Volunteering for KidSpace

One of the many ways to volunteer at Gaia Community is to help teach Sunday classes in KidSpace, our Children's Religious Education program. Opportunities abound to help out; curricula are provided for most topics on the schedule, and a stipend of $40 ($20 for the nursery) is available for qualified and pre-approved teachers.

Requirements include:

  1. a background check for Missouri and/or Kansas, depending on where you live;
  2. ability to work with a group of 1-5 children for up to two hours, from 4-6pm on a Sunday;
  3. timeliness and cleanliness;
  4. no unresolved concerns from the KidSpace Committee or KidSpace Coordinator.

Interested individuals should get in touch with Linda on Sundays, or attend the KidSpace Committee meeting as they are announced.