Excellence in Ritual

Excellence in Ritual is our public ritual training course. Passing this course is a prerequisite for serving on Gaia's Ritual Teams. Students in this course will learn:

  • The philosophical underpinnings of Gaia Community ritual;
  • How to adapt ritual techniques from coven to congregation;
  • Facilitation skills, including vocal techniques, chant-teaching, common ritual dances, and storytelling;
  • How to ritual accessible to participants of differing systems of belief;
  • Safety and liability considerations for public ritual;
  • Tricks for handling Gaia's non-ritual services, including classes, forums, and Sharing Our Spirits Sundays;
  • And more.

The class meets once a week for eight weeks, culminating in a ritual performed by and for the class. Students then participate in a ritual internship, in which they will assist current ritual team members in planning and facilitating Sunday rituals. At the end of the internship, Excellence in Ritual students have the opportunity to design and present their own ritual for the congregation.

Fees for this participatory training are $35 for members, $50 for non-members. The next Excellence in Ritual class will probably be in spring and summer of 2012, unless there is great demand; anyone who is interested should contact the Excellence in Ritual teacher as soon as possible.