September 2012

Ritual for Business Minutes – September 8, 2012
Started at 9:50 AM

In attendance: Lizzy, Jamie, Kit, Rosemary, Barbara, Devin, Scot, Daniel

??.I Approval of Agenda – Approved
??.II Role Assignment – Jamie for Non Sequitur, Lizzy for Red Tape, Devin for Devil's Advocate, Barbara for Vibes Watcher
??.III Approval of Minutes – Approved with minor corrections
??.IV Treasurer's Report – General Fund is currently at $12,552.52; New Home $523.56; Kidspace $1,640.86.
a. Kidspace – Tomorrow will be the first day we use All Souls. Barbara has received a promise of a donation of several pieces of equipment for use in Kidspace.
b. Social Justice – Met at Andrew's in August & discussed stuff that we could get involved in. We would like to get with Emerald City on some of their construction projects. God Auction food is still to be donated, but it's on Jamie's to-do list.
c. Communications – Time change & Kidspace location change was broadcasted in every place we put information out ever. EH is due to go out next Sunday, so if you have stuff you would like in there, get it to Jamie. Jamie would like ritual blurbs for the website as soon as teams have them, preferably without having to pester the ritualists for them. We need to update the Yahoo Groups calendar with correct times/locations.
d. Membership – We are membering the ship. A New Member class will be forming soon, and Jamie will get some info up on that. Devin will be setting up the coffee cart next week.
I. Library – Books exist. Reading is cool.
e. Site – The big news is that the HVAC is still not in, because we've decided that instead of getting it sized for right now & what we have (which is really, horribly energy inefficient), we are instead going to work on improving the energy efficiency of the building a bit. The roof needs to be redone & insulated, and if we can get that done, it will drastically reduce the amount of heat we lose. We are looking at funding sources for this work. We need to paint the exterior walls, as we have some code violations from peeling paint. Lizzy had the chance to talk to Topher, who knows someone who does home theatre installations and has some equipment that he'd like to donate in return for a Gift in Kind letter.
f. Welcoming – There will be a meeting soon.
g. Ritual Teams – Had a meeting! Jamie facilitated, and title generation has been done through 1 week after Imbolc. If you just went through EIR and plan on applying for teams, this is a great time to do so!
h. Caring – Still out there and kicking.
i. Nominating Committee – No report & no stewardship chair.
j. Stewardship – There hasn't been a meeting yet, because Dragon*Con ate the not-chair.
k. Interfaith – Need to ask Linda about funding for the November luncheon.

??.V Old Business
A. Sign – In researching the rules related to signage, we basically can't do $h*#. We are going to have to put in an application and get it approved. Lizzy proposes that in the meantime, we put up our banner in one of the windows. Consensed
B. Bylaws – Article 4 in the Bylaws states unequivocally that we are a Fair Share congregation. We can either reconsider our previous intentions to cease our Fair Share contributions, or amend our bylaws. It is proposed that we start the process to amend Article 4 in the Bylaws, modifying the language.
Article 7 goes over the Board positions. It is proposed that we start the process to amend Article 7 to either add in the new LLC duties or modify the language to address that.
Article 12 has a dissolution statement that states that “If Gaia Community folds, all of our assets would transfer to the UUA”. We need to make sure that the language does not directly conflict with the dissolution language in the LLC agreement.
Article 14 states that we should have a How We Do Things At Gaia manual, which, well, we don't. We need to write one. We need a wiki!
Article 15 states that neither the COW or Board shall take any action that shall endanger GC's non-profit stats. This was mostly brought up to make sure that none of our LLC involvement jeopardized our status; we believe that we are in line with all of our requirements, and this article does not need to be modified.
C. Letter to the UUA – We are going to hold off on this until our bylaws are in order.
D. Time Change – No data available, so this is tabled to October.
E. Rent Variance – It has been granted.
VII. New Business
A. John Stamm (LLC) – The LLC has a proposal on the table from a nonprofit tutoring group. They are seeking a 10% stake in the LLC in return for project management & labor for a number of needed fixes on the building. Mr. Stamm's crew of volunteer workers are those who managed to get next door in such lovely shape. With a modification of the LLC proposal of changing “to the best of his ability” to “to the mutual agreement of both parties” or something similar. Lizzy would also like to make some language edits, proposing that she will e-mail her modifications to the board or to everybody for agreement by the COW. Consensed.
B. Eliminating Caretaker Position (LLC) – There is a proposal before the LLC that the resident caretaker position be eliminated. To bring it up to code for a resident, it could be extremely expensive. There would be some loss of revenue in not having the space available for rent, there would be an increase in utilities, and it would open us up to potential liability. Consensed to allow the proposal to go forward.
C. Buying Out Bill – Bill is interested in being bought out. While we have the money to do so (provided we utilize an earmarked donation that was originally intended for the HVAC), we would need permission from the donor. There are concerns that we are putting off our kids' comfort and not living up to our family-friendly mission. It was pointed out that the LLC is locked into an order of importance in building improvements and is going to need outside funding to complete no matter what. It was also pointed out that we have enough money in the General Fund to cover the donation amount, so that we can still set aside the $3000 donation to still be used for HVAC. There is also still an intent to do fundraising.
The proposal on the table is that we take $3000 from the General Fund, put it on the table as part of an LLC meeting (preferably mediated through a qualified person) and try and work out a potential buyout. However, if Bill does not agree to be bought out, the money offered will return to our account and we will not be buying extra shares. Consensed.
D. LLC Decisions – Kit would like some guidelines on what issues to decide upon, to take to the Board, and to take to the COW. Lizzy believes that this should be worked into the Bylaws amendment proposal when we're working out the LLC representative duties. It is proposed that we empower the task force to do its job and set an official Bylaws meeting. Consensed!
E. Google – This neighborhood association is trying to get the last 18 households to get Google Fiber. We may or may not get it, as we can't sign up as we're not a residential address.