July 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – July 9, 2011

Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Cynthia, Kit, Jamie, John, Linda, Rosemary, Aubry, Devin, Erin, David, Kimberly

I. Approval of Agenda – Approved

II. Role Assignment – Aubry for Devil's Advocate, Devin for Non Sequitur, Cynthia for Red Tape, and John for Vibes Watcher

III. Approval of Minutes – Approved

IV. Treasurer's Report – 738.93 in coins have gone into the General Fund, which is currently at 9.807.17; New Home 24,158.28; Kidspace 1,475.76. Our deposit is back from OP and back in funds. It was learned that annual insurance premium is less than budgeted, so there was much rejoicing.

V. Committee Reports
A. KidSpace – New committee head is Kate. Linda will be gone next weekend, and Dani will be filling in for her. Hoping to soon break the tweens into their own class.

B. Social Justice – Meeting in Lawrence @ Devin & Erin's on Tuesday. At last meeting, began discussion on developing a Facebook app for tracking Social Justice opportunities.

C. Communications – Minutes hard copies are now being kept at the Greeters' Table and they also live on the website. Jamie has an e-mail from Vonage that should let her into the phone account. Vertical Response was not satisfied with our Welcome to the UUA certificate. John is going to have to dig through the treasury's IRS files to dredge up something.

D. Membership – Alison finished NMC, so will be joining us at New Member Sunday. Susi's time has been very limited, so she may not be ready yet, but she is still quite interested. It has been requested that the Greeters put up the entire table every Sunday. Christopher will be manning GT during God Auction. The Attendance Sheet is shiny.
i. Library – Aubry has been talking up the Library to people.

E. Site – Currently undergoing restructuring.

F. Welcoming – New bathroom signs have been created.

G. Ritual Teams – Buried in God Auction, mostly, but had a teleconference meeting lately. (Ooooooo, technology!) Someone from CUUPS has asked us to help with a Midwest CUUPS Conference.

H. Caring – Aubry has e-mailed people saying, “I feel caring! Do you feel caring?” And they have replied, “We feel le tired!” It is agreed that people will feel less tired and more caring after God Auction is over.

I. Nominating Committee – There are coms that need to be nommed. There has been information gathered on what a perfect Stewardship chair would look like. The unicorn hunt is commencing.

J. Stewardship – Going to start working on Longest Night as of August 1st. Gaia Garage Sale will be the second weekend of August at Devin's parents' house, 7608 W 64th St, Overland Park, KS.

VI. Old Business
A. Lease News – Lease has been signed and all is well. A copy will be put onto the website for perusal in the members-only section. SMUUCH's rental schedule is pretty full this year, so we need to be careful to make sure that we are always using the correct room(s).

B. Full Moon Covenant Group issue – Kate has turned in a pledge card, so the group has been brought into compliance.

VII. New Business
A. General Assembly Report – There will be an in-depth report on July 17th. Budget covered registration and about half the gas required for the trip. 50th year anniversary was going on this year, so there was some looking back over what the UUA has done, both good and bad. There was a theme of mending relationships; between ministry and lay-led groups, between adults and youth, etc. Aubry is now on CUUPS's nominating committee. There is lots more for the presentation!