The Cornerstones

Often in community life, you might hear or read mention of the cornerstones. They are a way that we can work together. Our New Member Class discusses them and they are explored in much more detail in our Excellence in Ritual classes.

The Six Cornerstones Are:
Thinking well of others (the group)
Thinking well of self
Stewardship of self
Sacred Wound

The following is one way to think about the cornerstones and how they relate to each other. There are definitely others!
Connecting the Cornerstones
We choose to be part of this group and we support that choice by thinking well of the group.

We cannot think well of others if we do not think well of ourselves. This goes both ways.

Thinking well of self leads to stewardship of self.

Through stewardship of self, we discover our sacred wounds.

We realize the effect that our sacred wounds have had on our lives but we do not let them run our lives. We may find that healing a wound requires us to do something: advocate or educate.

This leads to Service.

Thus we do we discover that the Six Cornerstones are part of an upwards spiral staircase. We cannot reach the top step until we have successfully navigated the previous ones.

Gaia Community has adapted the Cornerstones from the work of Cynthea Jones of Diana's Grove.