July 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – July 14, 2012
Started at 9:48 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Kit, Jamie, Rosemary, John, Barbara, Devin, Thomas, Katie, Scot, David, Kimberly, Eric, Leo, Jan, Linda

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Barbara for Devil's Advocate, David for Red Tape, John for Non Sequitur, Kit for Vibes Watcher
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $6876.71; Home Fund $523.56; Kidspace $1,620.86.
a. Kidspace – Barbara is the new committee head, and Coyote is back teaching for the time being. This may be permanent depending on his class schedule. Curriculum is ensconced in God Auction. We are evaluating what KS social justice can do, and so we won't be doing it for a couple of months until we get worked out what we can do. We have more kids! We've picked up another baby, as well as a couple of ambulatory younglings.
b. Social Justice – Kimberly has been trying to get in contact with St. Mark's, but has not been able to have a conversation with them. We may need to hold the God Auction food proceeds until contact can be made. The next major SJ project will be determined after we know who our new patron is.
c. Communications – EH went out on time and website is getting SMUUCh references cleared out to keep from confusing people. UV has a Facebook page, and Jamie has parked out an address for a website.
d. Membership – We continue to member. Still working on gathering up a new member class. We are starting up a social hour before rituals, and membership will run it.
I. Library – We need to figure out where it's going to be.
e. Site – Electrical is fixed in preparation for getting A/C in. We need to have a blower test done, which can't be done until the windows are fixed. Kit needs someone to go to Building Care this afternoon as he cannot make it. Our closet door is going to be replaced, and we are also planning to replace the padlock with a deadbolt.
f. Welcoming – We're going to have a meeting in August.
g. Ritual Teams – We're getting ready for God Auction! Meeting will be August 6.
h. Caring – Needs to come together and have a meeting.
i. Nominating Committee – Kidspace has a chair now, yay! Stewardship and Caring both need chairs now, too. Oh, and now we need a new Librarian.
j. Stewardship – The bad news is that Kimberly's online vendor for running the capital campaign has disappeared, and she'll need to find a new one. The good news is that we've upped the associated match grant to $3,000! Wooooo! Barbara would like to be kept in the loop so that she can plug this in All Souls' newsletter.
k. Interfaith – The event on the 24th went well. Linda schmoozed and touched base with a few folks who used to attend back in the day, and were interested in coming back now that we've moved back into the area. The usherkids got to participate in the opening ceremonies with Tibetan singing bowls. Linda has also been asked to do PR for Interfaith, and may branch into doing some writing for the Star.
??.V Old Business
A. Letter to the UUA – Still percolating.
B. Congregational Survey – We have results! There's a link to it on both the Gaia website and Facebook page.
VII. New Business
A. Survey Proposals – 1) Kimberly proposed to phase out the Yahoo groups. Discussion occurred, and it was pointed out that we are still getting 2 new member requests a week and is more active than it looks. The proposal was rescinded.

2) Devin proposed that we move core service starting time to 3PM. It is agreed that we should circulate this proposal throughout the community at large and have resolution happen at August's RfB. Barbara proposed that we put it at the front of the agenda, instead of holding it until Old Business. Consensus that we will consense at the beginning of RfB.

B. Lease Review – Lizzie took us over the lease agreement. There is a copy up on the website.
C. Sign Proposal – Lizzie is working on researching the local ordinances for signage.
D. Letter to SMUUCh – Jamie would like us to send a letter to SMUUCh thanking them for landlording us for so many years. Consensed.
E. Information – First, John has done some preliminary research into the scouting groups in the area. There is no boy scout troop in this area, though three are relatively close. He needs to research more before bringing a proposal. Second, John's brother is the treasurer for a UU congregation in another state, and they were able to get some assistance in getting up solar panels. He's going to use that experience to figure out what we can do about solar panels here. Third, someone from Alabama popped up on Facebook with questions about CUUPS, our curriculum, etc.
F. Devin's Space Issues – Lack of A/C is leading to cranky children. This has been spoken to, as the unfortunate incident should not be repeated, but it has been pointed out that we need to make sure that our kids' needs for cool air will be met until we have our A/C fully installed.