June 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes – June 11, 2011

Started at 9:55 AM

In attendance: Erin, Kit, Cynthia, David, Kimberly, Jamie, Rosemary, Barbara, Aubry, Darcy, John, Linda

I. Approval of Agenda – Agenda approved with corrections to spelling and nonsense. Budget will be presented with Treasurer's Report.

II. Role Assignment – Aubry for Non Sequitur, Barbara for Red Tape, Erin for Vibes Watcher, Kimberly for Vibes Watcher

III. Approval of Minutes – Approved w/corrections

IV. Treasurer's Report – General Fund – 6,789.57; Kidspace Fund – 1,431.85; New Home Fund – 24,158.09. Penny Auction funds haven't made it into the account yet due to a deceased bank coin counting machine. Longest Day refund will be sought from Overland Park; the project has died due to illness and uber-busyness, but the bones are in place for fleshing next year.

V. Committee Reports
A. KidSpace – In the process of trying to find a new committee head. Staff is in good shape at the moment, with some shuffling ideas in the works.

B. Social Justice – Information was put out about Zombie Walk; there will be a meeting this Tuesday at Andrew's place, so come and give us ideas! Or e-mail sj@gaiacommunity.org for any ideas, including ones that are potential new patron-based.

C. Communications – It occurred to the COW that we should test the phone number, so that was done; we'll get the test results in later. EH was out June 5. Working on getting Vertical Response to believe we qualify as a non-profit so we can use their e-mail stuff. Communications would like paragraphs & pictures for God Auction.

D. Membership – Looks like we're getting a couple of new members, as they're taking the class. Yay, new people! Half upside-down brochures are fixed.
Library – Aubry is using the Cue Cat to scan in more books.

E. Site – It has been brought up that should the need ever arise, we would likely be welcome at All Soul's. It's a potential avenue of exploration.

F. Welcoming – The bathroom signs have gone fishin'. We need new ones. Queer Allies is looking for more Queers and Allies.

G. Ritual Teams – There was an extremely efficient meeting last month, and the next set (3 months) of ritual cycle is completed. Need to move stuff from closet to storage space!

H. Caring – Leo is concerned about not doing a good enough job, and thinks that perhaps someone else would do a better job. Aubry is going to be involved in the committee, and would like to get together with other folks who are interested, so a meeting of the minds is in order.

I. Nominating Committee – Looking for Stewardship and Caring and Kidspace.

J. Stewardship – Still looking for a head! Please contact NomCom! (The budget is done, so it's safe now.) Longest Night task force is assembling now.

VI. Old Business
A. Budget – Currently we have 17 pledge cards for a total of 14,555; with fundraisers the total projected income is set at 21,305. Linda has taken a pay cut to drop the budget shortfall to a manageable level. Some trimming and adjustment has balanced the budget. Consensus!
See the budget here.

B. Update on Longest Day – Due to crazed circumstances with all involved, it is being set aside until next year. So there will be a party in 2012.

C. Aubry & GA – Money from the COW has made the trip possible, but Aubry and Darcy are still short some gas money. They are looking for donations, people to buy books, and odd jobs – dog walking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, whatever! Please!

D. Full Moon Covenant Group – If Kate returns a pledge card by July 1, the covenant group can continue. This will fulfill the two requirements: At least half of the group must be full active Gaia Community members, and The convener must be a full active members. Otherwise, the group will be subject to losing covenant group status.

VII. New Business:
A. Space Days – Being worked into the lease agreement are 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month, Longest Night (evening of Dec 17), 6 additional 4-hour floating blocks. Kimberly needs to set some EIR days; perhaps Sundays after ritual? It is believed to be workable, and will not eat our blocks.