New Home Fund

Gaia Community is part owner of Ubuntu Village, LLC, and rents space from the LLC. We have our new home! Still, our new home needs work and there are many things we'd like to do in the space, so donations for this fund would still be welcomed. Here's some of our dreams:

  • Incorporating green building methods and energy-saving structures into the building;
  • Keeping a garden, and a compost pile;
  • Creating permanent shrines for meditation and connection on the grounds;
  • Building community altars and keeping them accessible throughout the week;
  • Displaying our children's artwork to celebrate their achievements;
  • Collecting a physical counterpart to our Virtual Lending Library;
  • Hosting rituals and events for other area pagan groups;
  • ...and much more!

If you'd like to help us achieve our dreams in our new home, please consider making a donation to the New Home Fund. Please visit our donation page to learn how you can contribute to our efforts. Please mark dedicated donations "New Home" so they'll be deposited appropriately; miscellaneous donations are usually used for the current fiscal year's budget.

Thank you for supporting our vision for the future!