May 2011

Ritual for Business Minutes
May 2011

Started at 10:55

In attendance: Erin Scrogum, Kit Peters, Jamie Peters, David Reynolds-Gier, John Boyce, Linda Boyce, Kate Miller, Aubry Gabbard

I. Approval of Agenda – Approved.

II. Role Assignment – John—Red Tape, Kit—Vibes Watcher, Aubry-Devil's Advocate, Jamie-Non Sequiter

III. Approval of Minutes – Approved.

IV. Treasurer's Report – Kidspace fund sits at 1400.85. New Home fund sits at 24,157.90. There should be more soon. The penny collection has not been taken into account due to the massive amount of shiny!

V. Committee Reports
A. KidSpace – Kidspace is hoping to break a class out for the tweens. Kidspace is currently seeking two teachers. One for the nursery, one for the tweens on the first weekend of the month. Karen Lips is currently considering coming back to work with the nursery as her schedule allows.
-Until further notice, Kidspace is currently seeking a new committee head.

B. Social Justice – Social Justice is going to crawl First Friday in June looking for new projects. SJ would also like to work with Pagan Pride Day and its interfaith ritual.
-If you're interested in helping, contact one of the committee (Andrew, David, Aubry, etc.)

C. Communications – Jamie is now communications chair (with keys!); David had been doing it for a Loooooooonnnng time. David will continue to work with the e-list and be webmaster. Last week we discovered that listings on Witchvox were out of date; have since been updated. What it says we do is actually what we do now!

The weekly announcements will remain the same. The Earth Healer is about to undergo a major overhaul, however. There will be a weekly Wednesday email as directed by Vertical Response (a service that runs mass email for nonprofits that has worked with All Souls UU.) The advantage of using Vertical Response is that they make it simple and pretty. The email addresses that are currently on the Earth Healer list will be included, and a note will be on the Gaia UU Yahoo group asking for more emails. This week’s events at a glance—Online! Similar to the announcements except with links, additionally committee/community info that may've been too late for the Earth Healer.
Double-sided flyer used distributed to local shops/community spaces with visitors as a target audience. This would be put out on a high holiday to high holiday schedule.

Budget and election info will be special editions. Longest Night, God Auction and other fundraisers will be given premium space. RfB minutes will be available the Sunday after RfB, whenever possible. Kidspace will be invited to publicize at their own discretion; there will be a small blurb concerning what our RE program has to offer.

This will reduce paper (Caring for the earth!) and printing costs (& each other!) Communications committee is growing, but you should still come out for communication communicating. YAY!

D. Site – We're still meeting at SMUUCH.

E. Welcoming – We're still welcoming. :)

F. Ritual Teams – Ritual teams will be recruiting outside of ritualists pool after God Auction. We left Lammas out of the calendar, but this has since been fixed. God Auction quickly approaches. We have a pretty good handle on who is aspecting this year. However, if you would like to help, ask David how! We have laptops! :D

G. Membership- We have people interested in joining Gaia! New Member classes are still being scheduled; when scheduled they will be informed.
-Greeter's Table continues to be staffed, but could always use more staff.
-The Library continues to have books in need of reading, and Aubry continues to look for suggestions for books to enter/review.

H. Caring – Still cares.

I. Nominating Committee – Nominating Committee is looking for an enthusiastic Stewardship head. Ask us how!

J. Stewardship –
- Pledge Drive: Jamie has sent out requests for pledges and has acquired an estimate of both Prairie Star District dues($893) as well as current estimated pledges ($11,935) for the upcoming fiscal year.
-Expenses: Expenses, while frugal, come to $24,218. We still need to raise $6,353 in pledges to meet this.
-The UUA World: has been lost in a gap in the space/time continuum. This has been looked into, and is through no fault of Gaia's. We'll let you know if anyone finds it in their travels.
-Garage Sale: The Garage Sale has been postponed due to personal conflicts of the original host. Prospective dates include August, but we are still scouting for hosts. More info will be spread as it happens.

VI. Old Business
A. Women's Full Moon Covenant Group- During the March RfB, the presence of a representative from each covenant group was requested. Kate and Linda came to represent today. The Full Moon Covenant Group exists solely for the purpose of presenting monthly women's full moon rituals for the public, and 50% of their membership is Gaia members. It was reiterated that those 50% must be full active members (Kate took a pledge card).
-Their report reads as follows:
Women's Full Moon Covenant Group
Organized by Kate Miller and Linda Boyce
The Women's Full Moon Covenant Group plans and conducts Full Moon rituals on the Saturday closest to the full Moon, to celebrate the goddess both within and outwardly. These Rituals are open to all women in the general community regardless of spiritual or religious preferences. We consider a woman to be at least 13 years of ages, have achieved menarche and have the interest and maturity needed to attend a formal Ritual. In addition, transgender women are welcome.

These Rituals are offered to foster an opportunity for women of different faiths and paths to share spiritual community. Membership is open to any women who have an interest in creating Rituals for the greater community. There is no fee charged for attending a Ritual or joining the convent group. Ritualist experience is not necessary to join the covenant group. Love offerings to defray expenses are appreciated.

As members of Gaia we affirm and promote the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Purposes.
Gaia members in this covenant group include; Kelley Emmet, Kate Miller, Linda Boyce, Kerry Smith. In addition other Gaian women have attended the Rituals. Please check the calendar on for more specifics about upcoming rituals, or for more information about the Full Moon Covenant Group, contact Kate Miller or Linda Boyce.

  • In the last year we have averaged 10-16 women per Ritual. High Holiday Rituals have attendance well into the 20's.
  • We serve a wide variety of spiritual practices including; Pagan, Wicca, Christian, Pantheists, Jewish and many of undecided paths.
  • We frequently have new attendees who are new to the Path and/or have never attended a Ritual. We are proud to be able to share an alternative to traditional spiritual/religious groups.
  • Each Ritual allows an opportunity to share knowledge. We offer information on a goddess, an herb, a stone and often Celtic trees & the Ogham alphabet on our printed programs offered each month.
  • We have been fortunate to have shared our Rituals with other groups including; Kansas City Witches Meet up, Sacred Grove, Tarot & Oracle, Sacred Journey of the Goddess and Amethyst Dreams.
    We have also fostered relationships with many of the proprietors of Wicca and Pagan establishments and offer our support to this business community.
  • New attendees are informed of Gaia Community's offerings including; Sunday services and KidSpace and the donation of space for the monthly meetings.

VII. New Business
A. Longest Day Fundraiser-
- The Longest Day Committee met and made the following proposal:
Gaia Community will hold a Picnic and Fundraiser on Saturday, June 25th at Tomahawk Creek Recreation Area, at 103rd and Marty, in Overland Park, KS, from 5 to 8 pm —and add an hour to each end of the event for set up and tear down.

Said event will include the auction of dinner baskets, a silent auction, a bake sale, vendors, games, music and other events designed to create a fun carnival experience and raise money for Gaia Community.

Longest Day Committee will pay the City of Overland Park @20 an hour plus a $5 permit fee. Should the event have to be canceled, the City will refund all but the permit fee of $5.

Rental of the venue will be $105—needing to be paid in advance. $100 for the venue itself from 4pm-9pm on June 25 and $5 permit fee.

The Longest Day Committee requested an additional $195 from the general funds to pay for advertising, a DJ (maybe), and other needed expenses to produce The Longest Day picnic. Since this is a new event, we need to advertise.

We expect to sell tickets online as we do for Longest Night Ball online and the day of the event. The Longest Day Committee plans to seek donations of materials from businesses and community members.

A letter will need to be filed by the Longest Day Committee to the City of Overland Park re: any music stating what type (DJ, boombox, etc.) and times it will be played.

The CoW reached consensus that $300 would be moved from the Membership budget line to the Longest Day Committee.

B. General Assembly- Due to a fortunate openness of time and equally unfortunate lack of money, Aubry requested aid from the CoW to aid hir in General Assembly registration. The CoW consensed that $500 would be moved from the ritual teams conferences line for this cause.

What Can We Do For You?
Discussion on the recent lack of Sunday Attendance. Where do Gaians come from? Where are they leaving to go? How can we better satiate the spiritual needs of ourselves, our church, each other? What can we do for you?