Member Nametags

One thing that's unique (as far as we know) about Gaia Community are our member's nametags; instead of laminated plastic or stick pins, we use small wooden plaques on ribbons. The ribbon colors all mean something, as well:

  • The green ribbon, which almost everyone has, denotes that someone is an official member of the community. Visitors will usually have a paper nametag of the "Hello my name is..." variety.
  • Members of the KidSpace Committee should have a red ribbon on their nametags. These are the folks to ask about anything to do with out children's religious education program.
  • If someone has a blue ribbon, that means they're currently serving on a Ritual Team. Any questions about this week's ritual, or an upcoming one or something you'd like to see us do on a Sunday, should go to them.
  • Purple ribbons show the current members of our Board of Trustees. Any questions about official congregation policy, our monthly business meetings, or other things not covered above can go to one of these 7 individuals.
  • The yellow ribbon is for our Membership Committee, so they are the ones to look for if you'd interested in becoming a member, and getting one of these fancy nametags for yourself!

You may also occasionally see knots of colored ribbon on people's nametag, with no cord going all the way around their neck of that color. That just means they used to serve in that capacity, so they will probably still know something about that subject, if you can't find anyone else.