before the move to buy a new air conditioning unit. There is a Friend of Gaia who will match the campaign up to $1500. Consensus!

May 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – May 12, 2012
Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Devin, Erin, John, Rosemary, Aubry, Kimberly, Kitty, Kit, Jamie

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Aubry for Vibes Watcher, Kimberly for Devil's Advocate, Devin for Red Tape, Erin for Non Sequitur
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $10,121.97; New Home $24,330.25; Kidspace $1624.94. Penny Auction brought in $508.70 and a few foreign coins materialized out of the aether. It was proposed that we move to authorize John to move enough money to cover our payment into the LLC plus enough to maintain an interest-bearing account into the New Home Fund. Consensed.
a. Kidspace – Kids have attended 2 intergen rituals in the last month, and participated in a park walk. There will be weekly lessons on the God Auction deities coming up, and they're hoping to look at a couple of field trips — on to the Nelson-Atkins, and one to the Overland Park Arboretum.
b. Social Justice – Project to benefit Planned Parenthood will run to the end of May. Attention will then turn to Harvester's.
c. Communications – Earth Healer has been slightly altered in shape. It is less blurb-focused now with big stuff on the front page and community-centered stuff on the back. Played around a bit with the website front page; there is less redundancy now. Calendar is up-to-date. FB is still weird, though it seems that the friend-only thing is time limited. After a certain amount of time, it invites everyone automatically. Or something. We're not really sure.
d. Membership – Continues to member the ship. There is going to be a community survey coming soon. Please point people who are inquiring about joining the community in the general direction of Jamie.
I. Library – Books are there and they haven't been destroyed by monkeys!
e. Site/Leaseship – Kit is working in the Building Care Circle, and David is working in the Building Use Circle. Work continues apace on 4237.
f. Welcoming – There will be a note on our sign that we are a welcoming congregation.
g. Ritual Teams – EIR class is over and everybody passed the midterm. They will be working on 5 upcoming rituals between now and July. RT happens and we continue to have rituals. Next meeting will be June 5.
h. Caring – They need a hug, and so have been slacking a bit. Feel free to contact them at caring@gaiacommunity.org if there's anything you need.
i. Nominating Committee – We just had elections, which was cool. They currently are tasked with finding Stewardship and Kidspace chairs.
j. Stewardship – Only three people left to turn in pledge cards. Capital campaign will be kicking off to raise money for at least one new air conditioning unit.
??.V Old Business
A. Survey – We started with the idea that we now have our own schedule so we can determine whether or not to meet at a different time and/or day. It extended into what other things people are interested in doing in the new space. If there's anything else people want to know that you can get good information out of a survey on, please send those ides to Kimberly and Lizzy.
B. Letter to the UUA – Tabled
C. Full Moon Group – They're not following us to the new space, and they're dropping off of our radar. It is proposed that, given that they have not made their required report and given that they have no desire to come with us to the new space, we formally revoke their covenant group status as of the end of this fiscal year. Consensed.
VII. New Business
A. Budget – Preliminary budget has been presented. There are still a few things up in the air; comments were made, and the final budget will be submitted at next month's RfB.
B. LLC Proposal – The full document is available on the Yahoo list and a couple of other places. Changes proposed at RfB are as follows:
4.1.a (4) & (5) should be moved to a 2/3 majority rather than a simple majority.
4.1.b (12) the threshold be lowered from $1,000 to $500.
We would like to add a section that states that the empowerment of the circles is in place as long as their operating procedures (which the circles will develop) align with the LLC. This should be reviewed at the annual LLC meetings.

Upon the changes implemented, there will be a final review by the executive committee, and the document will be signed. Consensed.

June 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – June 9, 2012
Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Linda, John, Rosemary, Aubry, Erin, Devin, Jamie, David, Kimberly, Kit, Thomas

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Erin for Vibes, Aubry for Devil's Advocate, Devin for Red Tape
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $8,722.39; New Home $25,530.44; Kidspace $1,630.81. Linda will likely be dipping into the Kidspace fund to get things like tables and chairs for the new Kidspace rooms.
a. Interfaith – Linda is official serving as the pagan rep to the Kansas City Interfaith thingie.
b. Rites of Passage – Barbara is officiating at a wedding on the 17th. The committee is aliiiiiiive!
c. Social Justice – It's summer, so attention is focused on Harvester's donations. There is a meeting on 6/12 at Andrew's.
d. Communications – FB will apparently let anybody make an event, not just members. The whole thing with invitations is just that FB is slow like snail. Jamie is working on making sure that Ubuntu Village has a website and FB page. EH will be out next week. Kit has started putting the announcements on the website and e-mailing the link out to the list.
e. Kidspace – Social Justice was rained out last Sunday. Field trips are still in generation stage. Linda is working on teaching coverage for RenFaire season.
f. Membership – One person would like to take the new member class, but one is not enough, so Jamie is going to hold the class until after the move and we more likely will have more folks interested. We can always use more people on the Greeter's Table.
I. Library – Aubry is adding five more books this week. The library still exists, and it still hasn't been eaten by monkeys! Or burned down by lemurs!
g. Site – Work day today!
h. Welcoming – We love you aaallllll.
i. Ritual Teams – God Auction approacheth. We will have use of stages, which is awesome; we are still finalizing the participant roster. Teams are scheduled out to Samhain.
j. Caring – Aubry is looking to finalize the Caring Committee contact spreadsheet. If Caring has not contacted you, you should contact them at caring@gaiacommunity.org
k. Nominating Committee – Now up to 3 committee heads that they need to seek; Caring, Stewardship, Kidspace.
l. Stewardship – John gave Kimberly an IRS letter, so we can apply for the fundraising stuff for the a/c capital campaign. We would like to raise enough money to get at least one (total needed by the building is five). A Friend of Gaia is willing to do a donation match of up to $1500. If we can raise more, even better. One a/c unit is about $3,000.
??.V Old Business
A. Budget – Kimberly has presented the revised budget. Consensus is reached.
B. Survey – Survey will go out this week!
C. Letter to UUA – Now that the budget is settled, we can craft the letter.
D. Letter to Moon Group – This will be sent out this month.
E. LLC ops – Kit made the changes, sent 'em to Lizzy, and it's all been signed. We. Are. IN.
VII. New Business
A. UUA Delegates – We do not currently have any active UUA Delegates, as the original two had to bow out. It doesn't look like we're going to be able to field delegates to GA this year. We consensed to not worry about it.
B. Interfaith – On June 24 at the Plaza Library from 2 - 4:30 PM there will be a Solstice celebration. There will be a drink reception, children's crafts, entertainment, etc. Linda proposes that we should have some of our brochures available, possibly with an insert that talks about solstice. They're also looking for some ushers, and Linda would like to have some of our older Kidspace kids. She believes that they will be done in time to get to Solstice ritual at 4. Consenus to let Linda see who she can wrangle.

July 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – July 14, 2012
Started at 9:48 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Kit, Jamie, Rosemary, John, Barbara, Devin, Thomas, Katie, Scot, David, Kimberly, Eric, Leo, Jan, Linda

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Barbara for Devil's Advocate, David for Red Tape, John for Non Sequitur, Kit for Vibes Watcher
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $6876.71; Home Fund $523.56; Kidspace $1,620.86.
a. Kidspace – Barbara is the new committee head, and Coyote is back teaching for the time being. This may be permanent depending on his class schedule. Curriculum is ensconced in God Auction. We are evaluating what KS social justice can do, and so we won't be doing it for a couple of months until we get worked out what we can do. We have more kids! We've picked up another baby, as well as a couple of ambulatory younglings.
b. Social Justice – Kimberly has been trying to get in contact with St. Mark's, but has not been able to have a conversation with them. We may need to hold the God Auction food proceeds until contact can be made. The next major SJ project will be determined after we know who our new patron is.
c. Communications – EH went out on time and website is getting SMUUCh references cleared out to keep from confusing people. UV has a Facebook page, and Jamie has parked out an address for a website.
d. Membership – We continue to member. Still working on gathering up a new member class. We are starting up a social hour before rituals, and membership will run it.
I. Library – We need to figure out where it's going to be.
e. Site – Electrical is fixed in preparation for getting A/C in. We need to have a blower test done, which can't be done until the windows are fixed. Kit needs someone to go to Building Care this afternoon as he cannot make it. Our closet door is going to be replaced, and we are also planning to replace the padlock with a deadbolt.
f. Welcoming – We're going to have a meeting in August.
g. Ritual Teams – We're getting ready for God Auction! Meeting will be August 6.
h. Caring – Needs to come together and have a meeting.
i. Nominating Committee – Kidspace has a chair now, yay! Stewardship and Caring both need chairs now, too. Oh, and now we need a new Librarian.
j. Stewardship – The bad news is that Kimberly's online vendor for running the capital campaign has disappeared, and she'll need to find a new one. The good news is that we've upped the associated match grant to $3,000! Wooooo! Barbara would like to be kept in the loop so that she can plug this in All Souls' newsletter.
k. Interfaith – The event on the 24th went well. Linda schmoozed and touched base with a few folks who used to attend back in the day, and were interested in coming back now that we've moved back into the area. The usherkids got to participate in the opening ceremonies with Tibetan singing bowls. Linda has also been asked to do PR for Interfaith, and may branch into doing some writing for the Star.
??.V Old Business
A. Letter to the UUA – Still percolating.
B. Congregational Survey – We have results! There's a link to it on both the Gaia website and Facebook page.
VII. New Business
A. Survey Proposals – 1) Kimberly proposed to phase out the Yahoo groups. Discussion occurred, and it was pointed out that we are still getting 2 new member requests a week and is more active than it looks. The proposal was rescinded.

2) Devin proposed that we move core service starting time to 3PM. It is agreed that we should circulate this proposal throughout the community at large and have resolution happen at August's RfB. Barbara proposed that we put it at the front of the agenda, instead of holding it until Old Business. Consensus that we will consense at the beginning of RfB.

B. Lease Review – Lizzie took us over the lease agreement. There is a copy up on the website.
C. Sign Proposal – Lizzie is working on researching the local ordinances for signage.
D. Letter to SMUUCh – Jamie would like us to send a letter to SMUUCh thanking them for landlording us for so many years. Consensed.
E. Information – First, John has done some preliminary research into the scouting groups in the area. There is no boy scout troop in this area, though three are relatively close. He needs to research more before bringing a proposal. Second, John's brother is the treasurer for a UU congregation in another state, and they were able to get some assistance in getting up solar panels. He's going to use that experience to figure out what we can do about solar panels here. Third, someone from Alabama popped up on Facebook with questions about CUUPS, our curriculum, etc.
F. Devin's Space Issues – Lack of A/C is leading to cranky children. This has been spoken to, as the unfortunate incident should not be repeated, but it has been pointed out that we need to make sure that our kids' needs for cool air will be met until we have our A/C fully installed.

August 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – August 11, 2012
Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Carol, Albrecht, Scot, Devin, Kit, Jamie, Rosemary, Linda, David, Kimberly, Barbara, Jan, John, Kitty

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – David as Red Tape, Devin as Non Sequitur, Kit as Vibes Watcher, Linda as Devil's Advocate
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $11,8XX.00 (pending deposit clearance); New Home $523.56; Kidspace $ 1,620.86. Last fiscal year's overage has yet to be moved into the Home Fund; John will take care of this soon.
a. Kidspace – Since our move, we have been able to do Kidspace twice in this building. We have not scheduled anyone to do nursery, as we do not currently have access to an air conditioned room for the babies. We are approaching the last week of arrangements with the library. Linda has a couple of field trips planned.
b. Social Justice – Working on the disposition of the God Auction food. Kimberly has names, but no contact info yet, of two churches in the area that run food bank programs. Kimberly hopes to get this stuff taken care of within the next week or so. Meeting is on Tuesday at Andrew's.
c. Communications – EH went out totally on time! Jamie & Kit have cleared all the SMUUCh references that made no sense from the website, amongst other edits. We currently have a page that states that we have some accessiblity issues, and the New Home Fund page has been adjusted to match our current status.
d. Membership – The Greeter's Table continues to be personed. We will have a real social hour once we have cool air in one form or another. We have 2 people interested in New Member class; Jamie would like to get it up to at least 3.
I. Library – Building Use should created a place for our library, to be combined in as a shared community library.
e. Site – Air conditioning! We wants it. The blower test has been done, and we are now waiting on the HVAC guy to get back to us. He's doing this stuff for us for super-cheap, so we're disinclined to be pushy about it. People who have keys: Devin, Kit, Jamie, Lizzy, Jan, Kitty, Rosemary, David/Kimberly, Boyces, Barbara. Bill currently owes Jamie back a key. Scot needs a key because he's been working on the electrical (there is a great deal of work that needs to be done). Jan lives very close to the building, and her contact information will be up on the ritualist wiki in case there's a need for emergency access.
f. Welcoming – We are still going to have a meeting in August. We're working on it.
g. Ritual Teams – We had a meeting! The big thing that came out is that there's a new closet policy. You can no longer just add random things to the closet at will. Temporary residential objects must be quick-cleared through a ritualist; permanent additions should be approved by RT or an RfB. Next meeting will be title generation: post-Samhain through Imbolc.
h. Caring – Committee still cares!
i. Nominating Committee – We need several new committee heads, so NomCom will arrange to have a meeting.
j. Stewardship – The whole online fundraising thing is proving to be problematic. It would make Kimberly's life much better if we could convene a task force to get 501(c)3 paperwork, because so many people won't believe that we're a religion without said paperwork. Linda, John, and Kit have volunteered; it is suggested that Cynthia be contacted as well, as she demonstrated wizardly powers at getting our status cleared up with the state of Missouri. Because we've had so much trouble getting the online fundraising up and going, Via went ahead and sent in her match check. The beginning of next month we will start working on Longest Night. Kimberly would like to pre-empt December Games Night in favor of having it on the actual Solstice so that we can have an End of the World Party. We have consensus on that mini-proposal.
k. Interfaith – Linda will be putting out information about the Table of Faiths Fundraiser. Gaia may want to look into being a sponsor; it's not cheap, but we'll get to have a presence there. It will be a vegetarian luncheon at the OP Convention Center on November 8.
??.V Old Business
A. Time Change Proposal – To move the start of ritual to 3PM starting September 2nd and splash it all over all of our various media. If there is a groundswell of objection, we can revisit it at either the September or October RfB. Consensed
VII. New Business
A. Kidspace Proposal the First – That Gaia Community rent two RE classrooms at All Souls UU Church each Sunday from 4PM to 6PM (or 3PM to 5PM with the new schedule), for the use of the Kidspace children and instructors, until safe and comfortable space can be made available at Ubuntu Village for Kidspace. The rental will cost $25 for each room, or $50 per week. This will give us access to fully equipped children's classrooms, one of which will be suitable for entertaining toddlers as appropriate. We will need to put down a $100 one-time, fully refundable damage deposit; Barbara Griggs will be held responsible for the security of the building during and after each rental period (as a member of All Souls) and will be responsible for opening and closing the building and setting the alarm system at closing, each Sunday that we rent. We will be subject to the usual rental agreement, but we can cancel at any time with no liability (assuming no damage to the property while under our care) beyond paying for the time we have actually used the building. This rental to be funded from the Gaia Community ordinary income. If we do this, Linda would like to have the parents drop their kids at All Souls on the designated days before coming on to Gaia. David could bring this to Building Use to pursue a rent variance of $100/mo, as we are not getting our full use from our space (this is in the next proposal below). This may not be as short-term an arrangement as we think, as apparently the heat upstairs is not currently in a functioning condition. This is far from a great proposal, but it's the best solution that we can come up with until we have things settled in our space. Consensed
B. Kidspace Proposal the Second – Linda would like to pursue getting a reduction in rent to cover the months we've already had to deal with not being able to use our Kidspace rooms. David's proposal is to get a reduction of $100/mo, which does not cover the full amount of what we'll be paying to All Souls, but should be enough to help. Consensed
C. Funneling Grants and/or Loans Through Gaia – Kit would like to propose that we, on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the Board, that Ubuntu Village be able to funnel grants and/or loans through Gaia Community where they are only available to non-profits. Lizzy pointed out that the for-profit cannot be a recipient, and that the non-profit must retain control of the monies in order to make this legal. Barbara has added that we cannot represent ourselves as a non-profit until we have our 501(c)3 paperwork. Linda has concerns with the idea of taking on debt and being on the hook for paying back a loan. Lizzy believes that we can invite UV to bring forth proposals case-by-case to our RfBs, but we definitely need to get our ducks properly rowed. This isn't so much table as set aside to be handled on that case-by-case basis.

September 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – September 8, 2012
Started at 9:50 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Jamie, Kit, Rosemary, Barbara, Devin, Scot, Daniel

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Lizzy for Red Tape, Devin for Devil's Advocate, Barbara for Vibes Watcher
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved with minor corrections
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $12,552.52; New Home $523.56; Kidspace $1,640.86.
a. Kidspace – Tomorrow will be the first day we use All Souls. Barbara has received a promise of a donation of several pieces of equipment for use in Kidspace.
b. Social Justice – Met at Andrew's in August & discussed stuff that we could get involved in. We would like to get with Emerald City on some of their construction projects. God Auction food is still to be donated, but it's on Jamie's to-do list.
c. Communications – Time change & Kidspace location change was broadcasted in every place we put information out ever. EH is due to go out next Sunday, so if you have stuff you would like in there, get it to Jamie. Jamie would like ritual blurbs for the website as soon as teams have them, preferably without having to pester the ritualists for them. We need to update the Yahoo Groups calendar with correct times/locations.
d. Membership – We are membering the ship. A New Member class will be forming soon, and Jamie will get some info up on that. Devin will be setting up the coffee cart next week.
I. Library – Books exist. Reading is cool.
e. Site – The big news is that the HVAC is still not in, because we've decided that instead of getting it sized for right now & what we have (which is really, horribly energy inefficient), we are instead going to work on improving the energy efficiency of the building a bit. The roof needs to be redone & insulated, and if we can get that done, it will drastically reduce the amount of heat we lose. We are looking at funding sources for this work. We need to paint the exterior walls, as we have some code violations from peeling paint. Lizzy had the chance to talk to Topher, who knows someone who does home theatre installations and has some equipment that he'd like to donate in return for a Gift in Kind letter.
f. Welcoming – There will be a meeting soon.
g. Ritual Teams – Had a meeting! Jamie facilitated, and title generation has been done through 1 week after Imbolc. If you just went through EIR and plan on applying for teams, this is a great time to do so!
h. Caring – Still out there and kicking.
i. Nominating Committee – No report & no stewardship chair.
j. Stewardship – There hasn't been a meeting yet, because Dragon*Con ate the not-chair.
k. Interfaith – Need to ask Linda about funding for the November luncheon.

??.V Old Business
A. Sign – In researching the rules related to signage, we basically can't do $h*#. We are going to have to put in an application and get it approved. Lizzy proposes that in the meantime, we put up our banner in one of the windows. Consensed
B. Bylaws – Article 4 in the Bylaws states unequivocally that we are a Fair Share congregation. We can either reconsider our previous intentions to cease our Fair Share contributions, or amend our bylaws. It is proposed that we start the process to amend Article 4 in the Bylaws, modifying the language.
Article 7 goes over the Board positions. It is proposed that we start the process to amend Article 7 to either add in the new LLC duties or modify the language to address that.
Article 12 has a dissolution statement that states that “If Gaia Community folds, all of our assets would transfer to the UUA”. We need to make sure that the language does not directly conflict with the dissolution language in the LLC agreement.
Article 14 states that we should have a How We Do Things At Gaia manual, which, well, we don't. We need to write one. We need a wiki!
Article 15 states that neither the COW or Board shall take any action that shall endanger GC's non-profit stats. This was mostly brought up to make sure that none of our LLC involvement jeopardized our status; we believe that we are in line with all of our requirements, and this article does not need to be modified.
C. Letter to the UUA – We are going to hold off on this until our bylaws are in order.
D. Time Change – No data available, so this is tabled to October.
E. Rent Variance – It has been granted.
VII. New Business
A. John Stamm (LLC) – The LLC has a proposal on the table from a nonprofit tutoring group. They are seeking a 10% stake in the LLC in return for project management & labor for a number of needed fixes on the building. Mr. Stamm's crew of volunteer workers are those who managed to get next door in such lovely shape. With a modification of the LLC proposal of changing “to the best of his ability” to “to the mutual agreement of both parties” or something similar. Lizzy would also like to make some language edits, proposing that she will e-mail her modifications to the board or to everybody for agreement by the COW. Consensed.
B. Eliminating Caretaker Position (LLC) – There is a proposal before the LLC that the resident caretaker position be eliminated. To bring it up to code for a resident, it could be extremely expensive. There would be some loss of revenue in not having the space available for rent, there would be an increase in utilities, and it would open us up to potential liability. Consensed to allow the proposal to go forward.
C. Buying Out Bill – Bill is interested in being bought out. While we have the money to do so (provided we utilize an earmarked donation that was originally intended for the HVAC), we would need permission from the donor. There are concerns that we are putting off our kids' comfort and not living up to our family-friendly mission. It was pointed out that the LLC is locked into an order of importance in building improvements and is going to need outside funding to complete no matter what. It was also pointed out that we have enough money in the General Fund to cover the donation amount, so that we can still set aside the $3000 donation to still be used for HVAC. There is also still an intent to do fundraising.
The proposal on the table is that we take $3000 from the General Fund, put it on the table as part of an LLC meeting (preferably mediated through a qualified person) and try and work out a potential buyout. However, if Bill does not agree to be bought out, the money offered will return to our account and we will not be buying extra shares. Consensed.
D. LLC Decisions – Kit would like some guidelines on what issues to decide upon, to take to the Board, and to take to the COW. Lizzy believes that this should be worked into the Bylaws amendment proposal when we're working out the LLC representative duties. It is proposed that we empower the task force to do its job and set an official Bylaws meeting. Consensed!
E. Google – This neighborhood association is trying to get the last 18 households to get Google Fiber. We may or may not get it, as we can't sign up as we're not a residential address.

October 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – October 13, 2012
Started at 9:50

In attendance: Kit, Jamie, Rosemary, Bill, Vicky, Barbara, Jan, Scot, Devin, Carol

.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
.II Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Barbara for Vibes Watcher, Devin for Red Tape, Scot for Devil's Advocate (Devin had to leave early; Red Tape went to Jamie, Non Sequitur was handed over to Jan)
.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
.IV Treasurer's Report – John is at RenFaire getting soaking wet.
a. Kidspace – Yay! We're back! The upstairs looks very shiny now. Barbara would like to hold a meeting of the Task Force for Safe Kids as soon as Linda is freed from Faire and come up with a proposal for how to maximize our kids' space. We are down one teacher & one child care worker, so we are looking for people who are willing.
b. Social Justice – Because of date weirdness, we have two meetings under our belt since last month's RfB. In Sept we met in Lawrence and decided to go ahead and give the God Auction food to Harvesters. There was also discussion about potential building projects. In Oct we met at Andrew's and discussed the possibility of getting a Harvesters Barrel for the space. We will need to get the Building Use circle's OK to leave the barrel out all the time. We also talked about changing our RfBs to accomodate someone going to the local Neighborhood Association meetings. This proposal will be brought to the Special RfB.
c. Communications – EH has gone out electronically, but not physically. Next one is going out on the 21st. We're going to need to do some more updating to the website to accommodate the meeting time change as well as updating the elections page.
d. Membership – Greeters Table is still peopled. Jamie has one person in New Member Class.
I. Library – It exists. A book cart or two would enable us to keep the books on-site, rather than in peoples' houses.
e. Site – We have a shiny new roof! It has 2 inches of high-density insulation. We have enough play in our inside ceiling space to add in more insulation. John Stamm has withdrawn his proposal, as he has decided that he needs to focus on his existing projects. The inner room attached to the Great Room has been cleaned out, and is now to be used only for table storage and items being used for current projects.
f. Welcoming – Nothing to report.
g. Ritual Teams – The closet is clean! Rules are in force; do not put anything into the closet without permission from someone from RT. Kidspace stuff has been moved to their own closet. There are empty slots on the ritual schedule.
h. Caring – * wuvs *
i. Nominating Committee – Nothing to report.
j. Stewardship – There has been some Longest Night discussion; there will be a proper meeting very very soon.
.V Old Business
A. Caretaker – Vicky listed the code issues involved in having a person living in the space, which are considerable. Bill listed out some of the things he's been doing for the space in the last few weeks, as well as his community advocacy, and stated that bringing the building up to code for residential is basically the same work necessary for bringing it to commercial or studio space. He also claims that he is not currently living in the building.
It is proposed that the issue be decided at a Special RfB to be held on October 27th once we can get input from an impartial party who can give us a clear idea of how the laws and codes apply in this situation. Consensed
B. Meeting Time – Tabled to November, and if nobody brings anything up at that RfB, it will be settled.
VII. New Business
A. Social Justice Proposal Re: RfB – Set to the Special RfB agenda.
B. Official Response to KCStar Article – There shall be a meeting of the minds to write a response and then.
C. Trustee-At-Large Position – We have a trustee who has gone into an automatic assumed resignation. We need to contact Cheryl and possibly nominate a new person for that position. Or more than one; we can have more than one of these positions. Scot and Jan have been brought forth as possible candidates.

November 2012

There was not a quorum at this meeting, so it was canceled.

December 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – December 22, 2012
Started at 10:25 AM

In attendance: Rosemary, Kit, Jamie, Kimberly, David, Lizzy, Jan, Barbara

.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
.II Role Assignment – Kimberly for Vibes Watcher, Barbara for Red Tape, Jamie for Non Sequitur, Kit for Devil's Advocate
.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
.IV Treasurer's Report – n/a
a. Kidspace – John & Linda are teaching. Barbara would ask us all to consider taking a class now and then so that they have a break to attend ritual once in a while.
b. Social Justice – We have a Harvester's Barrel now. Met this month; next project will be the usual beginning of the year Heifer Project drive. This year, it will be bees. Beeeeees!
c. Communications – Yahoo Groups problems have been fixed. EH got out to Gaia and the website, but Longest Night Ball has delayed mailings. We are looking at changing print locations for convenience.
d. Membership – Working on getting a New Member ritual up; Lizzy says we can work it into the healing ritual she's working on. Devin & Barbara have been doing a coffee cart thing on Sundays, which is quite popular. They could use some extra helpers. Jamie thinks we need to wrap this into a hospitality team, which would also be responsible for things like keeping toilet paper and soap available in the restrooms.
I. Library – Larry Hols has some books he'd like to donate, and Jan says she knows someone who has some materials to give as well.
e. Site/LLC – LLC has voted on several things. First, the preferences of Building Use is that we do an open floorplan with moveable walls. However, this option would cost at least $20,000 more than any other solution, and the LLC has decided on a two-room solution. Second, we voted to eliminate the resident caretaker position, and Bill does not want to go. Kit is going to talk to Bill today about leaving, but we may have to start eviction proceedings. Bill is not willing to accede to a partial buyout (though is appreciative of the spirit of our offer), and is holding out for a total. Interpersonal conflicts continue.
f. Welcoming – We maintain our status, and have had no complaints. We should have a meeting.
g. Ritual Teams – Titles are set up from Imbolc – Beltane, and we're getting slots filled. Next RT meeting is on January 1 at 7PM. We are perilously short-staffed, and Kimberly intends to talk to people who are qualified to join in, at least on a part-time basis.
h. Caring – the care, it shares.
i. Nominating Committee – Hard at work for getting nominations for April!
j. Stewardship – So we had this Ball last night. We got somewhere close to 50 attendees, which is not the largest attendance we've ever had, but neither is it the smallest. Gross receipts are about $1400, out of which $750 paid for the space. We didn't lose money! Woo!
k. Liaisi Stuff – David & Rosemary went to the Neighborhood Association meeting, which really wasn't a meeting so much as a Green Impact Zone awards ceremony. They didn't intend to have a December meeting, so we'll try the January meeting.
V Old Business
A. Bylaws – tabled to January
B. Date/Time Evaluation – We're kicking around some alternate RfB times; Communications is going to do some research and surveying and see what the best options are. In the meantime, we will stay with the current modified time unless and until a better proposal is brought forth. So this means that the next RfB will be January 26.
VII. New Business
None this month!

2013 Minutes

January 2013

Ritual for Business Minutes – January 26, 2013
Started at 10:15 AM

In attendance: Rosemary, Barbara, David, Kimberly, Jamie, Scot, John, Lizzy, Kit, Daniel, Jan, Susi, Erin, Devin

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Kimberly for Devil's Advocate, Barbara for Red Tape, Jamie for Non Sequitur, Erin for Vibes Watcher028.37
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – John has tax letters. General fund is at $11,932.13, Kidspace is at $1052.32, Home Fund $523.56. From Longest Night, we got a total of $1028.37. General yearlong and fiscal so-far numbers look good. A full 2012 & fiscal to-date report is available here.
a. Kidspace – We did the Kids' Ritual and have done some Social Justice things. We're looking at making Harvesters a regular (perhaps monthly) thing. Snacks are plentiful, and will let folks know when more are needed.
b. Social Justice – We have modified our Bees idea, adding in Birds, and there will be a rivalry of sorts. The next meeting with be the 2nd Tuesday of February at Andrew's.
c. Communications – Earth Healer will be done before bed tonight! Please let Jamie know if you have anything to insert. Website is doing OK.
d. Membership – We continue to person the Greeters' Table. There is a New Member Sunday coming up! Devin is seeking donations for the coffee cart (NOT cups).
I. Library – We need a library space. Susi is willing to step into the Librarian position.
e. Site – There's a visioning thing going on which is discussed more in depth in New Business. The LLC is applying for a loan to get the HVAC and renovations done in the amount of $250,000, and Vicky is independently cosigning. Pursuant to the elimination of the Caretaker position, we are proceeding with eviction proceedings against Bill.
f. Welcoming – Our Welcoming sign is in the window. We need to have a meeting.
g. Ritual Teams – 4 reps of RT helped install the new minister at All Souls'. Other than that, we proceed to continue apace, albeit understaffed. Some of our ritualists are going to Pantheacon.
h. Caring – We have warms!
i. Nominating Committee – No report to report. We'll get back to you.
j. Stewardship – Pledge drive starts at the end of February!
k. Liaisons – Due to the total crapton of challenges that landed, Linda stepped out of Interfaith Council. She's looking at returning in the spring, and in the meantime Barbara from Aquarius is currently serving in her stead. Neighborhood meeting was almost entirely focused on whether to bring in a Dollar General. David left before they came to a resolution.
V Old Business
A. Bylaws – Bylaws changes are approved.
B. RfB date/time – Proposed: now that the holidays are over, we let things continue as they are and see how it goes. More data is needed. Consensed.
VII. New Business
A. Reimbursement for space heaters – Jamie bought 5 space heaters for the building while we didn't have heat, and has not been reimbursed. The receipt was given to John. Proposal: That we reimburse the Peters' for the space heaters. Consensed.
B. Information
1. From John – Travis Marshal has been working with an acquaintance who is running a working food pantry associated with Harvesters. The church that was serving as the location has been becoming less friendly to the situation, because the organization leader has been providing food to people outside the church community. If the relationship falls apart, there is a tentative question about whether we could provide space for them. More research is required.
2. From David – There is a Visioning meeting going on this afternoon to address some of the tension that is cropping up between the LLC and the Circles. It will be a non-binding document. Kit intends to object to anything put forth as Vicky cannot be there, and he doesn't believe that it's appropriate to have such a meeting without all owners involved. We have some BIG problems with figuring out what the actual facts are regarding all the codes, finances, etc. There is no proposal here, just making people aware of what is going on.
C. Discussion about Buying Bill Out – This is not a proposal, just a temperature-taking. As previously stated, the LLC intends to evict Bill. Kit expects that, knowing Bill, this will be a long drawn-out process that will involve lawyers. His thought is that perhaps we can do an end run around the whole mess by offering to buy Bill out completely. Kit does not support buying him out for more than his original stake ($15,000), as Bill's work on the other side has no bearing on the LLC. In our previous conversation about that, we were able to pull together $6,000 from the community. The general feeling is that it's a nice idea, but we can't afford the whole shebang. If we can gather some other interested parties (perphaps Kutumba?), it might sashay into the realm of possibility.

February 2013

(February) Ritual for Business Minutes – March 2, 2013
Started at 10:15 AM

In attendance: Rosemary, Jamie, Kit, John, Kimberly, David, Susi, Jan

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – John for Non Sequitur, Susi for Devil's Advocate, David for Vibes Watcher, Jamie for Red Tape
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – GF is at $11,380.32, KS is at $1,670.67, Home is at $523.63. Tax letters have all been sent out.
a. Kidspace – Coyote has rejoined the staff and will remain at least through summer. Due to space the nursery and elementary kids will be in one class, but with two teachers. The kids have started a section on Buddhism. Next unit will include the changing of the seasons & Wheel of the Year. At last week's ritual, a piece of art was broken by some of our kids; cost for replacing the glass will come out of the Kidspace fund, and the next KS lesson will be about respecting the space.
b. Social Justice – Did not meet last month due to a root canal, and so we practiced our social justice by not tormenting the committee member whose tooth had been violated. Next meeting will be in Lawrence; carpooling is available.
c. Communications – Facebook changed event creation again. We successfully communicated a variety of schedule changes (including Feb FNSC and RfB) using all channels. Next EH is due March 17.
d. Membership – Alyssa has officially joined the community. Jamie is currently tracking a couple of people who've been showing up lately. GT has had a few bumps, and could use more people. We are going to need someone to take over GT and coffee cart by this summer.
I. Library – Jamie needs to instruct Susi on Librarian duties. Jan has offered to serve as backup.
e. Site – The loan is still in limbo; the application is in, but we have not heard back. The water on the bathroom floors is apparently coming from a leaky drain upstairs, and the recent snowpocalypse is responsible for causing damage to our awning. It's not in danger of falling right away, but will need to be removed.
f. Welcoming – We still need to have a meeting, but there will definitely be some progamming between Beltane and Lammas.
g. Ritual Teams – Penny Auction nominations have started. Pantheacon was awesome, the drive sucked. We learned a lot of stuff. We'll talk about it more when Lizzy is here.
h. Caring – Jan has a copy of the community personnel (names, birthdays, etc) spreadsheet that Aubry worked up.
i. Nominating Committee – On track to assemble a slate for the Board next year, and is looking for volunteers for next year's NomCom. If anyone's interested in Board service or to be GA delegates, please contact Barbara.
j. Stewardship – We're starting pledge drive. Kimberly would like the current list of members & addresses. Gaia t-shirts are going to happen this year.
k. Liasons – The offer has been made to Bill ($6000 from Gaia, $9000 non-voting from Vicky), but he has not yet ruled on it one way or another. The eviction process is moving along, and we are in contact with a lawyer. Kit has attended some of the re-Visioning meetings, but will not be able to attend the next one. Jan has been at all of them.
V Old Business
A. Harvesters Thing – From Lizzy: It will be April before Travis can get us more information, so this is being tabled until then.

VII. New Business
A. 501(c)3 – We want to keep this on people's radar, as nobody seems to remember who was going to do this.

March 2013

Ritual for Business Minutes – March 23, 2013
Started at 10:15AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Daniel, John, Kimberly, David, Kit, Jamie, Rosemary, Susi, Scot, Barbara, Jan, Erin, Devin

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Kimberly for Devil's Advocate, David for Red Tape, Jamie for Non Sequitur, Erin for Vibes Watcher
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – KS is at $1677.84, GF at $4,771.32 (the $6,000 drop is the check for the buyout), HF is at $523.56.
a. Kidspace – OWLS is likely to get going soon. Kids will be in the Bardic Circle ritual, and Kidspace had John make some phone calls, and Harvesters visits are planned for June, July, August, November, & December.
b. Social Justice – We had a meeting; Birds & Bees fundraiser will start at Beltane and run through Summer Solstice. Blue River Cleanup and an Ubuntu Cleanup Day are coming up (on the same day).
c. Communications – EH went out electronically yesterday.
d. Membership – Will be poking people about New Member class and poking other people about pledge drive. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE
I. Library – booksbooksbooksbooks
e. Site – 2 big issues happening with LLC, the loan & buyout. The loan is not going through in an amount to cover renovation; Vicky is working on getting at least the amount to cover HVAC. The renovation will have to be done ourselves. On the buyout, there is some disagreement as to the terms. Kit will be creating a summary of Bill's position and Vicky's position, with his own comments, and present that to the Board.
f. Welcoming – Meeting will be April 25.
g. Ritual Teams – Scheduled out through Lammas, and a closet cleanout will be happening this afternoon. God Auction nominees are closing, and it looks like we will have 12. We will be doing 3 deity finalists this year for various reasons. RT meeting is on April 1st, and this is not a joke! At Pantheacon, Lizzy, Daniel, David, and Kimberly attended a variety of rituals and talks, and some of this stuff will be coming to rituals near you!
h. Caring – Hugs for everyone!
i. Stewardship – Kimberly is happy to report that Lizzy will be taking over as Stewardship chair.
j. Liasons – Rosemary brought some information from the last Neighborhood Association meeting, mostly regarding the projects they are planning to kick into gear.
k. NomCom – Barbara has the slate. Elections are next month IN APRIL!
V Old Business
A. 501(c)3 – Kimberly has downloaded the 501(c)3 application, and has started looking over it. There is a large amount of documentation that we are going to have to gather for the process. Zie will be making a list.
B. Harvesters – Travis will be putting together a presentation.
VII. New Business
A. NomCom – Barbara would like to put forth a motion that we make an exception to the term limits such that John Boyce may continue to serve on the Board in the capacity as Treasurer. It was counterproposed that Lizzy take on the Treasurer hat, while John takes the title of Finance Committee Chair and keeps doing the job, while training Lizzy as a backup. Consensed.
B. Whiteboard – Kit wants to buy us a whiteboard. Consensed, but we'll see if the Kidspace white board will serve our purposes.

April 2013

Ritual for Business Minutes – April 27, 2013
Started at 10:20 AM

In attendance: Rosemary, Lizzy, Devin, Erin, David, Kimberly, Scot, Barbara, Jan, Leo, Kit

I Approval of Agenda – Approved
II Role Assignment – Erin for Non Sequitur, Barbara for Red Tape, Kit for Devil's Advocate, Leo for Vibes Watcher
III Approval of Minutes – Approved
IV Treasurer's Report – GF is at $5442.82, KS is at $1667.84, Home is at $523.56. John has provided a list of eligible voters.
a. Kidspace – Nothing to report
b. Social Justice – Birds & Bees fundraiser starts tomorrow. Blue River Cleanup happened and we had 9 people. May's meeting will be in Lawrence, and June's meeting will be at Jamie's.
c. Communications – EH published last Sunday; some mailing needs to be finished. New brochure is being worked on. Penny Auction has a new software that makes it easier to put updates on the website.
d. Membership – thhpppbbbtt. Oh, wait no. There will be New Member classes starting May 19th, and we have at least 2, maybe 3 people signed up.
I. Library – Books!
e. Site – The Buyout happened! The current shares are now allocated as Gaia having 25 voting & 6 non-voting, Vicky holds 50 voting & 9 non-voting. The next step is to see what happens with the loan and get a plan together for the renovation. Kit is now advocating for a 1-room solution.
f. Welcoming – We had a meeting & reviewed our congregational action steps from when we got certified as a Welcoming Congregation. We identified that we are still achieving those standards.
g. Ritual Teams – We did critiques and are investigating Scot as another ritualist. God Auction is marching forward. See David if you're looking to apply to RT.
h. Caring – We care so much we are attacking each other with the talking ball.
i. Nominating Committee – Barbara needs to add another thing to the ballot, but she will handle that during elections
j. Stewardship – Pledge drive is proceeding apace. Pledge Sunday will be May 5, and we'd like to have all the cards in. We're about to start planning Longest Night Ball.
k. Liasons – The NA meetings have started doing breakout groups, which has made for more orderly meetings. There's a committee going for Neighborhood Revitalization. They're still not done revising their bylaws so they still haven't had an election. Dollar General has gone before the zoning council, who turned them down, so they've revised their plan to match what the NA wanted them to do in the first place.
V Old Business
A. Harvesters – Tabled more.
B. 501(c)3 – Kimberly is working on the paperwork, and has obtained the original articles of incorporation and corporate filings. Zie has most of the paperwork zie needs, and has an attorney who has offered to look over everything before it's turned in. There will be an expense, but we'll put it into next year's budget. As a fundraising initiative, Kimberly is offering to let people “buy” words into the application.
VII. New Business
A. Kinko's / printing – Kit would like us to get either a charge account with Kinko's, or alternatively, buy a printer that would do double-sided printing. It is proposed that we authorize a charge account at a convenient printing shop (pending research). Consensed.
B. Vote!

President – Kit Peters
Vice President – Scot Banes
Secretary – David Reynolds-Gier
Treasurer – Liz Ticer
Members-at-Large – Jan Wilner, Jamie Peters, Leo d'Entrement

Kimberly Reynolds-Gier
Susi Matthews
Rosemary Williams

LLC Rep – Kit Peters

2014 Minutes

January 2014

In attendance: Lizzy, Rosemary, Jamie, Kit, Kimberly, David, Scot, Carol, Aelbrecht, Eric, Cheryl, John, Kitty, Jan, Susi

  1. Approval of Agenda - approved, with the revision that we not have an open-ended discussion about "Where do we want to go from here?" during the meeting. That can be done after this meeting at lunch, or at Site Committee meetings.
  2. Roles - Scot as Devil’s advocate, David as Parliamentarian, Kimberly as Spatula Wielder, and Lizzy as Vibes Watcher.
  3. Approval of Minutes - approved
  4. Treasurer - General Fund has $5,151.15, KidSpace fund has $1,686.35, Home Fund has $523.56. All LNB income has been transferred and accounted for.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. KidSpace - they are in the process of cleaning up the mess left upstairs, and hope to be done on Sunday. Weekly necessaries will then be organized into a KidSpace-in-a-Box that can be moved around easily until we have a stable home again. There will be no Harvesters volunteer opportunity today, as Harvesters is well-and-truly booked up right now and through March. The next date will be announced when it is made known.
      Kit wondered if we could advertise our organized children’s religious education program more; John agreed with the sentiment but deferred it to those with more expertise. Lizzy said some of that came up in the Revisioning. Kimberly asked what the next unit or two will be; if those were known by Communications ahead of time, it could be included in the Earth Healer and other advertising we’re already doing.
    2. Social Justice - Several adults participated with the Harvesters outing last month, and sorted All The Bread ever (mostly rye). Our next project will be a brief fundraiser for Water.org, in honor of Oshun.
      The meeting has been moved from the second Tuesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the month; still at Jamie’s house at 7pm.
    3. Communications - the website continues to have brief and transitory errors due to the software being out of date, but overall it is running well. FB is as stable as it ever is. Earth Healer will go out tomorrow for the next mailing cycle, so if you have news get it to Jamie before the end of today.
      Kit acknowledged that he is having trouble getting the Earth Healer mailed out, so he is hoping to let someone take it over. Susi offered to help with the mailing portion.
      Kit also reiterated that the ritual teams are not communicating blurbs to Communications, so the announcements and the Earth Healer are often lacking in specifics.
    4. Membership - we have 30 active members currently; Jamie will reprint sheets for the greeter’s table this weekend. David got a reminder the other day that it is time for us to recertify membership with the UUA. Jamie will also reach out to Kara to see if her schedule allows her to take a modified NMC.
    5. LLC Liaison - Kit attended the LLC meeting on January 14th, and once again there was no real business taken care of. They may still be finding a best date for that meeting, but the next one is scheduled for February 11th. The loan paybook has been given to Kitty and she has scheduled automatic payments for the next year.
      Jan also reported that Regina is working with A.B. May to get an easement or other agreement so that we can utilize the fire escape out the back, as needed. They are also looking into getting a dumpster for the debris that has accumulated out back during renovations. The next project appears to be getting the bathrooms ADA-compliant, and then the front doors (which John said are on back order).
      Cheryl asked how Gaia Community specifically interacts with the loan... we are not directly responsible for it, but as part of the LLC we are responsible for our portion of course. Should there be shortfalls we would have to help, and the building is reportedly set as the collateral.
    6. Community Liaisons - January was Rosemary’s month, but she forgot so there is no report.
    7. Welcoming - no problems, no report.
    8. Ritual Teams - a slight change was made to the schedule, substituting an Energy Work workshop for the Lenormand Divination class that was going to be this Sunday.
      Susi asked about Excellence in Ritual; Kimberly explained that the class doesn’t work well with less than three students, so it is not being held this year unless there is a significant uptick in members who are interested. Ritual Teams can discuss other methods to share training and experience with people in a different format, however.
    9. Nom Com - no vacancies, no report. Next month they will start the work of arranging for elections to happen.
    10. Stewardship - no report, other than that Pledge Drive is coming soon.
    11. Site - the committee met last month; they are still looking into St. Mark’s and All Souls as emergency options, as well as the possibility of a longer term lease.
      Eric asked what the rent would be there; when we talked to St. Mark’s before, they floated $350-500/month, and All Souls would probably run us around $720/month.
      If anyone is aware of a space that would rent, they should communicate it to Lizzy as the head of Site Committee.
    12. Old Business
      1. Revisioning - the revisioning meeting happened as expected; the coordinator Cary was unable to be there due to illness. The end result was an extensive list of areas in which the Mission Covenant Statement could be improved or expanded, and one area of concern in particular: the “sustainable living in an urban and rural context” clause.
        In two weeks there will be another encounter with this topic, as the Sunday service on February 9th will be a forum to continue that discussion.
      2. Accept Buyout - Kit proposed that since Vickie has stated that our ownership is a hindrance to the mission of the LLC, and since we have rejected the offer of the house in exchange for our stake in the LLC, that we formally consense to “accept a buyout offer of $31K should that become available”. David suggested that we word it as “we formally agree to sell our stake in the Ubuntu Village LLC for $31,000 or the best offer we can negotiate.” Rosemary and Kitty asked that we set a floor or more guidance. Kit counteroffered the wording “if we receive an offer of $31,000 in exchange we accept it immediately; if a lower offer is made, the Board is empowered to consense on a different amount.” Kimberly suggested that we word it as “Gaia Community consenses to sell its stake in Ubuntu Village North LLC for financial remuneration to be agreed upon by the Board, with the expectation that we would prefer to recoup our $31,000 investment.” Group consensed to that final wording of the proposal. No time frame was put into the agreement, but if we need to revisit it we can. Site Committee wants to see what happens by the time the lease is up at the end of June.

May 2014

Minutes from the Ritual for Business on May 30, 2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Barbara, Scot, Jan, John, Jamie, Lizzy

  1. Agenda: approved.
  2. Roles: Kimberly as Non Sequitur, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Scot as Devil's Advocate, Jan as Vibes Watcher
  3. Chalice Lighting: Barbara
  4. Minutes: approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's Report - $1,684.71 for KS, $4,669.49 for the main account, and $523.56 in the Home Fund account. All of the Penny Auction change has been deposited, approximately $283.49. John reported that someone turned in some rolls of nickels that had pennies interspersed, for a glorious profit of about 16c. Water.org has received their check.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. KidSpace – KS continues to provide classes when there are kids. They are planning some field trips for the summer while we are in transition (Nelson Atkins, parks, etc). The Boyces have a family museum membership so they can get everyone in free, and occasionally get swag. Linda is planning a class for the God Auction candidates.
    2. Social Justice – no meeting in April due to illness. The last Oshun projects are completed (water.org and Blue River Rescue). David and Kimberly will take the leftovers from the Harvesters barrel over to their office, since they seem to be having trouble with the concept of picking up the barrel.
    3. Communications – the email redirects have been changed for the new Board, The next EH will be written around the 10th-15th, and Jamie really needs a blurb and a picture for the God Auction powers by then. Jamie fears that Kit has dropped his EH responsibilities, so she will probably take them over until she can find someone else to do them. Barbara suggested polling the membership to see if anyone goes to the shops we currently mail to.
      Kimberly noticed that FB has made a change to their Page/Group algorithm, where if you do not interact with them for a while, they will Unlike it for you! You can get around this by Subscribing to the Page or Group; we should promote and communicate that through FB and other means (in case we have already lost anyone).
      Jan observed that the calendar inserts for the brochures are out of date; Kimberly and Jamie can address that.
    4. Membership – not many new people, so no New Member Class currently. If that changes, we will approach people.
    5. Site – there has been no meeting recently. There is no forward movement right now; Donna Simon has been busy dealing with her wife's dramatic firing from the Catholic church. We need to finalize where we are going to jump, especially in light of summer coming and being able to have air conditioning. Jamie also suggested looking at Central Presbyterian Church.
    6. LLC – Vicky and Regina's relationship has deteriorated over the last month, following the usual pattern. The concept of the house under joint ownership getting a mortgage so that Vicky can pay us has not been mentioned again, though Vicky has mentioned again the possibility of us taking on the “Reggie house” down the street. Barbara and Jan have been working to try to get Regina and Vicky back on something like the same page, with mixed success. Vicky seems to be suspicious of anyone who wants to make profit in their ventures. However, she is still saying that she is committed to paying us for our stake in the LLC. Barbara needs to get all the old signed documents to Robin so that he can advise us intelligently.
    7. Neighborhood Liaison – Rosemary was not present to report anything.
    8. Welcoming – no meeting, no reported problems.
    9. Ritual Teams – RT has started the process of staffing and running God Auction (which will be at All Souls this year). Jan suggested pulling out the art panels and see if they would be of use to one of the teams.
    10. NomCom – no vacancies, no problems.
    11. Stewardship – Pledge Drive is almost entirely completed, with the exception of a few people who have been harder to get ahold of (but who we believe will pledge). Also four pledging units took advantage of Kimberly's new digital pledge card; that will be a resource for taking advantage of next year.
  7. New Business
    1. Budget – Kimberly presented the draft 2014-2015 budget, which is very similar to last year's. Pledges are up overall by $1200, which is great. Longest Night revenue has been adjusted downward to accommodate any changes that are made to it this year. KidSpace is still budgeted for two teachers per week, even though that hasn't been utilized lately, so that may represent some savings as the year goes. Dues to the MidAmerica Region have been proposed to reinclusion in the budget this year. Reinstating the UUA APF would have been cost-prohibitive for this year.

June 2014

Minutes from the Ritual for Business on June 28, 2014

In attendance: David, Kimberly, Barbara, Lizzy, Jan, Leo, Jamie, Kit, John, Scot, Kitty

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Roles – David as Parliamentarian, Leo as Vibes Watcher, Kit as Devil's Advocate, and Kimberly holds the Non Sequitur wand.
  3. Chalice Lighting - Barbara
  4. Minutes – approved as read, including corrections to the list of attendees.
  5. Treasurer's Report - $4,332.16 in the main fund, $1668.71 in the KidSpace account, and $523.56 for Home Fund.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. KidSpace – Linda arranged a field trip to the Nelson Atkins museum this month which went well. There will be no KidSpace coverage from the Boyces on July 20th, but Kit thinks he can cover that day. The topic for the adults that day is Ogham – David will get some materials over there.
    2. Ritual Teams – God Auction is fully staffed, and there will be a visit to All Souls right after RFB to check tech and see the space.
    3. Communications – EH has gone out to the Greeter's Table, website, and FB for Summer Solstice, on time and under budget. It still needs to go to the shops. Website had a brief glitch in uptime yesterday.
    4. Social Justice – three potential projects are in the pipeline, one for each candidate of the God Auction.
    5. Membership – no change from last month. We did have three new visitors last week.
    6. Welcoming – the Interfaith Pride Service was last week; we were invited to speak as one of the 'how does your faith support GLBT folks' portion. It was a lovely service, and we have already gotten one visitor from that, as well as some other interest.
    7. NomCom – no vacancies have been reported.
    8. LLC – Vicky has left town for Massachusetts; her sister Rose is in town and has Power of Attorney to represent her. The loan for the “April house” fell through; Vicky has suggested it as a charitable/outreach opportunity, where someone could take on ownership of that house and keep the renter there for low rent, no profit, etc. Regina had apparently indebted the LLC for the next two-three years for a network connection (landline, wifi, and cable television). TWC is of the opinion that it is a valid contract, regardless of the fact that Regina actually didn't have legal authority to sign contracts for the LLC. David was of the opinion that it would be cheaper in the long run to break the contract and pay the penalty. Barbara is not entirely certain whether Vicky has solved that problem yet. Regina also indebted Ubuntu Village for a security system contract that was not being paid, but bills are now coming for that and are being addressed.
      The HVAC contractor came out and repaired/replaced some wiring that they said was vandalized (though no one from this group actually saw the cut wires). They sent a bill for that as well.
      Regina is out of the building, though as far as we can tell the cafe and the daycare are still present and operating, though they are not here today.
      Barbara brought a written summary of dealings with Ubuntu Village so far, and a written proposal to accept $6000 for the 6 non-voting shares, and renegotiate a LLC agreement that protects our rights as a minority owner in accordance with Missouri law, and a 6-month lease with the new realtor (Nitro) that would be as close as possible to our current lease. Kitty would continue to function as the Bookkeeper for the LLC. John is very concerned about the building getting insurance, as our renter's insurance through Church Mutual is contingent on having that umbrella coverage to cover things that do not belong to us, like the building. Barbara also feels that the building getting insurance is a strong priority, before something happens or any new tenants are signed on.
      Another option/variable would be to accept the $6k right now and leave with a $25k promissory note. Several people were of the opinion that that would be functionally identical to leaving and dropping our other $25k investment.
      Discussion followed, with the end result that Barbara will continue to negotiate our new lease to our advantage where possible.
    9. Neighborhood Liaison – David went to the June meeting; they held their elections, most everyone was reelected to the position they held before. Several people came up to him and expressed that they had heard something about us leaving the LLC.
      Barbara is concerned that Rosemary may not able to attend regularly. Lizzy said she would check with Rosemary. Jan said she would be willing to take on part of the relationship with the neighborhood, though not immediately.
    10. Site – All Souls continues to be crowded with events and activities, so we would have to modify our schedule right now. St. Mark's does not yet have their air conditioning installed for the room we would be using, but they are working on it. St. Mark's does not have a storage space for us currently. In either location we may need to change our Sunday operating ours back to 4-6.
    11. Stewardship – no report. Lizzy got her first Gaia t-shirt from spreadshirt! Leo suggested the possibility of running a crowdfunding campaign to help with some of the costs/liabilities that the Ubuntu Village (and Gaia) is incurring.
  7. Old Business
    1. Budget – changes from the proposal last month include a reduction in the overall KidSpace teachers funding (to 1.5, or 2 every other week), increasing the printing/newsletter funds again slightly, and pledges that have been made since then (and higher than last month's estimate). John observed that the estimate of costs for KidSpace teachers is incorrect, because their compensation is $20/week, not $40. He also asked that the line item for KidSpace supplies be increased/reinstated due to shortfalls. Kimberly corrected that in the calculations, and counterproposed to re-increase the compensation to $40, and run a donation drive to see what supplies can be obtained off-budget for KidSpace. Approved.

2015 Minutes

January 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business from January 24, 2015

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Jamie, Kimberly, David, Gary, Rosemary, Scot

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.
  2. Roles – Jan as Vibes Watcher, Gary as Parliamentarian, Jamie as Devil's Advocate, Kimberly as Non Sequitur.
  3. Chalice Lighting – performed.
  4. Minutes – approved.
  5. Treasurer's Report – KidSpace account has $1,668.71, General Fund has $3,880.37, and the Home Fund has $523.56.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – Shelley has managed to make it back again, so Jamie will reach out to her about taking NMC. Jamie also made a Google Form for registering attendance. David put a QR code inside the lid of the Greeter's Box, so people don't have to find their old bookmark/etc for the link.
      Matt investigated the library and found a book on the shelf, so he borrowed it. Yay! Also Isha has some books that she will be coming our way.
      Kimberly announced that zie had put a copy of the UU hymnal onto the shelf up front; several people were concerned that it was expensive and valuable not to have missing, so it got moved to the closet.
    2. KidSpace – they did a field trip back in January, with Lizzy and Abby (and Desiree). There have been minimal class attendance.
    3. Social Justice – the blog project went well for the first week, then people got sick, etc. This led to some dropoff, but the plan is to continue posting even if the schedule is delayed or runs into February. There was no meeting in January due to illness among most of the committee.
    4. Communications – Earth Healer will come out on Monday electronically and be posted in church next week (at Imbolc). Jamie is hunting for blurbs.
      Jan said she was unable to find the Rituals Coming Soon list; we checked and it is promoted to the front page. We can add it to the navigation links though.
    5. Stewardship – We have raised $1160 for the fire escape project so far, including from some far-flung former members and friends of Gaia. Kitty was able to verify that David Pollard has shared it to the CUUPS group.
    6. Ritual Teams – Nominations for God Auction will start being taken at Imbolc, and then complete the week before Spring Equinox.
    7. NomCom – Jamie will remind Kit (and therefore Katie and Lizzy) that elections are in April. If you are interested in serving on the board or another position, see one of the committee members.
    8. Welcoming – no one attended the Welcoming Congregations meeting in January. They are starting to make noises about Pride Service, which will be in June.
    9. Liaisons
      1. LLC – Ellen and Nitro have been largely silent on the fire escape project, after initially forwarding an email to their boss. Vicky has been reaching out to A.B. May about taking bids on the matter. Reggie has not returned Vicky's calls or emails right now, so she thinks he has not yet done his parts yet. She has also reached out to an architecture instructor who was looking for a student project.
        The heating bills have been a concern; Scot and David adjusted the balance on the automatic thermostats, but Scot noticed that they have been reset since then. It is also possible that someone has turned on the thermostats upstairs (this turned out not to be true). Jan has suggested a Tenant Meeting would be a good thing to reinstate (in lieu of the old Building Use Circle). Danny should be at that as well; one of the things we may need to address may be the balance of the blower vents. Jan also wanted to see if we could provide some guidance/control over the thermostat.
        We also need to get Fire Insurance ASAP.
      2. Interfaith Council – David and Kimberly got their pictures taken as part of Sergio's Stories of Devotion project. The IFC's New Year event happened, though no one here attended; Linda took part.
      3. Manheim – They had a lot of proposed bylaws amendments on the agenda, most suggested by Bill, mainly having to do with membership fees. He is being obstreperous again, and the group is not treating him very fairly either; the antagonism is deteriorating again. None of the amendments passed. They also had to elect an interim Vice-President; we are not currently members so David didn't vote. Do we want to be members again? Not-profit rate is $50/year (though Jan thought it used to be $75). Consensed to approve membership at a rate of no more than $75 for the year.
    10. Site – tabled until we actually need the committee to do something, since right now we are staying put.
  7. Old Business
    1. Fire Marshall – Kitty has submitted the Candle/Assembly Permit via mail (paid out of the LLC funds). We need to put smoke detectors in, though the report does not specify exactly how many we need. Kimberly looked up the code and it seems to refer to an automated/interlinked system for “special amusement building”, which we are not (that's for haunted houses and the like). We need clarification; someone needs to call or email him.
      We also need to get the fire extinguishers tested/refilled.
      Barbara proposed that Scot deal with the junction boxes, Kimberly will get smoke detectors, Barbara will work on signs for the alarm boxes and the electrical panels, Gary will contact Modern Fire Safety LLC to recharge/inspect the fire extinguishers, and Barbara will contact the KCFD inspector for clarification on what code applies to our smoke detector system. Consensed to that plan.

February 2015

Minutes from the Ritual for Business on 2/28/2015

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Kimberly, David, Scot, Jamie, Susi, Leo

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.
  2. Roles – Jan as Vibes Watcher, David as Parliamentarian, Scot as Devil's Advocate, Kimberly as Non Sequitur.
  3. Chalice Lighting – performed.
  4. Minutes – approved.
  5. Treasurer's Report – not present, no report sent.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – we do have some new/repeat visitors but no one regular enough to throw at a NMC yet.
    2. KidSpace – we are not reliably having kids attend, but lessons are always available. Barbara did wonder if we are paying Linda for lesson development still.
    3. Ritual Teams – Penny Auction nominations continue, we have about 6-7 names so far, and will announce those through Spring Equinox. Excellence in Ritual has been pushed back to June due to everyone's schedules being catastrophically busy.
    4. Social Justice – the committee has not gotten any further on the blog; there has been a little work on making it more accessible/easy to read. Barbara said that she has found the existing posts very information-dense and is still working through them.
    5. Communications – Earth Healer did go out last month, with some ritual-designed blurbs and some that were written by Jamie so that the team will just have to do whatever she says. David opined that Communications Chair is perhaps the most powerful position within the community for that reason. Due date for the next EH is March 14th, which covers Spring Equinox to Beltane.
    6. NomCom – NomCom has been reminded that elections are coming in April. Barbara reminded them that term limits need to be looked at.
      Kimberly also noted that zie is not the Stewardship Chair, and while Lizzy is, she is moving so we need find someone else to carry that torch.
    7. LLC Liaison – Ellen has reputedly called the fire marshal again, and we know that his second visit added some additional requirements. “Exposed wires” were mentioned, but we need clarification on what that means. We did get a little bit of progress made on wires we knew of, and the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors have been taken care of. Ellen has requested an extension on the fire escape.
    8. Manheim Liaison – there was no business conducted at the February meeting because there was a 3rd District City Council Candidate Forum.
    9. Welcoming – the Coalition for Welcoming Ministries now only meets quarterly under normal circumstances; they meet again in April. We are going to help out with Pride as much as we can. Susi said that Walnut Gardens Community of Christ has expressed an interest in becoming a Welcoming Congregation, so if they reach out it should be beneficial for both sides. The contact there is Pam Robison.
    10. Stewardship – Kimberly reported that the fire escape fundraiser has so far raised $2,625. Zie plans on running that for another week, and then close it up and raise the rest of the money through other methods. There will be a fundraising class on martial arts/magick on March 21st, taught by a woman who is the wife of a member of the OTO Oasis. All of the money raised will go to us; Kate is hoping to get more long-term students out of the deal.
  7. Old Business
    1. Fire Marshall – see above under LLC Liaison and Stewardship.
  8. New Business
    1. March RfB Scheduling – March 28th is going to be a problem because that is the same day as the Blue River Rescue. Moving it to March 21st nearly-collides with the Kung Fu Demo. Moving it to March 29th at 1pm might be easier. Group consensed to move it to 1pm on 3/29/2015.
    2. Snow Day for 3/1 – David wanted to get more formal input on the idea brought up at a recent forum of being more willing to cancel Sunday services when the weather is poor. The forecast right now is for anywhere from 2” to 8” until noon tomorrow, and the temperature is going to be 28 degrees this evening, then get colder/refreeze overnight. Many people were in favor of making some posting of 'heads up, we will make a decision at X time tomorrow'. Consensed.
    3. Storage – Kimberly is interested in exploring the ability to rent one of the rooms upstairs on a permanent basis to increase our storage capacity. We already have those rooms part time, as well as nominal control of the closet up there, but it's a little small. Consensed to explore the option with Ellen/Nitro and report back what they are willing to entertain.

March 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 3/29/2015

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Kimberly, David, Rosemary, Jamie, Susi, Matt, Scot

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.
  2. Roles – Jan as Vibes Watcher, Susi as Parliamentarian, David as Devil's Advocate, Jamie as Non Sequitur.
  3. Chalice Lighting – performed.
  4. Minutes – approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's Report – John reported electronically that. Kimberly reported that the funds from GoFundMe campaign have not been withdrawn yet, so that is not reflected in John's report. The funds from the martial/magical class totaled about $240, mostly not in online presale tickets.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Stewardship – Kimberly reported that the fire escape fundraiser finished out at about $2,665 after one final donation. Zie has started setting up the eBay auction for donated items. Pledge Drive will start on April 12th, with Pledge Sunday ritual. Barbara thanked Kimberly for all of the service performed despite protest and abdication of the Chair.
      Rosemary suggested also having a physical garage sale this year; she volunteered their house for sometime in May (probably the 16th). They need to reduce their amount of stuff anyway before they move from that house. She will check with James to make sure that is okay, and we will start gathering volunteers and stuff.
    2. Membership – same situation as last month, there are some occasional attendees who aren't quite regular enough to hit up for a New Member Class. Matt opined that we could just cut out the middleman and ask people to join on their first visit!
    3. KidSpace – we had RT/Ronda's kids here for Spring Equinox, and Melissa's kids took part in the Ritual Trading Cards workshop. Barbara wants to confer with the rest of the committee.
    4. Ritual Teams – rituals are scheduled through the first part of August; the last part of that cycle kind of runs itself due to all the Old/New Patron stuff. EiR student rituals are worked into that schedule, though their final will be later in August or maybe the start of September. Soon we hope to have the Scrogums back as well, which will help add more people to the rotation. Devin may have to be a part-timer like Kit is, due to his work schedule/commute.
    5. Social Justice – 7 Gaians and a friend-of-a-friend took part in the Blue River Rescue this year, including Jay Loki who used to be a Gaia youth. James injured himself on a 3” locust thorn but will be fine in the long run. KCTV5 interviewed Susi and filmed us for their human interest piece; we felt like we made a big difference.
      Kimberly has been relaying the prompts and action items from Standing on the Side of Love's Climate Justice month to our FB group.
    6. Communications – EH came out last week. Jamie tried out making an event for the Penny Auction (same event as for nominations for Penny Auction, repurposed).
    7. NomCom – Elections will be in April.
    8. Welcoming – no report, nothing to note.
    9. Manheim Liaison – David spoke to the neighborhood, and they said that their elections will be in June, memberships renew in May, so there's no point in bothering to pay a prorated amount this spring. They held a meeting which had a lot of internal/structural business again, nothing of particular note for us.
    10. LLC Liaison – Kitty has paid the bills again, so nothing is in danger of being shut off. The March gas bill is $257, similar to the last couple of months. She did note that the tax returns need to reflect that loan payments are not deductible (only interest on a loan is, which we don't have). She needs to follow up with Vicky and see exactly what the situation is there, both for this year and last. Barbara said that having an LLC should mean that the tax liability stays with the corporation, not the individual owners.
  7. Old Business
    1. Storage – Barbara proposed to get full rental occupancy of the 'center' room upstairs (the one that lacks a door to the hallway) to use as lockable storage. Kimberly wanted to pay no more than what we paid last year for a storage unit, which was $67/month. Jamie was worried that we would lose the closets downstairs; the intention is to move the lesser-used things and those that should be locked up (many of which are now living in people's basements and garages) can go upstairs, so the downstairs closets can be used more efficiently. It is possible that if Kate wants to rent space for martial arts classes, she could use the closet-under-the-stairs to store her mats in.
      Proposed formally: renting the central room upstairs for no more than $65/month additional rent, and not giving up anything we currently have. Consensed.
  8. New Business
    1. Pagan Pride Day – David and Kimberly went to the first planning meeting for this year; a tentative date is scheduled for Sunday September 13th. We will not be doing the main ritual this year so someone else can have the chance, but we have offered our labyrinth, as well as to coordinate the Pagan Experience, which is an area at the event where learning and dialogue can happen. Matt went to last year's version, and will be a good resource for what worked and what didn't work in that experience. It will also involve some other people from outside our community as well, of course. Kimberly wants to also do something similar to what we did at Prairie Star District several years ago with themed altars.
      If anyone else wants to go to those meetings, we can pass on when and where they are.

April 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 4/25/2015

In attendance: Kit, Barbara, Jan, Kimberly, David, Jamie, Scot

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved
  2. Roles – Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara is serving as Parliamentarian, Kimberly as Non Sequitur. Jamie took the talking ball in case she needs to throw it at Kit, and Kit took a shiny gold head scarf.
  3. Chalice Lighting – done by Barbara.
  4. Minutes – approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's Report – not present.
  6. Elections
    1. Board members elected: Scot Banes, Rosemary Williams, David Reynolds-Gier, and Jan Wilner. (Jamie, John, and Barbara)
    2. GA Delegates: Aubry Gabbard.
    3. NomCom: Kimberly, Barbara, Erin Scrogum.
    4. LLC Liaison: Barbara Griggs.
    5. Officers: Jamie is elected as President, Jan as Vice-President, David as Secretary, John as Treasurer.
  7. New Business
    1. UUA/General Assembly – Aubry has offered to be our on-site delegate to General Assembly 2015, if we can financially support her by paying her registration. However we are ineligible to have a voting delegate at General Assembly due to not making a financial contributionto the UUA in 2013-2014. Kit mentioned that there is a possibility that Aubry will have to go home for family matters during the time of General Assembly. Failed to consense based on several objections to the above circumstances.
    2. Kit's Bylaws Concern – Kit wants to look at revising how NomCom works so that there is some continuity of leadership; maybe having two year staggered terms. Suggestions were raised for ways it might work better; Jan wants to 'audit' NomCom meetings so that she can learn more about how it works before she someday gets on that committee after she leaves the Board.
  8. Old Business
    1. Pagan Pride Day – date is confirmed for September 13th. The charity for this year is a diabetes-support organization called TypeOneKansasCity. Mark Stinson's Heathen group will be conducting the main ritual. We have also been asked to provide a chant group that will provide and teach some music, so Voices of Gaia is working on that.
  9. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – no report of note.
    2. KidSpace – no significant report; use of upstairs space proposal has not been acted on by Ellen yet.
    3. Ritual Teams – things are proceeding apace.
    4. Social Justice – Climate Justice month has wound down, to no great effect.
    5. Communications – things are proceeding apace.
    6. NomCom – election conducted.
    7. Welcoming – no report.
    8. Manheim Liaison – David has decided to go to the meetings until they start breaking their own rules or yelling. This month that meant 30 minutes. They are continuing to struggle with treating Bill fairly.
    9. LLC Liaison – Ellen reported that the Fire Inspector has told her we need to have a fire alarm in the building; Vicky followed up with him and she was sent to someone at the Codes Administration office. Mr. Gantz there said that the requirement probably did not apply to us, due to their never being more than 50 people in the building. Barbara suspects the requirement was stated in response to a 'vision' or future use that Ellen may have offered the fire marshal. Vicky did get a bid for a fire alarm system, but it would be $1300 just to install it, not including monthly monitoring. Barbara is confused about why she has seen no paperwork from the fire marshal following the meetings with Ellen.
      Danny has been trying to work on what is wrong with the burglar alarm system in UV South, but it continues to go off every weekend. Scotty was kicked off the monitoring job for UV South by Anita, and Ellen has arranged for someone else to do that, but has not communicated those arrangements to Vicky or us.
      Vicky will be back in town at the end of May, when hopefully some of this can be arranged and sorted out then.
    10. Stewardship – Pledge Drive is ongoing. GoFundMe will need to get some specific information from us to release the money from that fundraiser to Gaia Community (instead of creating a tax liability for Kimberly by withdrawing it personally). Zie is working on getting that part resolved, so that we can collect our funds for the fire escape.
      The items donated for the auction now are no longer needed for the fire escape; Kimberly wondered if we wanted to apply those proceeds to the general operating budget, or specifically earmark them for building improvements. General opinion was that it would be fine to address that through the budget process.
      Rosemary confirmed that the Garage Sale will be on May 16th. We will need to get a truck to move stuff around, like last time; Kit has offered to wrangle that portion.

May 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on May 30, 2015

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Kimberly, David, Jamie, Erin, Gary, Susi, Rosemary

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved
  2. Roles – Kimberly will be Non Sequitur, Susi as Vibes Watcher, David as Parliamentarian, Barbara as Devil's Advocate
  3. Chalice Lighting – done by Jamie
  4. Minutes – approved as read with minor changes
  5. Treasurer's Report – not present
  6. New Business
    1. Budget – Kimberly presented the draft budget (attached), and reminded the few people who have not pledged to do so. Several people are expected to pledge (based on prior behavior) but have not completed a card, so those amounts are not reflected in this draft budget, to the tune of about $1600 shortfall. Therefore this budget is cut down to the bone, including removing any payment to the UUA or MidAmerica Region. If we paid them, it would be about $1,680 to the UUA and $672 to MidAmerica to pay them in full (based on 28 certified members). David proposed putting 25% of each amount into the budget, pending final pledge amounts. Barbara is concerned about the telephone being an expense that doesn't do us much good; we've gotten about 12 voice mails over the last year, and almost all of them have been people searching for charitable help (stranded in Topeka, stuck in a mental hospital, etc). Consensed to switch to a free Google-Voice-like system that we can forward to the Communications Chair.
      The Incorporation paperwork is a trivial amount; David thought it was $12 to update Missouri Secretary of State electronically, we no longer have to incorporate as a foreign corporation in Kansas. Kimberly will check on the exact amount with John.
      Jamie suggested removing the line-item for printing entirely, since she is not printing announcements through Kinko's anymore. Kimberly countersuggested to cut it in half, to $80. Consensed.
      Jan reminded us that there were $75 in membership dues for Manheim Park as well; added to the budget under the DUES section.
    2. Pagan Community Statement on the Environment – some of the leadership of CUUPS has drafted a statement that we have been invited to sign on to as a community (in addition to being able to do so as individuals, of course). We do not have the ability to amend or edit it. Kimberly proposed that we sign on as a community, and later decide what actions to take as a result of that. Consensed. Kitty wondered if we could send a letter to the editor; probably we could condense it down and send them something like a press release. Kimberly also suggested we delegate actions items about this statement to the Social Justice committee or a task force. Most people felt that it was a natural fit for Social Justice. Consensed.
  7. Committees
    1. Membership – not enough new attendees to take action of late. Greeter's Table is pretty stable and steady.
      1. Library – Rosemary has assembled another donation box of books for the library, as well as a 6' bookshelf. Kimberly thought that was a good question to send to the LLC/Site Liaison.
    2. KidSpace – John reported from afar that KidSpace is still paying the coordinator for curriculum, and one hour to the teacher even if no kids show up (two hours if they do).
    3. Ritual Teams – everything is going smoothly. God Auction is about to start gearing up, and Excellence in Ritual starts tomorrow. Next meeting is on Tuesday, and will be a titles/scheduling meeting.
    4. Social Justice – the last meeting covered the potential contenders in God Auction, and what projects might relate to them if they win in July. Also, Kimberly wants to revisit the idea of a Stuff Sharing Library for the community. Also Jamie wanted to talk about crafting a list of 'Gaia Community's Favorite Charities', based on what came out of the Online Ritual.
    5. Communications – Earth Healer will be coming out on June 14th, so get your material to Jamie so she can include it in the newsletter. FB has made events somewhat easier to use, but have still not fixed all of their bugs.
      Kimberly is doing a monthly blog post for CUUPS, so if anyone has suggestions for topics related to the community that you think we should brag about, send them to Kimberly.
    6. NomCom – no news right now.
    7. Welcoming – we were approached by the group doing the Interfaith Service for KC Pride, to bring a reading related to the nature of love. Susi is going to be there anyway, so she can be our representative. She welcomes suggestions for what that reading could be; Kitty mentioned that there may be a reading in Circle Round that applies. If you have suggestions send them to Susi quickly, since the service is this coming Wednesday at Central Presbyterian at 7pm. Jamie will share out an event for it.
    8. Manheim – they had a very orderly meeting, and made several bylaws changes, including some suggested by Bill. David paid the dues on behalf of Gaia Community.
    9. LLC – the LLC has let Nitro go from the property management job, and hired on Seft as the property manager for slightly more money (about $60/month more). That will make the budget very tight for the LLC. Vicky turned down the offer for us to rent the middle room upstairs, because of how rentable she sees that room as being (related to the two rooms on either side of it). Barbara agrees that this is probably the wisest decision financially for the LLC. Vicky does have a different room in mind upstairs that Barbara wants to look at after RfB.
      Vicky also wants to move the Oasis's altar out of the big room downstairs; when the curtains were up it was less bothersome but now it disturbs her. There is a possibility that they could move operations up to the southern room upstairs, once the fire escape is repaired and we are up to code for upstairs occupation. Vicky still has a belief that the space can be rented profitably in a piecewise, timeshare manner. Barbara believes that Ubuntu has become poisoned in the eyes of the artist community of Kansas City, for reasons that are not entirely unified in the court of public opinion.
      Vicky and Seft are in agreement that going forward, rents will need to be competitive with the midtown area.
      There are no decisions to make today regarding LLC, but there may be some coming soon, such as whether or not to give up the shared space rooms upstairs (while maintaining the same rent, since we now have climate control and a working roof, etc). Also whether there is another storage space we can use upstairs.
      Kitty reported that A.B. May next door is up for sale, and that will change the environment somewhat if and when someone else comes in there.
    10. Stewardship – the MidSummer fundraiser planning is going well, and it has been rolled out the public. Share away! It will be held at All Souls on June 27th.
      The Garage Sale went off pretty well despite the weather; it collected about $425.
      Also, GoFundMe has released the money to Gaia Community and we have paid (some of) it out to take care of paying for the fire escape repairs. Barbara pointed out that the money paid should not be configured as a loan to the LLC (which would open a tax liability), but instead as a leasehold for Gaia Community's ability to use the space.

June 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business from June 27, 2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Jamie, Rosemary, Barbara, Jan, Scot

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved
  2. Roles – David will be Non Sequitur, Jan as Vibes Watcher, Rosemary as Parliamentarian, Barbara as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Chalice Lighting – approved
  4. Minutes – approved with minor changes
  5. Treasurer's Report – not present
  6. Committees
    1. Stewardship – there is an event tonight! You should all come.
    2. KidSpace – we received a request from a regular visitor to help a Pagan UU child fulfill his religion/spirituality badge for Boy Scouts through Gaia Community; KidSpace is working on it.
    3. Communications – everything is moving smoothly. Jamie needs blurbs for the next Earth Healer.
    4. Ritual Teams – God Auction prep is ongoing. Calender has been set through Samhain. Meeting schedule has been shifted starting in September, see calendar (so October will be Wednesday, November Thursday, December Monday, etc). Next meeting is on Wednesday July 1.
    5. Membership – intermittent visitors, but nothing to create a New Member Class from.
      1. Library – Rosemary still has the bookshelf available if someone has a vehicle large enough to transfer it (and we obtain permission to move it here).
    6. Social Justice – the last meeting discussed the Stuff Sharing idea in more depth, and how it might work. There will be no meeting in July because of God Auction.
    7. NomCom – David pointed out that per the bylaws, John has been automatically terminated as Treasurer due to missing the last five Rituals for Business, unless we consider that timer starting over for his new term in May (in which case he's only missed two). NomCom will have a conversation with him and find out if he can continue.
      Jamie will remind Kit that he wanted to write up some procedures/amendments for how NomCom works.
    8. Welcoming – we made a not-very-subtle reminder on FB yesterday that we have people available to legally perform marriages, following the SCOTUS decision.
    9. Liaisons
      1. Manheim – they conducted an election; David voted for a mix of old and new officers according to his conscience, then helped count the ballots. Seft is still president.
      2. Interfaith – Linda was not present, no report.
      3. LLC – not much report due to no meetings and not many replies to emails; see below for proposal. Isha did get ahold of Seft to figure out how to pay their rent; she put the check into a mail slot at an empty house, but it has not been cashed yet. The email he gave does not work, though Barbara has another email to use.
  7. Old Business
    1. Budget – attached; amended a few typographical errors and consensed.
    2. Rental of the Building – Barbara proposed to increase our rent by $60/month and amend our lease to add a 6'x12' storage room upstairs, and change the classroom rental upstairs from two timeshare rooms to one exclusive-use room (the northernmost). This would allow us to furnish the room as we choose, and lock it. We also would continue have use of the locking closet up there on the north wall.
      Linda, John, and Erin are all in favor of it (in their roles as part of KidSpace).
      Consensed, with the understanding that at the end of the process there will be a written lease.

July 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 7/25/2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Jamie, Barbara, Jan, Devin, Erin, Aaron, Rosemary

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved
  2. Roles – Devin will be Non Sequitur, Erin as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Kimberly as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Chalice Lighting – performed by Jamie
  4. Minutes – approved as read
  5. Treasurer's Report – no Treasurer at present, no report.
  6. Committees
    1. KidSpace – we have more kids present the last couple of weeks now! Barbara thinks this will be sustainable and we can continue having lessons and teachers available for the new reality of actually having KidSpace attendees. Erin is excited be an active part of KidSpace again; Barbara said that there would probably be a meeting in person soon then.
    2. Membership – returning members are the domain of Stewardship; Jamie does not have any prospective candidates for NMC. Time to schedule the next couple of months for Greeter's Table. Jan and Barbara need the link again for the Drive spreadsheet.
    3. Ritual Teams – 2015 meeting minutes have been uploaded to the wiki (they were stored locally due to the lack of WiFi at Ubuntu Village). Due to Erin's return, an interview team needs to be arranged to interview her so that RTM can decide whether she is allowed back on the committee. That may happen after this meeting, if enough people are available.
    4. Communications – EH is prepared, just needs to be proofread and printed. PPD got a significant mention, though we are actually doing even more than Jamie remembered. She will update the missing activities. Erin would like to add a Craft Group back onto the calendar, for the first Saturday of each month at her house, 1-5pm.
    5. Social Justice – no meeting in July due to God Auction, but the next meeting will talk about ways to integrate Brigid as our new patron. We did collect a great deal of food at God Auction, which Jamie helpfully transferred to the Harvesters location. Rosemary still has a great deal of clothes to donate, that need to get out of her garage next week. Barbara will poke Peter to get him to commit to a time and date; Rosemary is not available Monday but is on vacation the rest of the week.
      Jan asked if anyone was coming to SJ from midtown, so she could catch a ride. Current attendees all live down south. Kimberly proposed moving the meeting to Ubuntu Village to see if we can get more attendees. Consensed.
    6. Stewardship – Rosemary also noted that a popup shelter was left at her house, and she's not sure whose it is. We suggested bringing it to Ubuntu Village and see if anyone recognizes it. The Midsummer event went off successfully; we made a small amount of net income for the community ($100-250), and it was a lot of fun. Devin wondered if the event could be part of Fringe Festival; Kimberly has had experience with that, and finds it to be a great logistical challenge to work with Fringe Central; it is not usually a fundraiser but more of a way to garner exposure for theatrical troupes and performers; hardly anyone makes money for their event, as most of the proceeds go to Fringe's ongoing expense.
      Erin asked about other fundraiser ideas; Kimberly welcomes new input, but is considering something like 'rent parties', and other small events to sustain income-generation on a lighter scale. We expect to still do garage sales, shirt sales (including some new designs), and we'll be conducting some sales at PPD as part of our tabling. Everything that doesn't sell there can still go into an online auction.
    7. NomCom – no one has managed to talk to John Boyce yet.
    8. Welcoming – no issues or meetings
    9. Liaisons
      1. Manheim – July's meeting every year is a listening session, breaking the attendees into small groups to talk about priorities, concerns, etc. It gives the new board elected in June a way to get direct feedback from the group. David brought up some of their difficulties with procedure and fairness, as relates to Bill and other discontents. They may consider adopting a more simplified rules structure; that may allow them to defuse some of the animosity that occurs.
      2. Interfaith – Linda was not present, no report.
      3. LLC – Barbara reported that she has still not had any direct contact with Seft through either email, even after Vicky indirectly reminded him to do so. David will try to talk to him in person at the August 8th Manheim Meeting.
        Kitty's last report said that Rainn and Oasis' rent was sent in but were not cashed timely, so has not hit the Ubuntu account. We need to make sure that this is actually happening correctly, which is part of the concern. Our bills are being paid by Kitty, so that is fine and healthy.
        Many ideas were brainstormed to make this situation work better, many of which will be tried.
  7. Old Business
    1. Rental of the Building – no update due to the aforementioned lack of contact.
  8. New Business
    1. KidSpace expenditures for renovations – Barbara wants to do some remodeling on the room we want to use upstairs. KidSpace account has some funds for such purposes, though technically we would need KidSpace's approval (not just the Committee of the Whole or Treasurer). Among other things, she recommends flooring that room with sheet vinyl (linoleum or similar) so that it is easier to clean and manage.
      Also Barbara has discovered that the lights upstairs are removed and the location is unknown; reinstalling something upstairs for that purpose will be very useful. We also need Danny or someone qualified to verify that the wires have been capped and are safe.
      Barbara proposed that KidSpace will make improvements to the northernmost room, such improvements understood to likely be irretrievable and the exact amount subject to the approval of the KidSpace Committee (in consultation with the Treasurer). Consensed.

August 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 8/22/2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Jamie, Barbara, Jan, Scot, Erin, Rosemary

  1. Chalice Lighting – performed by Jamie
  2. Approval of Agenda – approved
  3. Roles – Scot monitored for Non Sequiturs, Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Erin as Devil's Advocate.
  4. Minutes – approved as read
  5. Treasurer's Report – no Treasurer at present, no report.
  6. Committees
    1. KidSpace – the committee has been exploring practical flooring options. They have not held their meeting yet.
    2. Communications – Jamie has learned the secret to keeping Facebook from changing the end date of events (if you use the date picker, it behaves better than if you just type it in manually). Voices of Gaia have been added to the website calendar, but it's not a good fit for a public FB event, since right now they are trying to rehearse with a given group for the PPD performance, and many new singers coming in might make that difficult. If it continues to be a going concern after PPD, they will have their own event and an organizational meeting, etc.
    3. Ritual Teams – two people have been interviewed for Ritual Teams; they will be presented for consideration on the Sept. 1st RTM. That will also be a titling meeting. The EiR students have begun their internship; their scheduled ritual will be September 27th.
    4. Membership – Shannon has been several times and seems to be having a really good experience, so Jamie will approach her about the “informal” version of the New Member Class. Most of the other upswing in attendance has been from returning members from back in the day.
      David has scheduled a small amount of the upcoming Greeter's Table roster.
    5. Social Justice – Kimberly pointed out that SJ needs a Chair. The meeting at Ubuntu Village did indeed have more people in attendance, so that's to the good. The meeting came up with the idea (in relationship to our new patron) to talk about the food cycle, sourcing, ethical food decisions, etc. They will work on arranging visits to farms, perhaps speakers or movies on various topics. They will also be more insistent on reminding people to bring items for Harvesters on Sundays.
    6. Stewardship – preparing to sell stuff at PPD; they still need a couple of volunteers for Pagan Pride Day in several capacities; Rosemary and Kitty volunteered in a general sense, and Kimberly will also email folks.
    7. Welcoming – no issues or meetings. Kimberly suggested that Ritual Teams look into scheduling some Sundays that have a focus on Welcoming. Jan pointed out that CAMP still lists Lizzy as the President/Contact under their list of Welcoming Congregations.
    8. NomCom – no one has managed to talk to John Boyce yet. Next Wednesday would be a good opportunity, since we know he and Linda will be at the Clothing Swap.
      Scot asked for clarification on the Automatic Termination clause for board members; the bylaws state that you cannot miss three meetings in a row, or four out of any six.
    9. Liaisons
      1. Interfaith – Linda was not present, no report.
      2. Manheim – August's meeting is normally a barbeque event instead of a formal meeting, but Seft forgot so attendance was light. They have finally set up an Internal Audit Committee and populated it; the plan is to have them review the external professional auditor's findings.
        David brought up the idea of announcing our Games Night to the neighborhood, in conjunction with their stated desire to have more social events going on. Everyone present thought that was a good idea; we had 11 people last night.
      3. LLC – Barbara requested the new email David got from Seft; he emailed it to her right then. Seft also reported that there is a tutoring group looking at using the upstairs 'office' room, if they agree to the terms. Kitty reported that she has not yet seen any checks being deposited yet this month; Barbara asked that Kitty communicate that in an email to Vicky so everyone is informed about everything.
        Kimberly wondered if we might not take on Rental Agent duties, if we continue to get no real service from this agent as well. However we have this new and better email, and enough other things on our plate right now to put it off another month.
  7. New Business
    1. Florida Murder – the murder a few weeks ago has faded largely out of the news sphere. Do we still want to write up a statement of information? A lot of pagan groups such as Patheos, Lady Liberty, Circle Sanctuary, etc ran informational responses, and HuffPost and other news organizations reshared and broadcast those. If the Escambia County Sheriff does it again (he's apparently a big bigot), we can re-engage with them as needed. David can reach out to some of the KCPD CIOs and see if they have/need any sensitivity training for minority religions. Kimberly also will talk to KC Conjure, since their practice historically leads to more interactions with law enforcement. We can partner with them if something comes up on their end, too.
    2. Ritual Facilitation Workshop – Kimberly has been contacted by Shauna Knight, who has visited our community before and lives in the Upper Midwest. She is transiting between two remotely-located Pagan Pride Days, and wondered if she could run something with us here in Kansas City during her travel, on the evening of Monday the 31st of August. Consensed to let Kimberly run with the logistics of that. Kimberly also mentioned that there has been a lot of low-level interest in event hosting for pagan groups at Ubuntu Village, but so far no one has come out to see the space. It would be nice to have things arranged ahead of time so that event rental can be an easy and rapid response. Once we establish good contact with Seft, that should be a priority.

September 2015

Minutes for the Ritual for Business on 9/26/2015

In attendance: Kimberly, David, Susi, Barbara, Jan, Erin, Rosemary

  1. Chalice Lighting – performed by Barbara
  2. Roles – Susi will be Non Sequitur, Jan as Vibes Watcher, Kimberly as Parliamentarian, David as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Agenda: – approved
  4. Minutes: – approved with minor changes
  5. Treasurer's Report: – no Treasurer at present, no report.
  6. Committees
    1. KidSpace – attendance by children has been pretty steady; Barbara spoke to the Boyces to ensure that they can still fulfill their obligations, they assured her that they could, though John will not be here this weekend, and possibly next. Kimberly has obtained a Goddess Coloring Book that has potential as a resource for KS, and will be passed on. The committee (in conjunction with RT) will need to do a little planning and manage expectations for having youths of various ages in ritual.
    2. Communications – Earth Healer has gone out on time. FB and the website appears to be behaving itself of late.
    3. Ritual Teams – rituals are scheduled through Imbolc. We added both Erin and Jan to the roster of ritualists. The EiR public ritual is tomorrow!
    4. Membership – David has scheduled the upcoming Greeter's Table roster through the end of of January 2016, to coincide with scheduled rituals.
    5. Social Justice – Erin has volunteered to be the chair. We have scheduled a documentary viewing for October 1st.
    6. Stewardship – we made about $400 at PPD selling items. Shauna's class went well, but in lieu of a cash donation we received several items she has made for sale. Kimberly has also recently learned that we have several visual artists in the community, so Kimberly will move forward with a plan for new shirt designs.
    7. Welcoming – we did not do a good job of specifically scheduling rituals that address Welcoming issues; we will remind RT to address it in whatever rituals are applicable. Susi is interested in getting into contact with the KC Coalition for Welcoming Ministries, which may work out better than David and Kimberly doing it, because she may be able to attend their luncheons rather than the infrequent evening meetings.
      H) NomCom – Barbara spoke to John about his Treasurer duties; he will come back to RfB in November. David will email him to get a written report on our bank balances and Barbara said she would make a statement from that if possible.
    8. Liaisons
      1. Interfaith – Linda was not present, no report.
      2. Manheim – David announced the September Games Night, and the documentary event, at their last meeting. They had an Ice Cream Social last month, 30 people attended. The professional audit was done and has been passed out to the membership and the internal audit committee. Their new budget is not ready to be presented yet. They are trying to pursue a community engagement liaison through a grant program, but the neighborhood will need to match $2,000 to qualify for it; there is some disagreement about whether the neighborhood actually wants that, pending more information about the job duties. There will be a community picnic on September 27th, coincidentally from 3-5pm.
      3. LLC – we continue to receive zero communication from Seft; Oasis has not had their last several rent checks cashed. Barbara has sent an ultimatum email to Seft asking for a copy of his agreement with Vicky, and is about to ask Vicky for it as well if he does not respond. The verbal agreement, before witnesses, was that he would get 10% of collected rents in exchange for services. Barbara asked that David remind her again about his email address.
  7. New Business
    1. Space Rentals – there has been an uptick in verbal and electronic interest in renting event space at Ubuntu Village. Etoile is interested in bringing her bellydance classes back, and there is a Wiccan group (associated with the Oasis) that wants to hold a meet-and-greet and possibly other classes. The Wiccan meet-and-greet has been scheduled. Michael Garner wants to have the ability to hold a monthly discussion group for Polyamorous Families; that would probably be on a weeknight. Kimberly thinks $50/month would be reasonable for that use. David suggested letting Michael try having one meeting first, which means we could make that ad hoc agreement, and then if he wants to keep doing it we'll need to go to Vicky/Seft. Consensed. Etoile said that her prior arrangement with Vicky was to pay Ubuntu Village half of the class fees collected, and Barbara is fine with reviving that. Consensed, with the same understanding. Kimberly recommended making a publicly viewable Google Calendar to coordinate events and schedules, which will also provide a little publicity for our events. Consensed. Kitty also passed on to Kimberly that the Drum Tribe is interested in coming back; they have been playing in the park over the summer, but the weather is about to turn on them (they are no longer using the building down at 55th & Troost). They would need to pay rent of some sort this time around; they were grandfathered in the first time around due to their assistance in cleaning out the building of all the junk. We don't know any details, though Jason Lichten might be the point person.
      In addition to visual artists, we have a sizable collection of musicians and singers whose talents are not being utilized very often; with the resurrection of Voices of Gaia, we might be able to get a monthly jam session going. Susi will put out some feelers in the community and see if we can fold that in as part of their activities, thus making it a sponsored Gaia event which would simplify the rental agreement (we could collect a tip jar).
    2. Pretty Committee – Kimberly wants to see the Pretty Committee resurrected, to continue work on the building. During last week's rainstorm there was water coming in around the pipe on the east wall, as well as a little bit in the window well on the same wall. Kimberly scraped away the paint damaged from the pipe-related leak, but it needs to be repainted. There is a fair amount of mildew at the foot of the wall, and near the back door. Barbara needs to contact Danny for his expertise; she will try to get him here tomorrow. Consensed, understanding that we may need to coordinate with Danny's schedule.
      Several people were also interested in tapping the visual artists to display their work in the front room and/or great room, and put them up for sale. Barbara and Susi will coordinate where work goes. Jan suggested finally getting the furring strips up, to ensure that things can be hung constructively. Consensed, so long as we can make sure we get a waiver in case anything gets damaged.
      Kimberly also wants to put the $400 raised at PPD (and up to $100 of additional general funds, if necessary) toward getting new LED lights and orchestrate getting them put in. We will need assistance/expertise from our electrical professionals (Devin, Scot, Danny, Jason, etc). Consensed.
      Kimberly will also inquire of Rane whether or not the desk in the front room is hers; if not, we should probably move it back into the 'storage room' and put the cleaning supplies in it, which would allow us to reclaim the card table.

October 2015

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 10/24/2015

Present: Barbara, Jamie, Jan, Erin, Scot

  1. Roles: Jan, Vibes; Jamie, red tape; Scott, Devil's advocate, Erin, non sequitur
  2. Agenda: approved.
  3. Minutes: approved with minor amendments.
  4. Treasurer's report: There is no Treasurer's report this month.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Kidspace — Erin will take leadership on ordering interlocking floor tiles for the Kidspace room. Note that there has been no kidspace staff three times since last RFB; Barbara covered two weeks and families saw the post and kept their kids home last week.
    2. Ritual Teams — RT will meet on Monday November 2 instead of Thursday to accommodate David, Kimberly, Barbara and Jamie's schedule. Matt & Susi have graduated and applied to Teams and their interview team is Kitty, Erin and Barbara, who hope to interview them before the November 2 meeting.
    3. Communications — The Earth Healer needs to go out tomorrow. Still need a blurb for Samhain which should be there tonight. The Belly Dance class will be announced by way of EH too, and the “prettification efforts”.
    4. Membership — At this time there are no people at the point of interest in the class. Several members have returned or increased attendance.
    5. Social Justice: held a meeting with 2 new attendees. The video night was not held since only the committee actually was present. SJ will solicit input on what people would like to do and when at an upcoming forum, before scheduling another movie night.
    6. Stewardship — no report
    7. Welcoming — no report
    8. Site/LLC Liaison — Since last month, Seft has communicated to Vicki that Oasis' June rent check “bounced” and that they had not paid rent since. Oasis responded with documentary proof that the June check was deposited into Seft's firm's bank account on July 22 and state that they mailed a $400 check in August for July through September which never cleared the bank. Oasis representative Isha has written a new $500 check to pay rent through October. She texted Seft to ask him to meet her to be given the check and Seft texted that he would. She texted him that she would give him the check at UVN on October 17th. Seft did not meet her on the 17th and she has texted him where she left the check for him within UVN. As of this date, he has not picked up the check. Vicki has not responded to the conflict between what Seft said and what Oasis said. There seems to be no evidence of new renters.
      No report on Manheim Neighborhood Association due to David not being present.
    9. NomCom: will arrange a meeting to determine what to do about the Board and Treasurer vacancy.
  6. Old Business:
    1. Bellydancing — we have arranged with Etoile Abet to rent under our auspices on Monday nights under the same agreement she previously had, which is a minimum of 50% of class donations but the rate would drop if her attendance increased. We need to plan for a member to open and close for her. November 2nd Kitty will do; November 9th, November 16 Jan will see if Etoile can pick her up, Barbara & Jan November 23, Jamie November 30, December 7th will be RT meeting and someone can come early. Jamie will ask Kit to help clean the donated refrigerator. We need someone to clean the bathrooms. Jamie will send out requests for assistance to the keyholders.
    2. Pretty Committee — it was suggested that we try to recruit some art to be displayed in the short term while we try to get together a couple of work days to fix up the walls, etc. Barbara will contact Susi to check on that idea. Probably also the Pretty Committee should meet.
  7. New Business:
    1. Keys — Erin needs a key as Board Member and RT member; Susi & Matt need keys as RT members, and Oasis has requested an additional key due to their growth. Also, we still do not have a key to the North door which represents a safety issue if we need to evacuate. As LLC liaison, Barbara will try to get a key to this door through Vicky.

November 2015

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 11/28/2015

Present: Barbara, Jan, Jamie, David, Kimberly, Scot, Susi

  1. Chalice: Jamie lit the chalice.
  2. Roles: Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Kimberly as Non Sequitur, and Scot as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Agenda approved as presented.
  4. Minutes: approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's report: due to stuff beyond control, John was not present but emailed it in. $5991.12 in the General Fund, KidSpace has $468.71, and the Home Fund has $523.56. Church Mutual has given us a dividend check of $23. The UUA wants their dues, about $1500. Regional wants about $700. He also appears to be missing an offering collection, and John is looking for it. Jamie and Barbara will try to pin down what week that was and who might have collected it for him.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Kidspace — KidSpace continues to work on Sundays; Barbara donated a lamp for KidSpace's use upstairs. They are working on a Food Drive as a service project for Dammien. January 16th will be a Saturday work day at Harvesters; he wanted to know if that day would work for the rest of the community (it seems to). Jan wanted to know if we could get the overflow of food stuffed into the Harvesters barrel organized on a table or something so it's easier to offer up. That is a cool idea, but several people felt we should also work towards getting the mass of food to Harvesters for redistribution. David suggested that we set the food up temporarily for the next few weeks, but get it out the door soon! The Forest Avenue church around the corner has a shelter or kitchen or something, and might take our donations. David will check with them; Kimberly will check and see if St Mark's or wherever Colleen Simon is working now needs donations.
    2. Ritual Teams — we approved Matt and Susi onto Ritual Teams; that should allow us to have more three-person rituals again!
    3. Communications — EH has been printed and distributed, but Jamie forgot to attach it to the website. FB has changed how their photos are dimensioned/trimmed. More importantly, changing the time of an event no longer screws up the end date! The calendar on the website has been populated through Imbolc. Kimberly has acquired the curse of the Announcements being forgotten, and no one has complained; zie proposed that we could stop wasting paper and rely on our other methods of communication, until/unless someone complains. Consensed.
    4. Membership — still not a significant number of new folks to take the class; Shannon and Bobbi are possibilities for inquiry. Cathy Combs inquired about becoming a Full Active Member again; Kimberly believes that a pledge card has been turned in. Barbara and Jamie will get together about the responsibilities of the President, including recertification of members with the UUA.
      David reported that Greeter's Table is well-staffed through Imbolc.
    5. Social Justice — Erin mailed in a report: At the meeting tonight, we decided December 3 (a Thursday, 7:00) shall be the next try at a documentary day. Since food deserts seemed to really be a topic of interest, Erin is going to research a good documentary to watch on the subject. Katie is going to research local restaurants and grocery stores to compile a list of establishments that reduce waste through donating leftovers. Erin is doing legal research on the metropolitan area in order to compile a list of laws and fines (if any) for feeding the homeless/economically stressed.
      Also, Kimberly suggested replacing the sign Erin made in the window; it has suffered from condensation. We should replace it before the Yarn Bombing.
    6. Stewardship — no report.
    7. Welcoming — we meant to schedule some Sunday events that are Welcoming-focused, but didn't remember at the last scheduling cycle. David wants to do this in December.
    8. Site/LLC Liaison — the Oasis rent issue seems to have been resolved; their latest check has been cashed, and Seft has been communicating more regularly by email. He explicitly endorsed the method we are using of depositing our rent check directly into the UVN account. The north door key issue has not been resolved yet; Barbara thinks Danny has one, but hasn't heard back from him yet about that.
      Manheim Neighborhood Association met on November 14th; Seft was not there due to a family emergency (this may explain some of his distraction of late). There was some tension over a lack of written minutes for the last couple of months. However they were able to have a very frank and open discussion about the transparency issues, control and decentralization, etc. People seemed to feel better for having their concerns heard. No one seems to be able to produce a membership roster easily, including the treasurer! This may be a factor of the Historian being voted out this year, and information not being communicated forward to his successor.
    9. NomCom — John had made an agreement to be here this month to be reinstated as Treasurer, but his work schedule changed to full time and he was unable to make it; he now needs to ask for time off on Saturdays, because he's usually scheduled. Devin has offered to stand for Treasurer at the April election.
      Barbara mentioned that All Souls has utilized an 'Assistant Treasurer' position that is not a Board Member, does not have a vote, and is not term limited. That person/persons is able to assist a less-than-stellar Treasurer candidate.
  7. Old Business:
    1. Bellydancing — Etoile has cancelled classes for now due to low attendance. No hard feelings.
    2. Pretty Committee — Jamie proposed making this a Standing Committee, with the responsibility of both structural improvements and hospitality/cleaning duties. Consensed; everyone present (plus Erin) was interested in being on the committee, except David who will be happy to clean bathrooms rather than attend another committee meeting. Kimberly reported that Beth Leggett has offered to donate some large-format prints, but they will need framing. David pointed out that he has a very good coupon for framing through Michael's; if she can give us the dimensions we could order those before the prints actually arrive.

December 2015

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 12/26/2015

Present: Barbara, Jan, Erin, Devin, David, Kimberly, Scot

  1. Chalice: Jan lit the chalice.
  2. Roles: Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Erin as Non Sequitur, and Scot as Devil's Advocate.
  3. Agenda: approved as presented.
  4. Minutes: approved as read. Jan asked that the minutes be posted to the website for archival/access more reliably and rapidly. David agreed.
  5. Treasurer's report: no report.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Communications — as far as David is aware, Communications is working smoothly. Both the website domain and website hosting have been renewed for the next year or more.
    2. Kidspace — John has been holding down Sunday duties, when there are kids present. Yule had at least four, maybe five. Erin pointed out that Dryhten is still ambivalent towards KidSpace, but definitely seems to like it more when there's more of a craft project bent than just lessons or coloring. Barbara will see if she can get with Linda about beefing up the curriculum or engagement level; John does a good job of making the lessons engaging. Barbara is also looking at whether recruiting some additional teachers would be feasible.
      Devin inquired about whether some of the All Souls RE staff might be a resource; Barbara noted that they are unpaid volunteers (mostly parents), but did think of a former teacher that might be available.
    3. Ritual Teams — December's meeting planned out the ritual arc for Imbolc-Beltane.
    4. Membership — attendance has been up somewhat, but mostly familiar faces.
    5. Pretty Committee – has not met yet. However the Oasis was able to put up their fireproof curtains, which is a benefit to the look of the space. Kimberly and Susi are going to redress the front window for Imbolc; a date has not been set yet but they are thinking about 12/31 during the daytime.
    6. Social Justice — the Food Desert documentary was a success; about 8-9 people were there. The sound was difficult to hear because we didn't have a speaker at the time (now rectified). Information and awareness was duly raised. Food Stamped will get another showing on January 7th, at the same time and place.
      The yarnbombing project was a success as well; all of the items are now claimed by passersby, over a hundred in total. Erin and others are planning on adding more items again when it gets cold again.
    7. Stewardship — they are mulling over the idea of a Valentine's Day project, similar to the Shakespeare reading but also perhaps incorporating a party of some sort. Pledge Drive season is coming soon...
    8. Welcoming — no news of note. The KCWCC does not meet in December. There will probably be some rituals in the upcoming cycles that are GLBT-friendly, including Lupercalia.
    9. Site/LLC Liaison — Barbara reported that the LLC has fired Seft in an amicable agreement that he has not met his responsibilities. Danny is interested in buying into the LLC; his partner Lynn is interested in fulfilling of the promise of filling the building with tenants. She wants to make the space explicitly a 'spiritual space', have event space upstairs for Yoga and other practices such as Tai Chi. They are interested in putting in an elevator, and converting the front area into a consignment-style shop for New Age-type materials, soaps, oils, handcrafted products, jewelry, etc. Jamie now has a key for the north door, she will make keys for others (including Danny).
      Danny is working actively on the upstairs and the stairs to convert it into a usable space according to his vision. Lynn wants to fix up one of the two northwest rooms as an explicitly child-friendly room (shared, but including our current uses). Barbara explained that last June's lease never got put into written effect, so we'll be going back to the drawing board somewhat on the upstairs use. Vicky is apparently still interested in buying out our ownership shares (but keeping us as tenants); Danny and Lynn have no problems with our presence or ownership stake. Barbara and the other Gaia attendees were able to rebut several mythologies from Vicky, such as that we hate the building and want to leave and get our own space. Barbara suggested that Gaia agree to being bought-out share-for-share ($1000 cash apiece), but that we are in no hurry to leave; also that we are committed to the building and the vision of it being an important center on Troost. David pointed out that any agreement to sell our shares would need to be made at a Special Ritual for Business with the 40% superquorum rules, 72-hour notice, etc. Barbara proposed to hold that SRfB in January 2016. Jan is going to try to set up a meeting with Danny and Lynn for the first part of January as well, to touch base and encourage them towards manifesting their plans.
      David did not go to Manheim's holiday party in December, due to other commitments.
    10. NomCom — Treasurer slot is still open, but John is still working all the hours. Barbara will probably also be stepping down from the Board in April, so her Member-at-Large and Liaison slots will be open.

2016 Minutes

January 2016

Minutes Ritual For Business 1/23/2016

Present: Erin, Devin, David, Rosemary, Barbara, Jan, Kit, Susi, Kitty

  1. Roles: David as Vibes Watcher, Susi as Parliamentarian, Devin as Non Sequitur, and Jan as Devil's Advocate.
  2. Chalice: lit by Barbara
  3. Agenda: approved as written.
  4. Minutes: approved as read, though there was some question of whether the key has actually moved from Barbara to Jamie.
  5. Treasurer's report: John sent a report by email: Gaia account has $6,180.25. KidSpace account has $468.71, and Home Fund has $523.56. The missing stack of checks from December was found and deposited.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Communications – the EH comes out tomorrow, come Helll or High Water. So if you have not yet sent a blurb to Jamie, do so tonight! No one has complained about the lack of printed announcements, so that seems to be working well. Our electronic and verbal resources seem to be working. Jan suggested making an explicit slot in ritual for verbal announcements; Ritual Teams will take up the charge.
    2. Kidspace – Barbara mentioned to John that the kids want to do more interesting stuff, to pass on to Linda. She also spoke to All Souls; their mainstay teachers are overcommitted already but their RE Coordinator said she would keep her eyes open for interested folks. The specific person she was thinking of has not been seen yet to approach.
      Barbara also wants to get the committee (as well as Pretty Committee) to start thinking about ways to remodel and improve our upstairs room. They may go up and survey the room after this meeting.
    3. Ritual Teams – Ritual Teams covered several critiques last month, and addressed the accessibility concerns for a recent attendee.
    4. Membership – Greeter's Table has been staffed successfully (mostly); Katie volunteered to help out in the rotation. Jamie needs to get with Barbara about recertifying members to the UUA.
    5. Pretty Committee – three members of the committee met and redid the front window. The next project will probably be the room upstairs for KidSpace/children.
    6. Social Justice – Food Stamped was shown to about eleven people this month; the speaker worked well. There was discussion afterward. The topic for next one will be about insects as a food source, but it will be on February 4th. We also set a fundraiser topic for Imbolc-Equinox: Sheep vs. Goats for Heifer International.
      In March, the movie showing will be the 2nd Thursday (the 10th) due to Ritual Teams meeting on the 3th. Barbara suggested putting up a sign advertising the movie nights.
    7. Stewardship – no report except to say that there will not be a February fundraiser due to time constraints; the idea is still valid though (Taming of the Strew, GLBT-friendly).
    8. Welcoming – no concerns have been shared.
    9. Site/LLC Liaison – David reported that the Manheim Meetings have been running very smoothly of late; the Vice-President has been running them in Seft's absence.
      LLC Liaison report deferred to Old Business.
    10. NomCom – Kit was reminded to write up/present his proposal regarding changes to Nom Com (staggered terms for continuity). Anyone interested in that change should talk after this meeting, and propose it for any month except April (since that is actually elections).
  7. Old Business
    1. Proposal regarding the Heart of the Dove – Lyn and Danny's proposal is for the spiritual center, to be called “Heart of the Dove” (the LLC would still be UVN). There would be both regular and part-time tenants, such as reiki, massage, yoga, kirtan, meditation, teaching sustainability and gardening, arts, dance, etc.
      Elevators would be a minimum of $25k so that is off the table for the time being. Also as long as the downstairs is made ADA-compliant, the upstairs renovations do not trigger a requirement to upgrade that space to ADA requirements. Furthermore the plan to put a movable wall between the two sides of downstairs has been downgraded from a priority, as it may not be amenable to lock up the southmost room with restricted access behind the shop.
      Jamie asked about the second fridge that has shown up – apparently it was donated and may be in better shape than the Peters' old fridge. There is no plan right now to implement a kitchen space in HotD, but Barbara stated that there is a written lease between Vicky and Anita (at the daycare) that will allow us access to the kitchen there.
      Barbara pointed out that the core of her proposal was that the community agree in principle to only sell our shares for $1,000 in legal tender; no IOUs, no payment-of-rent, no exchange in kind.
      Agreed to strike 3-d from the proposal, as it shades into the 'buying and selling' decision. Consensus reached.

February 2016

Minutes from the Ritual For Business for 2/27/2016

Present: Erin, David, Rosemary, Barbara, Jan, Susi, Jamie, Katie

  1. Roles: Jan as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Katie as Non Sequitur, and Scot as Devil's Advocate.
  2. Chalice: lit by Jamie
  3. Agenda approved as written.
  4. Minutes approved as read, adding Katie and Jamie to the roster and fixing a few typos.
  5. Treasurer's report: John sent a report by email: Main Fund has $5,960.41, Kidspace has $468.71, Home Fund has $558.56. We have had an annual insurance bill of $300.00, which has been paid. We have had a request for dues from the UUA Program Fund for $1,920.00. We have had a request for dues from the Midwest Region for $768.00. We can as a congregation afford to pay those requests. I recommend that we do so, given the fact that National Assembly is coming to Kansas City in 2018.
    We have guests coming in once a week for a while--a group of Romani Dancers from KCRF are using the first floor space to practice dancing. We are receiving $25.00 per week for this. I am the person opening the door for this group, and I am on site during their meeting. My question is, What does the board want done with the $25.00 rent?---put in our fund, give to Ubuntu as extra rental income, what? (see New Business below)
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Communications – the Earth Healer went out on time; next one is due by March 13th. Storytellers Covenant Group has been added to the calendar. Craft Circle has been moved to the fourth Thursday of the month.
    2. Kidspace – one kid present recently. Devin has volunteered to be a teacher once a month to help out. There was some question of exactly how to take care of his background report given the security checks he's already undergone – the committee will look into that.
    3. Ritual Teams – took up the charge to give Announcements intentional space during rituals. March will be a titling month!
    4. Membership – Katie has been added to the roster for Greeter's Table. Barbara and Jamie and John successfully recertified our membership numbers with the UUA; we are now recorded at 23 pledging units, 33 members. That may be the difference between families and individuals, or they may have misunderstood our 'average attendance' due to changes in the form.
    5. Pretty Committee – no update. They will speak to Danny about the mold and wetness around the back door, which has been getting worse.
    6. Social Justice – a series of short videos were shown on February 4th; samples of insect-based food were made available. On March 10th we will be watching King Corn. The Social Justice meeting has also been delayed a week (to March 16th) to put it after the video.
      Sheep and Goats fundraiser for Heifer International is ongoing; we have accumulated enough for a goat, and a partial sheep. Partial shares can be bought in $10 increments.
      Blue River Rescue will be on April 2nd. For those going, they register between 7:30 and 8:30 or so, and then we leave for the sites a little before 9am. Afterward, Kimberly will feed the volunteers lunch.
    7. Stewardship – Pledge Sunday will be in May, as a mid-pledge-drive event. More news will be coming soon.
    8. Welcoming – no problems, no update.
    9. Site/LLC Liaison – Barbara sent Vicky the consened proposal from last month; there have been no meetings lately. Danny continues to work diligently upstairs, and says that he will be ready to start working downstairs in early March. Jan also obtained his phone number, to make contact easier.
      Manheim will probably also be holding a community cleanup on April 2nd. They have found membership rosters from 2013 and 2014, but not 2015. Seft was back; Doug was ill. Splash of Life wants to hold outdoor movie nights as a way to bring the neighborhood together. Various committees gave an update on their progress so far: Vacant Lots, Health, Social, Audit, etc. HuschBlackwell has started doing free legal advice on one Saturday a month at the Center, as a partnership with Legal Aid.
    10. NomCom – Elections will still be in April. Jan expressed interest in seeing the spreadsheet of former board members; Barbara suggested she might get it by joining NomCom in the future. There is a new candidate for Treasurer in the coming year. Jamie will be term-limited, and is willing to serve on the next NomCom as well.
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
    1. UUA APF – they are still sending the reminders monthly; we agreed in last year's budget to contribute $500 to the APF and $528 to the MidAmerica Region. John has gotten notices for APF's total request, and MidAmerica Region, which are higher totals overall. Barbara proposed that we send in to the budgeted amount, lacking of a detailed financial statement, and if we get more information from John we can choose to authorize higher amounts paid in the future. Consensed.
    2. Dancers – John has made arrangements for some Romany dancers from KCRF to practice at 4327 Troost on Friday evenings. He has made sure they are aware of Games Night and they have promised to work around that. Their rent will go directly to Kitty (as UV Treasurer).

March 2016

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 3/26/2016

Present: Erin, David, Kimberly, Barbara, Jan, Scot, Devin, Rosemary

  1. Roles: Erin as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Devin as Non Sequitur, and David as Devil's Advocate.
  2. Chalice: lit by Barbara
  3. Agenda approved as written.
  4. Minutes approved as read.
  5. Treasurer's report: no report sent
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Communications – chair was not present, but things seem to be proceeding as normal lately.
    2. Kidspace – still about one kid present recently. Devin has been trying to arrange a meeting with Linda.
    3. Ritual Teams – titles and ritualists have been assigned for May to August, which gets us past God Auction.
    4. Membership – Greeter's Table has been mostly staffed, though some people's schedules kept them from meeting their assigned days. Anyone who is a regular greeter has access to add their own N/A to the spreadsheet, so David doesn't accidentally double-book you.
    5. Pretty Committee – took down the display in the north front room; holding off on a new display due to renovations.
    6. Social Justice – King Corn was shown on the second Thursday of March, with the usual attendees there. April's documentary will be A Place At The Table, which is about food justice.
      Blue River Rescue will be on April 2nd, which is next Saturday, so there is no ongoing event right now until after that. Let David know if you are attending; let Kimberly know if you are coming to lunch afterward.
    7. Stewardship – Pledge Sunday will be in May, as a wrap-up to pledge drive. Due to our size, it will probably be a pretty low-key drive.
    8. Welcoming – Kansas is trying to pass a 'bounty' system for catching people whose genitalia don't match the bathroom of the educational institution. In Missouri the Legislature is trying to pass (and probably will pass) a ballot measure that would enshrine religious freedom (to discriminate) in the state constitution. Kimberly will pass on more information about those local issues soon.
    9. Site/LLC Liaison – Barbara and Jan and Danny and Lynn met again; they are continuing to work upstairs, though they are delaying working downstairs for a least a couple weeks. Wednesday April 13th there will be a Folk Medicine event here; we don't have a lot of details but they did say they need ten people to attend to make it viable. Jan or Barbara will contact Lynn to get more details so we can publicize it.
      April 16th there will be a Drumming Workshop. Today there is a Shamanic Breathing event going on upstairs, 10-5.
      There may be a wedding held here in October; that event will be a Sunday so we'll need to make sure to arrange ourselves upstairs and publicize to come in through the north door.
      Danny is still doing all of this work prior to a formal arrangement or partnership in the LLC; Barbara has reiterated that we will support that change being made with associated paperwork.
      Kimberly also noted that we have had two incidents of the alarm from 4329 going off again, and our key has gone missing. Hopefully we'll find it today during the closet cleanout, but if not we should make arrangements to get several copies made from Vicky's (Danny does not have one currently, either). Hopefully the shutoff code is still the same as when Kimberly had it last time; code was shared with those present.
      There is still a plan to modify at least one of the downstairs bathrooms to make it ADA compliant.

      David did not attend Manheim's meeting this month due to a scheduling conflict.

    10. NomCom – Elections will be in April. David made sure the current NomCom have access to the spreadsheet which tracks historical data, who has talked to who, etc.
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
    1. Minutes – Erin requested that the Minutes go back into the Earth Healer, which would not increase the amount of paper we use since it is almost always digital now. Barbara noted that since the EH is not monthly anymore, some months would have one set of Minutes, and some would have two. David suggested that it might be easier to post an announcement when they get uploaded to their usual place on the website; Jan said a standing link in the Earth Healer of where to find the minutes on the website would be a good idea.

April 2016

Minutes Ritual For Business 5/1/2016 (tried and failed to achieve quorum on 4/23/2016)

Present: Erin, Scot, Jamie, David, Kimberly, Susi, Devin

Election: Ballots were tallied. Unanimous decision according to ballot, no write-ins:

  • President: Susi
  • Vice-President: Jan
  • Treasurer: Devin
  • Secretary: David
  • Trustees: Katie, Rosemary, Barbara
  • NomCom: Kit, Jamie, Matt

No other business was conducted.

May 2016

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 5/28/2016

Present: Erin, Susi, Katie, Jan, David, Kimberly, Gary

  1. Roles: David as Parliamentarian, Erin as Devil's Advocate, Jan as Vibes Watcher, and Katie wielded the Spatula.
  2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
  3. Agenda was approved as read, with the exception that NomCom does not need to formally report now since they are working on a proposal for their processes.
  4. Minutes from March were read and approved. The election results were also read, as that was all the business conducted in April.
  5. Treasurer's report: Erin reported that John and Devin were unable to go to the bank to get the names transferred; old names need to be taken off first before we can add anyone else. Susi will talk to John and get things cleared up.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Communications – Jamie will be putting out the EH on the 12th; anyone who has a blurb or other information put in should get it to her by the 10th.
    2. KidSpace – there haven't been kids present of late.
    3. Ritual Teams – Ritual Teams has been dealing with the upstairs-downstairs shell game. Next month's meeting (June 1st) will be for fall titling.
    4. Membership – two people will be taking the class soon. We will need to have Ritual Teams schedule a NMS!
    5. Pretty Committee – on hold while the building is being rebuilt.
    6. Social Justice – April's viewing of A Place At The Table had five people there, and seven people came to Fresh in May. June 2nd there will be a showing of the first episode of Cooked, at Kimberly's house.
      Kimberly has been talking to After The Harvest and has proposed a date for going out; there has been a snarl of scheduling since they want to know who is coming before they reserve a date, but our people don't know if they can go before there's a date! Kimberly will just pick one of the open dates and go with it.
    7. Stewardship – Pledge Drive has occurred, and a preliminary budget has been prepared (see New Business). They are talking about doing a smaller fundraiser this summer, as a storytelling bonfire.
      There was some interest in bringing back the Shakespeare event, or Longest Night (or some other ball). Kimberly will get an open stewardship meeting scheduled after Sunday sometime.
    8. Welcoming – Kimberly reported that we chosen not to participate in the Unity Sunday welcoming event we were solicited for, when we found it will have a monthly ongoing cost to be part of their group.
    9. Site/LLC Liaison – The bathrooms downstairs are being reconfigured, probably for ADA compliance. There may be a third bathroom added, on the side closer to the garage room.
      No liaison meeting has been held recently, but they are trying to schedule one. Jan asked if there were any agenda items to be brought up. David asked what the configuration/purpose of the front room is going to be; Jan reported that it will be a shop for consignment goods, and a coffee shop in the north section. Susi asked for a more specific and concrete plan of what is coming for the building. Jan also reported that Paul Goldman's event at First Friday went well, about 30 people were here. There will be another one on the First Friday of June.
      David did not attend Manheim's meeting this month due to a scheduling conflict.
    10. NomCom – no one present, but they sent a report that they are planning ways to reconfigure their membership requirements and processes. They will present that soon.
    11. Old Business
    12. New Business
      1. Budget – Kimberly presented the draft budget. Pledges are up slightly over last year, so the overall budget is slightly larger. There are two or three people still outstanding to pledge. UUA and Regional dues are now proposed to be a fair share again. The budget item for a storage space for ritual teams has been removed again, since that did not actually happen.
        Fundraising expenses is still in the budget at $1000 in case we need it to do a more extravagant event; last year we only spent about $200.
        Due to the fact that the UUA has recorded our Certified Members at 33, so our fair share contribution will be $1,980 unless we can get it corrected to 23 members. Regional dues will be $792.
      2. Elections – Erin wants to explore changing the way elections are conducted, since it seems needlessly complicated when we usually have just one person running for any given position. David explained that the current process is a simplification of the older ballot procedure, and was designed to avoid some confusion/conflict between particular roles. Since NomCom is already looking at changes to their own procedures, these changes should be combined into one bylaws update.

      June 2016

      Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 6/25/2016

      Present: Erin, Susi, Katie, Barbara, Devin, Jan, David, Kimberly, Matt, Rosemary

      1. Roles: Kimberly as Parliamentarian, Devin as Devil's Advocate, Jan as Vibes Watcher, and Erin wielded the Spatula.
      2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
      3. Agenda: approved as written.
      4. Minutes from May were read and approved. The election results were also read.
      5. Treasurer's report: Devin continues to try to get John and himself in the same place. John's phone number was provided/confirmed. Barbara proposed that we consense that Devin Scrogum, the new Treasurer, and Susi Matthews, the new President, will be the only names allowed on our primary bank account at U.S. Bank. These two individuals and no other signers will be allowed to sign checks for the congregation. Consensed by the Committee of the Whole.
      6. Committee Reports:
        1. Communications – Jamie did indeed put out the EH on June 12th.
        2. KidSpace – there have been a few kids present of late.
        3. Ritual Teams – Ritual Teams has continued to deal with the upstairs-downstairs migration as the building is renovated. Titles have been crafted and assigned through Samhain, including a potential New Member Sunday for those who will be taking the class.
        4. Membership – Jamie will be teaching New Member Class tomorrow to the two new potential members.
        5. Pretty Committee – on hold while the building is being rebuilt.
        6. Social Justice – The first episode of Cooked, at Kimberly's house, went off well. People liked the food presented which went with the Fire theme, including smoked ribs and smoked portabellos.
          The committee meeting was canceled; Katie and Gary showed up after all because they didn't see the cancellation notice. Communications should probably revise our methods and expectations for communicating with members, since Yahoo!Groups is likely to go away soon.
        7. Stewardship – Pledge Drive has occurred; there is an overall increase in members and pledges, even though some previously high-donors had to reduce their commitment; the budget will be prepared (see New Business).
          The storytelling bonfire is scheduled for August 27th, with a suggested theme of stories that are lies or exaggerations or tall tales. We have gotten a great deal of interest, including from people we haven't seen in years, or have never come to Gaia but are presumably just interested in booze and fire and lies.
        8. Welcoming – Barbara and Jan successfully argued for reversible signs for the two smaller bathrooms in the space; the center bathroom is avowedly “Family Bathroom” and ADA-compliant. The other rooms will have two-sided signs that say Men (or Women) on one side and Restroom on the other.
        9. Site/LLC Liaison – David went to Manheim's meeting this month, where he paid our membership dues for the coming year ($75). They held their annual elections, which changed the President from Seft to the former Secretary, Diane Charity. Bill has been nominated for the empty position of Secretary, and will likely be elected in July. There is a new Treasurer, as Pastor Dunn seems to need a break or his work has made him busier. VP and Historian are the same.
          LLC: A building organizational meeting was held this month, where they covered things like the bathrooms. We should be able to hold services downstairs going forward from this week. We have the ability/request to use the reconfigured storage space, and put chairs and tables back up in that space every week. They also requested that our red chairs continue to be made available, which we are happy to do. The new urethane coating on the floor is somewhat more fragile than expected, so the new plan is to get it waxed professionally to protect it further.
          The other thing to be aware of is that there is a Google Calendar for Heart of the Dove, which should be utilized for any events at the space. All of our usual Sunday services, committee meetings, etc are already on there (Kimberly will check on RT, due to its weird schedule). The upstairs rooms have been numbered, starting at the small room at the head of the stairs as 200 (even on the east side, odd numbers on the west side).
          Jamie has additional keys for the North door, which will become the primary entrance for our rituals at some point. We will also need to make further keys so that all ritualists and committee chairs will have building access after they rekey the middle door (which will go into the shop).
        10. NomCom – no report.
      7. Old Business
        1. Budget – Kimberly presented the revised budget (see attached). Pledges are up slightly over last year, so the overall budget is slightly larger. UUA and Regional dues are now proposed to be a fair share again; David has a question in to the APF folks about correcting our membership total, but everyone in that office is out due to General Assembly. They also have a pilot program for an alternate way to contribute APF dues, which would calculate based on the congregation's annual operating budget.
          Susi asked about the telephone line – we have a virtual phone through Vonage so we can communicate with offline folks, or with organizations that require a phone number for their contact information. David will look back into Google Voice to see if it is possible for us to get a cheaper option.
          Susi also asked about how much KidSpace expenditures we actually are incurring. The budgeted amount is a maximum amount, we are not spending much on teachers and it is unclear whether we are paying the coordinator stipend each month; more will be revealed once the books are transferred from the prior Treasurer.
          Neighborhood dues in the budget were incorrect, should be $75 instead of $50. Amended; the $25 'shortfall' will then come out of the Home Fund line item.
          Consensed on the budget as amended.

        July 2016

        Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 7/23/2016

        Present: Susi, Katie, David, Kimberly, Devin, Erin, Linda, Barbara, Rosemary

        1. Roles: Erin as Parliamentarian, Rosemary as Devil's Advocate, Katie as Vibes Watcher, and Barbara wielded the Spatula.
        2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
        3. Agenda approved, with several possible New Business items added if there is time.
        4. Minutes from June were approved as read.
        5. Treasurer's report: Devin has annual report spreadsheets for display. The God Auction contributed $1596. There was a late fee on renewing the post office box, but Devin is paying that out of pocket. Devin will write a check for rent and give it to Barbara to convey to Kitty for deposit in the LLC. Checking: $5375, Kidspace: $468, Home Fund: $766
        6. Committee Reports:
          1. Communications – There has been trouble lately with logging into the website, but as of this morning access has been restored, and Jamie is updating it as we speak. She will also get Facebook events up more regularly.
            Matt seems to know someone who we could work with to redesign the website. We should have a committee meeting soon; we'll also revisit the event-creation procedures and see if we can't decentralize some of that.
          2. KidSpace – Linda did not take a coordinator stipend for May or June, due to there being no kids. We do have one young man coming and he's quite a delight. Linda is bringing 'ritual in a bag' every week just in case there is any kids present.
            Devin will get his background check performed expeditiously.
          3. Ritual Teams – Kimberly reported that our Ritual Teams meeting is successfully on the Heart of the Dove calendar. Ritualist population is up of late, so more rituals will have three participants on the team. And of course, we elected a new patron, Dionysus.
          4. Membership – there will be at least one new member on Lughnassadh. Jamie will be holding a New Member Class at Westport Coffeehouse tomorrow at 1PM if anyone knows anyone interested. Two people will be there (Isabella and Lena).
          5. Pretty Committee – still on hold due to the building renovations.
          6. Social Justice – there was no meeting in July, but the August 10th meeting will happen as scheduled. The July 'Cooked' documentary viewing for Water happened at the end of June; that episode definitely covered more of the social justice aspects of cooking, time, and money (the first episode was more cultural). August 4th will be the Air episode, again at Kimberly and David's house.
            Katie asked about the farm-gleaning event, but Kimberly has pushed that to the fall in light of the brutal heat of late.
          7. Stewardship – Garage Sale can happen at Devin's house anytime. The tall tales event is still going to happen near the end of August. We will also probably be doing another theater fundraiser, now that we have Dionysus as our patron.
            Kimberly will also be pushing the t-shirts and tote bags again; they don't make us much money, but they also function as advertising.
          8. Welcoming – the restroom signs are still being built, but it is interesting that the temporary paper signs say 'Restroom', even though we did not put them up.
            Linda noticed that the upstairs restrooms do not have any signs at all; that seems fine, but if it becomes an issue we can replicate the downstairs solution.
          9. Liaisons – Lyn and Barbara have been communicating informally through email of late. Vicky came through town briefly but nothing major has changed in planning or use. The middle-room storage space is communally available. Oasis has moved their portable altar structure into that room, and it is organized. The overly large storage structures in that room are temporary; there will be some custom cabinets built into the corner for cleaning supplies and janitorial.
            David went to the Manheim meeting; Bill was indeed elected Secretary by acclaim, and he seems to be doing a good job. They have also finally located a Block Captain for the southernmost portion of the neighborhood (45th-48th).
          10. NomCom – they are standing by for any need for replacement. They are also aware that they should be working on their bylaws/process revisions, but do not have anything to present at this time.
        7. Old Business
          1. Closet/Storage – Heart of the Dove has asked that we make room in the mirrored closet, and in turn some of our items will be stored in the middleroom. Things that go in there should be labeled clearly as ours, and also should probably be things that we don't mind other people using, such as the art panels and tables.
            Susi has a cabinet in her basement, and Rosemary has access to a bookshelf and set of shelves that can be moved into the middleroom. Barbara will let Lyn know those things are available.
            It was proposed that we timeshare the Ritual Teams meeting on Monday August 1st to help organize and reorganize the closet(s). Consensed.
        8. New Business
          1. Clothing Exchangeconsensed to schedule it for Thursday August 11th, 6pm for setup and 7pm to actually start.
          2. Advertising – Lyn has asked if Gaia wanted to staff a table at First Fridays; we are happy to do that, as there are still a lot of sale goods in Kimberly's basement. Consensed to participate, paying $35 or so for tabling fee. Logistics to be worked out, but Susi can come and set up before 5pm, to be relieved later by others.
            Devin claimed our 'Google Business' page; it needs more reviews, pictures, etc. There was a question about using Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but they have not been found to have any ROI in the past. We could also look into more print advertising again.
            Kimberly suggested that a joint meeting of Communications and Stewardship be held to work on the details.
          3. Non Sequitur – will it become an official part of the RfB, or should we do away with it? It was never actually officially a part of the meeting, and we've gotten more disciplined during the meeting itself, while Non Sequitur has expanded into a social hour. Some people had a concern that it is not appropriate as part of a business meeting, especially if people are going to have their feelings hurt if people leave early (to go to lunch, another meeting, etc). We agreed to keep it the way it is. But keep the announcements portion as it is useful.
        9. Announcements
          • SURJ-KC will be holding a rally at the J.C. Nichols fountain at 5:30pm today. Bring water and a sunshade/sunscreen, it'll be hot!
          • The Interfaith Council has plans to coordinate a caravan down on July 31st to Father Piasius's new monastery in Missouri; there will probably be another trip down in the fall when the leaves change.

        August 2016

        Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 8/27/2016

        Present: Susi, David, Kimberly, Devin, Erin, Scot, Barbara, Rosemary, Matt

        1. Roles: Erin as Parliamentarian, Barbara as Devil's Advocate, David as Vibes Watcher, and Kimberly wielded the Spatula.
        2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
        3. Agenda approved.
        4. Minutes from July approved as read.
        5. Treasurer's report: YTD totals will encompass the actual month of RFB, even though there will usually be another Sunday following. We made ~$71 tabling at First Friday. Barbara reported that tabling fee was only $30, so Lyn owes us $5 back. Devin will pay Church Mutual as soon as he can locate the payment voucher.
          $6781 in the main bank account, the other accounts are unchanged (see report).
        6. Committee Reports:
          1. Communications – Jamie got briefly back on the horse with respect to FB events etc, but this week has been rough.
          2. KidSpace – still rare to have kids, but we're also not incurring costs. Kimberly asked Devin for a reminder to run his background check.
          3. Ritual Teams – rituals are happening smoothly. Erin noted that she could hear Cathy perfectly clearly during Sunday, even though she was not speaking loudly. There appear to be 'sweet spots' of acoustics. Barbara wondered if we know any sound engineers who can help us figure out the space.
          4. Membership – Lena joined the community as expected. We have not seen Isabella of late.
          5. Pretty Committee – putting it officially on hiatus for now.
          6. Social Justice – on August 4th we showed the Air episode of Cooked. 4 people were there.
            On August 10th we held a committee meeting to plan projects in relation to Dionysius; research for those is ongoing. Devin reported that Heifer's donation for bees has been made, and they sent a thank-you letter.
          7. Stewardship – Stewardship had a meeting, which turned out to be mostly about ways to get more people coming in the door. They talked about doing another theater event in the late winter/early spring (to coincide with the traditional Dionysia).
            The bonfire/storytelling event will happen tonight at David & Kimberly's house. It will be on the back driveway since the yard is so marshy. If you are coming, bring extra chairs if you have them.
            Jason Lichten suggested to having a 'Dionysius concert shirt' for Gaia to honor the year. This was held to be a good idea if we can figure out how to generate the art.
          8. Welcoming – the restroom signs have been installed and look great, though the middle bathroom still needs a Handicapped symbol that David will make to match the others. Barbara also would like to make arrows on the eastern wall of the bathroom bumpout, so people can find the doors more easily.
          9. Site/LLC Liaison – Lyn and Barbara have been communicating regularly through email and text; more rarely does it involve the whole committee membership meeting. Danny reported this morning that he found standing water in places in the building, and mopped it up. There is a new flaw in the west wall paint which seems to be related to a wall leak. Kimberly also reported that there is dampness in our closet, which Danny was aware of. Barbara reported that the building's concrete block is designed for a desert climate, not a midwestern temperate climate. It is not designed to be waterproof at the level we need! We will need to do some touchup on the north wall, at a minimum. Also the building to the north of us has had their brickwork tagged with graffiti, which may bleed over to us if not cleaned up promptly.
            There is a single new renter, a healer who is using the smallest room upstairs a couple of times a month. There is a homeschooling group that is interested in renting some of the rooms upstairs for Wednesday meetings in the daytime. They are unlikely to want to get exclusive usage, but we might be able to make a partnership arrangement to go in together on getting a kid-friendly room upstairs.
            Barbara is still trying to get a more formal agreement in place among all of the interested parties; Vicky has not made arrangements with her lawyer to progress further on that. Vicky is also still putting in emergency funds on a monthly basis; Kitty is doing her best to track those contributions so everything can be recorded and credited properly.
            Erin reported that there was some confusion/competition with the flute event a couple of weeks ago. They set up a merchandise table downstairs in unclaimed space, and we had to process past them, listen to them play the flutes and chatter. We processed past them, and Danny and Lyn made as much adjustments as they could, and everyone learned from the experience.
            David went to the Manheim meeting; there were about 35 people present, which is a vast improvement over recent months. David suspects that their use of a robodialer is probably contributing to that. They are spending a lot of the general meeting in breakout meetings to get things done.
          10. NomCom – They exist, and will nom if needed. Jan is back in town, so there is no need to worry about her board position.
        7. Old Business
          1. Clothing Exchange – happened on August 11th. Had attendance from many non-Gaians as well as Gaians. Linda took all the donated clothing away.
          2. First Fridays – we tabled last month, made some small sales. Logistically it worked pretty well, though we will not want to try to bring in the same merchandise every month. However we do have some tarot readers and the like who can help vary things. We may be able to have some Day of the Dead stock for October, and Voices of Gaia will be performing in November.
            There was a confusion of communication with Linda that she did not actually have a table space, but it was worked out on the fly.
        8. New Business
          1. Pagan Pride – Kimberly wants more volunteers for Pagan Pride Day; we are staffing an information table, the labyrinth, a discussion forum series (the Pagan Experience), and a table for Dionysius outreach as part of the Pagan Pride Passport program (come chat, get a stamp, collect the whole set). David will make recycling-directions signs for the trash cans to encourage participation.
          2. Meeting Time – Erin proposed moving back to a 4:00 start time, since we no longer have people coming from far away (Lawrence) with small kids. Consensed to do a comment period for a month, and decide on September 24th Ritual for Business. Kimberly will put together a survey instrument again.
        9. Announcements
          • Devin has arranged to have Prairie Village's Earth Day involve a Maypole.
          • SURJ-KC's LGBTQ focus meeting is Monday night at All Souls.

        September 2016

        Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 9/24/2016

        Present: David, Kimberly, Devin, Barbara, Rosemary, Matt, Katie

        1. Roles: Matt as Parliamentarian, Katie as Devil's Advocate, Devin as Vibes Watcher, and Kimberly wielded the Spatula.
        2. Chalice: Barbara pointed at her shirt, which is covered in a rainbow chalice, in fact.
        3. Agenda: approved as constructed.
        4. Minutes: approved as read.
        5. Treasurer's Report: Devin brought numbers: $2,600 in pledges contributed, $34.01 in Greening the Basket, $60 in Social Justice donations. $75 in contributions from the bonfire; no other income numbers have changed significantly. The rent has been paid as per usual arrangements. We paid $101 to the Vonage phone. The UUA has started asking for their fair share portions as well. At the moment we have $6889.29 in the main account, and then the other accounts are unchanged due to zero interest accrual and no debits/deposits.
        6. Committees:
          1. Ritual Teams: we planned a cycle of rituals through Imbolc again, and critiques are caught up. Via may be able to come down and conduct a class on theater mid-winter (we will revisit the schedule to try to get it arranged while Chicago is freezing over).
          2. NomCom: they stand ready for action.
          3. Membership: Lena will get her yellow ribbon tomorrow, as she has joined Greeter's Table, and Katie deserves one as well. Cathy Combs wants to ensure that she is noted as a member for purposes of getting the UU World; David will investigate what the process will be to do that for everyone at once.
          4. Welcoming: Barbara and others are still looking for further signage for the bathrooms.
          5. Stewardship: the bonfire made $75, and there will be another one on October 22nd with a Samhain/spooky stories theme.
            Barbara reported that Lyn is willing to arrange a percentage-take payment for our tabling at First Fridays, so October can be easy.
          6. KidSpace: several more weeks of no kids most of the time. Ritualists still plan to have a Children's Church if there happen to be any. Barbara was curious if anyone was getting a lesson or prep bag from Linda, which did not seem to be true. She will run a couple of coloring sheets at a minimum.
          7. Communications: EH was snarled last week because Kinko's failed to give us both print batches. The brochure has been updated and printed. There will be an open Communications Committee meeting on October 10th at David's house at 7pm.
          8. Liaisons: Lyn has been out of town for a couple of weeks due to family emergencies. No glitches or disasters seem to be happening, though Danny suspects some of the folding chairs may have disappeared. Barbara is concerned that no money is flowing into the LLC except from Gaia, Oasis, and Vicky's emergency contributions. She will try to arrange a physical meeting soon.
            David went to Manheim's meeting in September. John Hoffman from Urban Core Builders (the owners of 4325) was present and introduced himself; they have plans for remodeling and renewal of several lots, building houses with local labor. They have experience working in other neighborhoods of the city. Bill has known him since he operated in the Crossroads. There was much discussion of the disposition of the RUN:mp grant money, which is the bulk of their flush bank account. They actually have about $675 in unrestricted funds.
          9. Social Justice: the final Cooked episode was shown last month; five people were in attendance. The next coming movies will probably be a little lighter focus; October 6th there will be a documentary about Chinese-American culture and restaurants, called In Search of General Tso.
            Also we will be trying to get a lane for $200 for Anti-Violence Project's Brunch and Bowl fundraising event, on November 12th; that would allow us to have six people all in one lane together.
            Pagan Pride Day happened, but the passport project fizzled due to lack of vendor/tabling participation. The event itself was pretty successful; we got a lot of passerby traffic at our info table. The labyrinth was set out, and the discussion groups were held to mixed effect (one had no attendees, but it was against several bigger things). Workshops generally got 4-5 times as many people in attendance as the discussion groups.
            Sam has a vision of PPD being an outreach event that non-pagans will come to, but the vast majority of attendees are pagan or family of pagans, or sometimes pagan-questioning. Barbara suggested that maybe we and another group can go in together on an information booth at Table of Faiths or some similar event, which is expensive but full of welcoming people. The next one will be May 9, 2017 and for once it will be in the evening. Matt went to Circle of Fountains' group ritual, and noted that their diversity is largely amongst various flavors of witches; he would like to see if we can coordinate with them. Kimberly wants to explore the idea of getting an 'open house' public event ritual cycle amongst us and the Heathen group, Circle of Fountains, etc.
        7. Old Business:
          1. Time: Kimberly brought the survey results; 16 people participated, 15 of which attend Gaia at least some of the time (one geographically inconvenienced person). There was a strong trend in the responses to prefer 4pm than 3pm (almost doubling the 'Very Convenient' responses). A couple of people specifically said that they would be more able to come at 4pm.
            Consensed to move our meeting time back to 4pm as of November 6th, 2016.
          2. Closet: Barbara reiterated that we need to make another door's worth of space; she thinks we can still make more space in the angled-roof space at the west side, and consolidate/remove more of our lesser-used things.
        8. New Business:
          1. Stephan Bland memorial: Barbara has arranged that tentatively with the family for the evening of October 23rd about 7pm.
          2. Wall Hanging: Erin, David, and Kimberly met at Craft Circle to kick around ideas for a wall hanging that could permanently live on the south wall. Several ideas were sketched, but nothing has stuck out as particularly impressive yet. Part of that is we don't know what sort of thing Lyn wants to put up.

        October 2016

        Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 10/22/2016

        Present: David, Kimberly, Devin, Barbara, Jan, Erin, Susi, Katie, Rosemary, James

        1. Roles: Kimberly as Parliamentarian, Barbara as Devil's Advocate, Katie as Vibes Watcher, and Devin wielded the Spatula.
        2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
        3. Agenda: approved as made.
        4. Minutes: approved as read.
        5. Treasurer's Report: reported on the numbers: income YTD is $5,013.01, slightly under budget. Expenses YTD are $2,677.61, slightly over half of budgeted amount. Church Mutual will need to be paid soon. Bank account stands at $6955.29, KidSpace at $468.71, Home Fund at $766.89.
        6. Committees:
          1. Communications: Committee meeting took place; report to be transcluded. Kimberly asked if there was any interest in exchanging an email list for an announcement-only method like Constant Contact, since most of our discussions these days happen on Facebook. David felt like Twitter and the website were good for announcing things, and wanted to keep the small opportunity for people to discuss via email, if they are not on Facebook or something.
            Jan noted that she would like to see the last several months of Minutes go up on the website, so that she can catch up on what happened while she was out of town.
          2. KidSpace: no change to the status quo.
          3. Ritual Teams: meeting was held, critiques were conducted, no surprises going on.
          4. Membership: Katie and Erin need yellow ribbons now that they have joined the greeter's table; Barbara taught them the secret location of the ribbons (i.e. they're in the greeter's table box).
          5. Social Justice: In Search of General Tso was viewed; More Than Honey will be on November 10th, here, at 7pm. Also on November 12th we got enough interest for a lane at the Brunch and Bowl benefit for AVP; more people are welcome.
          6. Stewardship: bonfire tonight at Kimberly's house.
          7. Welcoming: Barbara and Matt ninja'ed up the Welcoming Congregations sign again.
          8. Liaisons – Barbara has been ill; there have been no recent meetings for the LLC. The space continues to gradually improve. Barbara can forsee that the vending on First Fridays may translate eventually into consignment goods in Lyn's shop when it is up and running.
            David went to Manheim's meeting; Obiegale is becoming the thorn in the group's side that Bill used to be. The community garden is kind of in flux, as NHSofKC wants to sell off some of their assets. The neighborhood wants to buy it, but they may or may not be able to muster the resources. They are also having some conflict with the Make It Right management in Bancroft, but that is not our problem.
          9. NomCom: stands ready for need.
        7. Old Business:
          1. Sink: Kit still owns the sink that he used to set up for potlucks; it relied on waterline access through the ceiling, and was pretty makeshift. Now that the space is mostly finished, it doesn't fit in with the aesthetic, and the bathroom sinks now have hot water. Consensed that it no longer fits an existing need.
        8. New Business:
          1. KCPT: Linda received word through the Interfaith Council that KCPT wants to come out and film our Samhain ritual. There was a lot of concern about that, but we could probably let them interview/film people who consent to that, film the ritual decorations, etc. David pointed out that it may be scary, but it's wholly within our mission statement to put ourselves out there as a public religious organization. Barbara noted that we are still 'published' as the group that “sits around a black table and chants in Elvish” due to the surreptitious research conducted by Pluralism Project; that person didn't talk to us though, they just observed and reported. Kimberly will try to get the contact from KCPT and explain our conditions, and they may decide this is no longer interesting to them. Or maybe they will decide to come next year and we can design a Samhain ritual that might more film-friendly. Consensed.
          2. Thanksgiving: Rosemary has offered to host Thanksgiving this year at her house. Consensed; details to be discussed.

        November 2016

        Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 11/26/2016

        Present: David, Devin, Jan, Erin, Susi, Katie

        1. Roles: David as Parliamentarian, Jan as Devil's Advocate, Erin as Vibes Watcher, and Devin wielded the Spatula.
        2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
        3. Agenda: approved as made.
        4. Minutes: approved as read.
        5. Treasurer's Report: Devin provided a printed report. We got a $63 love offering on First Fridays for our singing efforts. $366 was raised for the people going to Standing Rock to help out. Devin and Matt still need to do some research on whether it makes sense to convert the telephone.
        6. Committees:
          1. Communications: nothing of note to report.
          2. KidSpace: with Faire over, KidSpace has started happening again slightly more regularly.
          3. Ritual Teams: meetings continue to happen and get business done. Next month (December 4th) will be our first RTM on a Sunday, instead of Monday, to accommodate our complicated social calendars. That meeting will take place before ritual, at 1PM.
            Devin asked that maybe we schedule a workshop or ritual that builds seed bombs sometime before April, to help with his secret PV project.
          4. Membership: Katie asked that someone reach out to Tamillia, who has been coming as part of Voices of Gaia.
          5. Social Justice: two people showed up for the movie viewing in November; they are both members of the committee. Two people came to the committee meeting; they decided to offer a Greening the Basket for the Standing Rock crew. Brunch and Bowl was a rousing success, with six of our people occupying a lane. LGBTQ youth came around and talked to people at each lane; the youth our group spoke to was transgendered, black, and Muslim, so has no family support whatsoever. He really complimented our group's attentiveness and welcoming nature (everyone 'leaned in' when he talked, rather than sitting back). AVP has also partnered with an organization that is offering direct support to victims of DV.
            Also before Games Night, the committee tied out the remaining scarves on the trees for people who were cold. There is no coordinated ScarfBombKC so far for this year, but a lot of individuals are doing it informally anyway. Erin wants to put out gloves and socks as well.
            In January we'll pick back up movie showings, probably The New Black; December will just be too busy.
          6. Stewardship: Kimberly reported no new projects at present; we'll probably start something back up after Yule.
          7. Welcoming: we continue to try to be welcoming, though often the issues coincide with our Social Justice functions. We will talk to the committee members about possibly merging the two.
          8. Liaisons: Jan said not much has been going on with the LLC; she wants to talk to Danny or Lyn about ensuring that there is passable space in the shared closet, without overstuffing the room.
            David did not attend Manheim's meeting this month due to a scheduling conflict. There has been no chatter on the garden project.
          9. NomCom: no report. Website needs to be updated for the current roster.
        7. Old Business:
          1. KCPT: The reporter came and took pictures, asked questions, at our service. She had also interviewed the Boyces the previous evening about their personal practice; and by all reports it was a nice accounting.

        December 2016

        Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 12/24/2016

        Present: David, Kimberly, Susi, Katie, Matt, Rosemary, James, Barbara, Jan

        1. Roles: Barbara as Parliamentarian, David as Devil's Advocate, Kimberly as Vibes Watcher, and Katie wielded the Spatula.
        2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
        3. Agenda: approved as made.
        4. Minutes: approved as amended.
        5. Treasurer's Report: Devin provided an emailed report as follows. Income has risen significantly to $6,755, still about 18% low (which is normal) with expenses running at $4306, about 26% under budget. Our budget traditionally runs a little light in the first Devin and Matt are continuing to analyze the options for a phone line.
        6. Committees:
          1. Communications: David has uploaded the minutes for 2016 through the last finalized month (November is now final, so will go up soon). Website committee lists have also been updated, along with some other incidental typos. Events should no longer say “Ubuntu Village” in the location bar; we never did update the default time to 3PM so that required no fixing. Search had to be disabled due to a bug, sorry.
            We still desperately need to update our version of Drupal, we are on 6.14 and the current stable release is 8.01 or 7.41 if we wanted to update incrementally.
            Facebook continues to muddle on apace. Time to update the cover photo for winter season...
          2. KidSpace: we continue to have one or two kids show up every couple of weeks. We had a toddler for once, during Rural Dionysia (and we did not scare them away).
          3. Membership: we have some future attendees making noise about coming once they move to town.
          4. Ritual Teams: we scheduled through Beltane at the last meeting, and next year will mark our 20th anniversary. We have been invited to help out with All Souls' Earth Day ritual, and plan to do a singing ritual. Barbara also noted that we should make room for giving plants to the kids; Barbara will try to get a count. Barbara is also helping lead their non-pastoral New Year's Day service, utilizing our labyrinth.
          5. Social Justice: Meeting was held at the space in December; we are working on a future collaboration with KCAVP to table at some grocery stores with them to do outreach.
            In January we'll pick back up on movie showings with The New Black, which is about the intersectionality of Black churches and LBGTQ rights. That will be January 5th, 2017, here in the space, at 7PM. Netflix has now set up the ability to download their shows and play them offline.
          6. Stewardship: the next big plan for a small fundraiser is going to be a murder mystery party, with a theme of murder and mayhem in the Faerie Courts.
            SpreadShirt has changed the way their website works, so for a brief moment our stuff was mispriced to include no benefit donation to us, but no one bought anything during that time, so it's fine.
          7. Welcoming: Kimberly spoke to the committee members about merging with Social Justice; they have no problem with it. Consensed to merge until further need.
          8. Liaisons: Barbara reported that Vicky has asked Danny to become responsible for paying the bills; Kitty can probably continue to provide a profit-loss statement for the LLC as a way of sharing responsibility.
            Lyn asked that we mop the front room when inclement weather hits; the mop we had last week was in very bad condition. David also had to pick up some salt and a new shovel, since the ones we had last year were AWOL.
            David did not attend Manheim's meeting this month, as it was just their holiday party.
          9. NomCom: no report, no concern.
        7. New Business
          1. Projector: Kimberly proposed that Gaia Community buy its own projector for our use. We have been pricing them, and a good projector can be had for $400-600. Kimberly wants to run a separate fundraiser for that. Barbara may have a resource as well, she will check on the donation potential for that. Consensed.

        2017 Minutes