Links and Networking

In addition to this website, Gaia Community has a presence online in several other places:

And we also want to acknowledge our friends and fellow travelers on the World Wide Web:

  • Aquarius, the largest local shop for pagan and new age books and supplies. They also house Vulcan's Forge, a jewelry shop specializing in sterling silver and custom orders! Aquarius has been a long-time supporter and networking partner of Gaia Community.
    Update: see their Kitchen Witch store as well!
  • Crescent Springs also has a wide selection of incense, books, gifts, and music. They have always been a strong supporter of our community.
  • Enchanted Gifts, a pagan shop right inside the Great Mall of the Great Plains, has pagan clothing, books, statuary and other supplies, as well as Renaissance Faire garb, blades, greeting cards and other items you may be interested in. John always likes new faces!
  • The Heartland Spiritual Alliance has run the Heartland Pagan Festival for more than twenty years, as well as leading monthly classes and participating in other pagan and earth-friendly events around the metropolitan area.
  • Earth Rising's Camp Gaea, the retreat center west of the Kansas City metropolitan area. They provide a private, natural retreat area for a variety of people of all spiritual traditions, and host many local events such as the Heartland Pagan Festival, the Gaea Goddess Gathering, the Midwest Men's Festival, and Laid-Back Labor Day.
  • Diana's Grove. Part of our "Gaia lineage", this magical community conducts a modern Mystery School and holds regular workshops and gatherings for self-discovery and self-creation. Currently, Diana's Grove is meeting in Ferguson, Missouri.
  • Our sister earth-centered UU congregation, Sacred Journey Fellowship in Garland, Texas.