August 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – August 11, 2012
Started at 9:45 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Carol, Albrecht, Scot, Devin, Kit, Jamie, Rosemary, Linda, David, Kimberly, Barbara, Jan, John, Kitty

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – David as Red Tape, Devin as Non Sequitur, Kit as Vibes Watcher, Linda as Devil's Advocate
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $11,8XX.00 (pending deposit clearance); New Home $523.56; Kidspace $ 1,620.86. Last fiscal year's overage has yet to be moved into the Home Fund; John will take care of this soon.
a. Kidspace – Since our move, we have been able to do Kidspace twice in this building. We have not scheduled anyone to do nursery, as we do not currently have access to an air conditioned room for the babies. We are approaching the last week of arrangements with the library. Linda has a couple of field trips planned.
b. Social Justice – Working on the disposition of the God Auction food. Kimberly has names, but no contact info yet, of two churches in the area that run food bank programs. Kimberly hopes to get this stuff taken care of within the next week or so. Meeting is on Tuesday at Andrew's.
c. Communications – EH went out totally on time! Jamie & Kit have cleared all the SMUUCh references that made no sense from the website, amongst other edits. We currently have a page that states that we have some accessiblity issues, and the New Home Fund page has been adjusted to match our current status.
d. Membership – The Greeter's Table continues to be personed. We will have a real social hour once we have cool air in one form or another. We have 2 people interested in New Member class; Jamie would like to get it up to at least 3.
I. Library – Building Use should created a place for our library, to be combined in as a shared community library.
e. Site – Air conditioning! We wants it. The blower test has been done, and we are now waiting on the HVAC guy to get back to us. He's doing this stuff for us for super-cheap, so we're disinclined to be pushy about it. People who have keys: Devin, Kit, Jamie, Lizzy, Jan, Kitty, Rosemary, David/Kimberly, Boyces, Barbara. Bill currently owes Jamie back a key. Scot needs a key because he's been working on the electrical (there is a great deal of work that needs to be done). Jan lives very close to the building, and her contact information will be up on the ritualist wiki in case there's a need for emergency access.
f. Welcoming – We are still going to have a meeting in August. We're working on it.
g. Ritual Teams – We had a meeting! The big thing that came out is that there's a new closet policy. You can no longer just add random things to the closet at will. Temporary residential objects must be quick-cleared through a ritualist; permanent additions should be approved by RT or an RfB. Next meeting will be title generation: post-Samhain through Imbolc.
h. Caring – Committee still cares!
i. Nominating Committee – We need several new committee heads, so NomCom will arrange to have a meeting.
j. Stewardship – The whole online fundraising thing is proving to be problematic. It would make Kimberly's life much better if we could convene a task force to get 501(c)3 paperwork, because so many people won't believe that we're a religion without said paperwork. Linda, John, and Kit have volunteered; it is suggested that Cynthia be contacted as well, as she demonstrated wizardly powers at getting our status cleared up with the state of Missouri. Because we've had so much trouble getting the online fundraising up and going, Via went ahead and sent in her match check. The beginning of next month we will start working on Longest Night. Kimberly would like to pre-empt December Games Night in favor of having it on the actual Solstice so that we can have an End of the World Party. We have consensus on that mini-proposal.
k. Interfaith – Linda will be putting out information about the Table of Faiths Fundraiser. Gaia may want to look into being a sponsor; it's not cheap, but we'll get to have a presence there. It will be a vegetarian luncheon at the OP Convention Center on November 8.
??.V Old Business
A. Time Change Proposal – To move the start of ritual to 3PM starting September 2nd and splash it all over all of our various media. If there is a groundswell of objection, we can revisit it at either the September or October RfB. Consensed
VII. New Business
A. Kidspace Proposal the First – That Gaia Community rent two RE classrooms at All Souls UU Church each Sunday from 4PM to 6PM (or 3PM to 5PM with the new schedule), for the use of the Kidspace children and instructors, until safe and comfortable space can be made available at Ubuntu Village for Kidspace. The rental will cost $25 for each room, or $50 per week. This will give us access to fully equipped children's classrooms, one of which will be suitable for entertaining toddlers as appropriate. We will need to put down a $100 one-time, fully refundable damage deposit; Barbara Griggs will be held responsible for the security of the building during and after each rental period (as a member of All Souls) and will be responsible for opening and closing the building and setting the alarm system at closing, each Sunday that we rent. We will be subject to the usual rental agreement, but we can cancel at any time with no liability (assuming no damage to the property while under our care) beyond paying for the time we have actually used the building. This rental to be funded from the Gaia Community ordinary income. If we do this, Linda would like to have the parents drop their kids at All Souls on the designated days before coming on to Gaia. David could bring this to Building Use to pursue a rent variance of $100/mo, as we are not getting our full use from our space (this is in the next proposal below). This may not be as short-term an arrangement as we think, as apparently the heat upstairs is not currently in a functioning condition. This is far from a great proposal, but it's the best solution that we can come up with until we have things settled in our space. Consensed
B. Kidspace Proposal the Second – Linda would like to pursue getting a reduction in rent to cover the months we've already had to deal with not being able to use our Kidspace rooms. David's proposal is to get a reduction of $100/mo, which does not cover the full amount of what we'll be paying to All Souls, but should be enough to help. Consensed
C. Funneling Grants and/or Loans Through Gaia – Kit would like to propose that we, on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the Board, that Ubuntu Village be able to funnel grants and/or loans through Gaia Community where they are only available to non-profits. Lizzy pointed out that the for-profit cannot be a recipient, and that the non-profit must retain control of the monies in order to make this legal. Barbara has added that we cannot represent ourselves as a non-profit until we have our 501(c)3 paperwork. Linda has concerns with the idea of taking on debt and being on the hook for paying back a loan. Lizzy believes that we can invite UV to bring forth proposals case-by-case to our RfBs, but we definitely need to get our ducks properly rowed. This isn't so much table as set aside to be handled on that case-by-case basis.