Newsletter Subscription

All full active members of Gaia Community receive the Earth Healer newsletter free of charge; however anyone is welcome to subscribe and receive a print or electronic copy of the newsletter each month.

Printed Edition

The printed edition costs $24 for a 1-year subscription; you can pay in person at any of our Sunday rituals or mail a check (no cash through the postal service, please!) to us at:

Gaia Community
PO Box 43507
Kansas City, MO 64171-8303

The newsletter is usually 6-8 pages long, and is sent out at approximately the first of each month. When you subscribe, you should get a confirmation within a week that your subscription and payment have been received. If you have any questions or if you need to update your mailing address, please contact the newsletter editor.

Electronic Edition

The electronic edition of the Earth Healer is available free of charge to anyone with an e-mail address. You may, of course, find that you wish to make a donation to support our community if you like what you read. We greatly appreciate any assistance you can make in helping us "take the dream and make it real"!